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SomaFM Indie Pop Rocks compilation CD, volume 1

Finally, SomaFM's first compilation CD! Featuring 14 slices of indie rock heaven, from talented independent artists from around the U.S. Compiled by SomaFM's Elise Nordling, and available only to SomaFM supporters.

The CD features 14 great tracks by artists Built Like Alaska, Charmparticles, Dealership, Loquat, Magneto, Mark Schwaber, Oranger, Plus/Minus, Pompeii, Say Hi To Your Mom, The Capitol Years, The Invisible Cities, The Jane Anchor and Whysall Lane. It's a real CD, not a homemade CD-R. The compilation was professionally mastered by Tom Cesario so it sounds incredible. It's shrinkwrapped and would make an excellent gift.

Here's what's on the CD:

  1. Oranger, "Crooked in the Weird of the Catacombs" &emdash; From their album "New Comes and Goes"
  2. The Invisible Cities, "Oh Yeah" &emdash; From their album "Watertown"
  3. The Capitol Years, "Solid Gold" &emdash; From their album "Let Them Drink"
  4. The Jane Anchor, "Venus" &emdash; From their album "Second Wave"
  5. +/- (Plus/Minus), "Waking Up Is Hard To Do" &emdash; (previously unreleased in the US)
  6. Whysall Lane, "The Way Back" &emdash; From their album "Whysall Lane"
  7. Magneto, "So Tired" &emdash; From their album "Sounds Like Space"
  8. Charmparticles, "Sixty-Four" &emdash; From their album "Sit Down For Staying"
  9. Loquat, "Slow, Fast, Wait & See" &emdash; From their album "It's Yours To Keep"
  10. Say Hi To Your Mom, "Recurring Motifs In Historical Flirtings" &emdash; From their album "Ferocious Mopes"
  11. Dealership, "Then" &emdash; From their album "Action/Adventure"
  12. Built Like Alaska, "Does Your Mother Feel Sick" &emdash; From their album "Autumnland"
  13. Mark Schwaber, "Let Down" &emdash; From his album "Two Years And Thirty Minutes"
  14. Pompeii, "Miracle Mile" &emdash; From their "3 Songs" EP

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