Volume 1 completely SOLD OUT!!!

This was a limited edition of 2000 and will not be re-released. Groove Salad Volume 2 is now available (also a limited edition of 2000)

We're excited to announce our new compilation CD: Groove Salad Volume 1: A collection of some the most popular and classic tracks played on Groove Salad. Mostly instrumental, the tracks are a cross-section of the music you'll hear on Groove Salad: Downtempo, ambient groove, trip-hop, chillout and worldbeat.

If you're a fan of Groove Salad you're going to love this CD. Selected and mixed by Rusty Hodge and mastered by Jake Perrine at RFI/CD.

Get your copy of this great CD with your one-time $40 support donation. For $75, get both a SomaFM Tshirt and the CD. We'll include a couple SomaFM stickers as well.

Groove Salad Volume 1

Here's what's on the CD:

  1. Morgan Page - The Longest Road (Downtempo Vocal Mix)
  2. Outlaw Dervish - Shaken
  3. Polygroovers - Real Illusion
  4. Bignic - Vibe
  5. Url - Translucent
  6. Adham Shaikh - Dubfire
  7. Blu Mar Ten - Ghost Trio
  8. Desert Dwellers - Crossing the Desert (Remember Light Remix)
  9. Vibert & Simmonds - Knaim'n'No
  10. Sounds from the Ground - Blink
  11. Nacho Sotomayor - I Can Feel Your Heart
  12. Rob Cross - We Learn
  13. Sophie & Ives - Awaken (Vocal)
  14. Fila Brazilia - Subtle Body

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