The Silent Channel

Artists we've played in the last two weeks:

23 Degrees 68000 AUME AWM Air Alaura Alpine Vortex Ambient Temple Of Imagination Ambient Temple of I Magi Nation Ambient Temple of Imagination Andrea Szigetvari Antihouse Arcane Device Arthur Dent & Deeper Than Space Arthur Dent and Deeper Than Space Artificial Paradise Astralfish Atmosphere Factory Aume B So Global B-9 D-Vine Bad Data Belt Ben Guiver Bites Brain Unltd Burning Sea Capstock Chasny Metcalfe Chris Meloche Cirrus Minor Closedown Controlled Bleeding Cosmic Breeze Cosmic Trigger David Kwan Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words Dead Voices On Air Deeper Than Space Deeper than Space Dialux Rouge Dirk Serries Don Haugen Dreams Without Number Drome Duncan Chapman Earth Leakage Trip Earth To Infinity Earth Trance Elliott Sharp Elmar Schulte; Steve Roach Entrancing Iris Ethernet Fiorella Terenzi Fluid States France Jobin Gary Weisberg Gunshae H20 Hakobune Harvey Bainbridge Hawkwind Hawthonn Heavenly Music Corp Heavenly Music Corp. Heavenly Music Corporation Horizon 222 Hydrosphere Hyperdelic Hyperdelicious Illusion of Safety Jack Hertz Jeff Greinke Jeff Greinke; M McCulley Jorge Reyes Khem One Ensemble Kraig Grady Kris Force Kristina Wolfe Legion Of Green Men Legion of Green Men Lightwave Lingua Lustra Logarithmic Lotus Love Spirils Downwards Lucid Nation Makyo Mantaray Martijn Comes Meloche, Chris Metcalfe Chasny Meterpool Michael Mantra Michael Northam Michal Seta Michel Redolfi Miguel Isaza Mike Rooke MikeRooke Mindope Mushroom Nation Mystical Sun NUF Nad Spiro Nature's Sound Creation Nonplace Urban Field Nurse with Wound Ohmega Tribe Ohmegatribe Operation Mindwipe Orange Sky PBC PGR PGR/Merzbow/Asmus Tietchens Patternclear Pelican Daughters Phauss Phauss vs PGR Pragma Psychic Surfers of Zuvuya Psychic TV Rag Dun Randy Grief Ray Guillette Rebecca D'Or & David Metcalfe Robert Rich Robin Parmar Satellite IV Scanner Scott M2 Single Cell Orchestra Sixty Eight Thousand Solipsism Space Time Continuum Spaceship Eyes vs. Spice Barons Spice Barons Steel Porn Rhino Tapeworm Temporary Temple The Dark Beautiful The Hafler Trio The Heavenly Music Corp. The Heavenly Music Corporation Thessalonians Trancendental Anarchists Tristan McGuire Tulpa Atma Tylervision Ultraviolet Catastrophe V.A.L.I.S. Vuemorph Waveform Transmission White Stains XKP XKP & Mr. I. Yui Onodera Z-TRON Zoviet France antimatter der Spyra sp3ct3rs

Songs in the mix during the last hour:

Michal Seta - Underecover

Tulpa Atma - Chained Servitor

Tapeworm - Soul

H20 - Undersea

Elmar Schulte; Steve Roach - Solid Ground

The Heavenly Music Corporation - Beautiful Dream

Ambient Temple of I Magi Nation - Initation

Closedown - Solifluction

Cirrus Minor - Zulu

Arcane Device - Jacobs Ladder

Alpine Vortex - Tranquilizer

Waveform Transmission - 1.8

Logarithmic - Electra

PGR - Floods and Chairs

Kris Force - Diamond Body

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