Underground 80s

Rusty Hodge, Underground 80s Music Director


In addition to being the music director for Underground 80s, Rusty is the founder of SomaFM. He programs music for several SomaFM channels, including Groove Salad, Secret Agent, Drone Zone, Space Station Soma and Lush. But the music on Underground 80s goes back to his days of college radio and his first trip to London in 1983, where he brought back almost 100 vinyl LPs.

Some of the stuff you hear on Underground 80s was never released on CD, and only came out on vinyl. I've gone back in to my collection and pulled some of my favorite rarities, as well as the classics that did make it to being released on CD.

Jason Dryg, Assistant Music Director


Besides managing SomaFM's 9000+ CD physical library and our even larger digital library, Jason hunts down obscure, hard to find music. This is quite apparent on Underground 80s where Jason travels through the dark recesses of music blogs and collector message boards to find amazing artists that time forgot (or at least misplaced).

Apart from SomaFM, Jason is an artist and illustrator and a rabid vinyl collector.