Left Coast 70s

Rusty Hodge, Music Director

In addition to being the music director for Left Coast 70s, I am the founder of SomaFM. I program music for several SomaFM channels, including Groove Salad, Secret Agent, Drone Zone, Space Station Soma and Digitalis. In general, I tend to like music that leans toward mellow styles, but I do like my music to have a groove. The mellow rock sound of the west coast in the mid to late Seventies had a huge influence over me, and I was lucky enough to grow up within the signal range of LA's KNX-FM, the standard for mellow album rock in the 70s.

I've been been collecting records since the early '70s, and collecting CDs since the mid 80s. Many of the records in my collection are now out of print and hard to find, so I hope you don't get too annoyed if I play something that you can't easily find online. And you can be assured that we will continue to track down some incredible mellow rock sounds of the 70s for your musical enjoyment.

The music I play on Left Coast 70s is extremely dear to my heart. I've been wanting to start this channel for almost the entire time I worked at SomaFM. And now it's finally happened. I hope you come along for the ride as we pull more stuff out of the musical vaults and play it for you here on SomaFM.

Thanks for listening.