Space Station Soma

Rusty Hodge, Space Station Soma Music Director

In addition to being the music director for Space Station Soma, I am the founder of SomaFM. I program music for several SomaFM channels, including Groove Salad, Secret Agent, Drone Zone, Lush and Digitalis.

I've been been collecting records since the mid '70s, And I remember buying my first ambient record - Eno's Music for Airports - right around 1979. The first electronic music record I remember hearing is Andrew Kazdin's "Everything you wanted to hear on the Moog, but were afraid to ask for", which came out in 1967. I think it was about 1974 when I heard it the first time. And I was hooked on electronic music after that.

I latched onto "techno ambient" music in the very early '90s. Many of the records in my collection are now out of print and extremely hard to find, so I hope you don't get too annoyed that you can't easily find them online. Hopefully the exposure I give them on SomaFM will get them re-released digitally. But in the mean time, I'll keep playing the rare stuff as well as the ubiquitous electronic ambient classics.