The Trip

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Milkman, Music Director, The Trip

Milkman's love of music started early in life. Constantly surrounded by the coma inducing music played by his parents, at the age of 10 a friend played a tape recording of WBMX, the radio station in not too distant Chicago. Having heard the frequency, he was able to get the family stereo to pick up the signal, and soon learned of the "Mix at Six," "After Eight," and of course the Friday and Saturday Night Live mixes. Every day now centered around these times and headphones. Mickey Mixin' Oliver, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ralphi The Razz Rosario, they all inspired and entertained. Sadly, the driving station of house music changed formats and started playing "oldies and dusties." A dark period ensued, the closest sound that could be found in the small college hometown was rap.

Off to college headed your music director, left afloat and without proper access (this is before the internet took off kids) to decent music, a dark age took over and the basshead mentality rooted itself. Gansta rap, insane car stereo tracks became the passion until the turn of millennium led to freedom again as a friend introduced a new operating system (Linux) as well as a new concept called mp3 streams...and Milkman stumbled upon one stream in particular, Tag's Trance Trip. Through grad school, TTT carried the burden of maintaining sanity.

As life has gone on, The Trip has continued to be the source of motivation, energy, and joy, knowing how many other people are listening, sharing the love of music.

About the artwork for "The Trip"

The logo for The Trip was created by illustrator Dean McKeever. Check out his Instagram.