SF 10-33

About this Channel & Your DJ

Music on this channel is chosen by Rusty Hodge, who also programs Drone Zone, Space Station Soma and several other SomaFM channels. This music is piecces that are too "up" for Drone Zone, but are also too slow for Space Station Soma. But it is all music that feels like it should be bacground music to a dramatic audio play, or the real life audio of the public safety radio system.

San Francisco Police and Fire dispatch audio is provided in real-time by a Uniden Bearcat Trunktracker IV scanner, with priority given to the central and Eastern areas of the city.

Response Codes

Code 1   Do so at your convenience.
Code 2   Urgent.
Code 3   Emergency/lights and siren.
Code 4   No further assistance is needed.
Code 5   Stakeout.
Code 6   Responding from a long distance.
Code 7   Mealtime.
Code 8   Request cover/backup.
Code 9   Set up a roadblock.
Code 33   Mobile emergency - clear this radio channel.

San Francisco Police Codes

Example: "Respond to reports of a 203 at Third and Howard"

00   Burglar alarm
32   Accessory to a felony
53m   Harassment by phone (obscene call)
67   Offer a bribe to executive officer
69   Deter/resist executive officer (other than peace officer)
71   Threaten injury to school officer or employee
93d   Theft of CATV
100S   Silent burglar alarm
102   Take or destroy property in custody of officer
118   Perjury
136.1(a)   Intimidation of witness or victim
137(a)   Offer bribe to influence testimony
146a   Impersonating a peace officer
148   Resisting arrest
148.1   False report of a bomb
148.5   False report of a crime
150   Refuse to aid an officer
151(a1)   Advocate killing/injuring officer
152   Drunk driver
187   Homicide
192.1   Voluntary manslaughter
192.2   Involuntary manslaughter
192.3   Vehicular manslaughter
203   Mayhem
207   Kidnapping
209a   Kidnaping for ransom/extortion
211   Robbery (holdup)
212   Strongarm
213   Purse snatch
216   Shots fired
217   Shooting
219   Stabbing/cutting
220   Assault with intent to mayhem/rape/sodomy/oral copulation 221 Person with gun
222   Person with knife
236   False imprisonment
240   Assault/battery
241   Assault on peace officer/EMT/firefighter
242   Battery
243a   Battery against a citizen
244   Throwing acid with intent to disfigure or burn
245   Aggravated assault/deadly weapon (ADW)
246   Shooting at an inhabited dwelling or vehicle
261   Sexual assault/rape
261.5   Rape - under 18 years of age
262   Rape of spouse
266h   Pimping
266i   Pandering
270   Child neglect/failing to pay the support payments
271   Child abandonment - under 14
272   Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
273d   Corporal injury upon child
273.5a   Corporal injury to spouse/cohabitant
278   Child abduction from parent or guardian
285   Incest
286   Sodomy
288   Sexual assault, victim under 15 y/o
290   Sex registration
311   Indecent exposure
311.2a   Possession of obscene matter 314 Indecent exposure
330   Gambling
373   Public nuisance misdemeanors (spitting in public places, etc.) 374b Garbage dumping
400   Demonstration / Protest / Pickets
402b   Abandoned refrigerator
404   Riot
405   Citizens holding prisoner
406   Officer needs emergency help
407   Prisoner transport
408   Send ambulance
409   Send tow-truck
410   Requested assistance responding
415   Noise complaint
416   Citizen standby
417   Person ringing doorbells/begging
418   Fight or dispute, no weapons
419   Fight or dispute with weapons, specify
420   Juvenile disturbance
451   Arson
459   Burglary
470   Fraud
476a   Insufficient funds (checks)
484e   Theft of a credit card
487   Grand theft
488   Petty theft
496   Stolen property receiving
499b   Joy riding
503   Embezzlement
518   Vehicle accident, no injury
519   Vehicle accident with injury
520   Accident (non-vehicle)
527   Bonfire
528   Fire
529   Explosion
530   Bomb threat
531   Suspected explosive device found
537   Nonpayment of a bill (Restaurants, etc.)
555   Posted trespass 5
585   Traffic stop
586   Traffic Congestion
587   Parking violation
588   Driveway violation - tow
594   Malicious mischief (vandalism)
595   Malicious mischief (graffiti)
596   Abandoned vehicle
597   Killing or abusing animals
600   Roadblock
601   Trespassers
602   Breaking & Entering
603   Prowler
647B   Prostitute
650   Threats
799   Senile person
800   Mentally-disturbed person
801   Person attempting suicide
802   Coroner's case
805   Juvenile complaint (minor)
806   Juvenile beyond parental control
807   Missing juvenile
809   Missing person
811   Intoxicated person
819   Rolling of intoxicated person
851   Stolen vehicle
852   Auto boost/strip
853   Recovered stolen vehicle
901   Call on telephone
902   Return to station
903   Close Signal Box
904   Meet with officer, non-emergency
905   Meet with city or public service employee
909   Citizen requests interview
910   Check on well-being
911   Broken window
912   Person dumping rubbish
913   Complaint unknown
914   Person down
916   Suspicious person in vehicle
917   Suspicious person
918   Person Screaming For Help
1000   Plane Crash
2000   Prison break
3000   Blockade
4000   Evacuation, mobilization
5150   Mental-health detention
7000   Use of chemical agents imminent

"10" Codes

10-00   Exercise great caution.
10-01   Reception is poor.
10-02   Reception is good.
10-03   Stop transmitting.
10-04   OK/message received
10-05   Relay message.
10-06   Change channel.
10-07   Out of service/unavailable for assignment.
10-07A   Out of service at home.
10-07B   Out of service - personal.
10-07C   Out of Service (court)
10-07E   Out of Service (end of watch)
10-07F   Out of Service (follow-up)
10-07G   Out of Service (gas/garage)
10-07I   Out of Service (investigation)
10-07M   Out of Service (meal)
10-07R   Out of Service (radio shop/range)
10-07S   Out of Service (station)
10-07T   Out of Service (traffic control/training)
10-008   In service/available for assignment.
10-08F   In service, on foot
10-09   Repeat last transmission.
10-10   Off duty.
10-10A   Off duty at home.
10-11   Identify this frequency.
10-12   Visitors are present (be discrete).
10-13   Advise conditions at scene
10-14   Citizen holding suspect.
10-15   Prisoner in custody.
10-16   Pick up prisoner.
10-17   Request for gasoline.
10-18   Equipment exchange.
10-19   Return/returning to the station.
10-20   Location
10-21   Telephone:
10-21A   Advise home that I will return at:
10-22   Cancel last assignment
10-22C   Leave area if all secure
10-22   Disregard the last assignment.
10-23   Standby.
10-24   Request car-to-car transmission.
10-25   Respond & act as backup
10-26   Clear.
10-27   Driver's license check.
10-28   Vehicle registration
10-29   Check for being wanted/warrants.
10-29F   The subject is wanted for a felony.
10-29H   Caution - severe hazard potential.
10-29M   The subject is wanted for a misdemeanor.
10-29V   The vehicle is wanted in connection with a possible crime. 10-30 Person/vehicle wanted/stolen
10-31   Person has arrest record
10-32   Person/vehicle clear
10-33   Alarm sounding.
10-34   Confidential info follows
10-35   Consent to search
10-35   Time check.
10-36   Confidential information.
10-36   Emergency notification
10-37   Identify the operator.
10-38   Probation
10-39   Can ________ come to the radio?
10-40   Is ________ available for a telephone call?
10-42   Check on the welfare of/at ________.
10-43   Call a doctor.
10-43   Intelligence Div. interested
10-45   What is the condition of the patient?
10-45A   Condition of patient is good.
10-45B   Condition of patient is serious.
10-45C   Condition of patient is critical.
10-45D   Patient is deceased.
10-49   Proceed to ________.
10-50   Subject is under the influence of narcotics. 10-51 Subject is drunk.
10-52   Resuscitator is needed.
10-53   Man down.
10-54   Possible dead body.
10-55   This is a coroner's case.
10-56   A Suicide attempt.
10-56   Suicide.
10-57   Missing person.
10-59   Security check.
10-60   Lock out.
10-61   Miscellaneous public service.
10-62   Meet a citizen.
10-62B   Civil standby.
10-62A   Take a report from a citizen.
10-63   Prepare to copy.
10-64   Found property.
10-66   Suspicious person.
10-67   Person calling for help.
10-68   Call for police made via telephone.
10-70   Prowler. 10-71 Shooting.
10-72   Gun involved.
10-73   How do you receive?
10-79   Bomb threat.
10-80   Explosion.
10-86   Any traffic?
10-88   Assume your post.
10-91   A Stray.
10-91   Animal.
10-91B   Noisy animal.
10-91C   Injured animal.
10-91D   Dead animal.
10-91E   Animal bite.
10-91G   Animal pickup.
10-91J   Pickup/collect ________.
10-91L   Leash law violation.
10-91V   Vicious animal.
10-95   Requesting an I.D./Tech unit.
10-96   Undercover surveillance, marked units keep out 10-97 Arrived at scene
10-97   Arrived at the scene.
10-98   Available for assignment.
10-100   Civil disturbance - Mutual aid standby.
10-101   Civil disturbance - Mutual aid request.

"11" Codes

11-10   Take a report.
11-24   Abandoned automobile.
11-25   Traffic hazard.
11-26   Abandoned bicycle.
11-27   with the driver being held.
11-28   with the driver being held.
11-40   Advise if an ambulance is needed.
11-41   An ambulance is needed.
11-42   No ambulance is needed.
11-48   Furnish transportation.
11-51   Escort.
11-52   Funeral detail.
11-54   Suspicious vehicle.
11-55   Officer is being followed by automobile.
11-56   Officer is being followed by auto containing dangerous persons.
11-57   An unidentified auto appeared at the scene of the assignment.
11-58   Radio traffic is being monitored. Phone all non-routine messages.
11-59   Give intensive attention to high hazard/business areas.
11-60   Attack in a high hazard area.
11-65   Signal light is out.
11-66   Defective traffic light.
11-78   Aircraft accident.
11-79   Accident - ambulance has been sent.
11-80   Accident - major injuries.
11-81   Accident - minor injuries.
11-82   Accident - no injuries.
11-83   Accident - no details.
11-84   Direct traffic.
11-85   Tow truck required.
11-94   Pedestrian stop.
11-95   Routine traffic stop.
11-96   Checking a suspicious vehicle
11-97   Time/security check on patrol vehicles.
11-98   Meet: _________
11-99   Officer needs help.

More information on SFPD/SFFD is available from the Radio Reference San Francisco Wiki.