SomaFM Archived News

Please note that this news is most likely very out of date, and is only archived here for historical reasons.

SomaFM is grateful for our wonderful listeners and supporters, we're glad you're here with us. 26-Nov-2020

We are aware of an issue with buzzing in the SF1033 audio, but it will take a few more days to fix due to restricted physical access to our datacenter. 23-Nov-2020

Boot Liquor issues have been resolved. Thanks for your patience. 9:30AM PT 6-Nov-2020

Because some people are celebrating Halloween tonight, we will *not* be interrupting our Doomed special with station IDs, begathons, etc. Just ALL scary music. 30-Oct-2020

A lot of people have asked, so we have (quietly) resumed our holiday/Christmas programming. 22-Oct-2020

Due to electrical outages at Ted's NY studio, 480 Minutes will not be broadcast on BAGeL Radio today. 9-Oct-2020

UK Sonos users, since TuneIn is blocking non-UK stations, you can install "myTuner Radio" which includes all SomaFM channels. 28-Sep-2020

We had a server outage this morning, which is now resolved. Sorry for the downtime. 19-Sep-2020

TuneIn has removed SomaFM and other non-UK stations from their directory listings for UK listeners. This was entirely their decision. We have not blocked our streams, and you can still listen using our apps, our web player, and on Sonos by adding a custom radio URL; and on Alexa/Echo by installing our Alexa Skill. 10-Sep-2020

Thank you for all your support this August. Not only did we meet our goal, but we had some extra to add to the "emergency fund" for the future! 1-Sep-2020

iOS and Android apps have been updated this week. 19-Aug-2020

Purple Glow shirts are back in stock in all sizes. We will have more inventory of "Nightclub Black" SomaFM shirts as well of Suburbs of Goa and Groove Salad shirts in all sizes arriving in 2 weeks. 13-Aug-2020

The sets from SomaFM's DEF CON DJs will be playing in rotation on SomaFM Live for the next few weeks. We had a great time and hope we can all be together in real life next year. 10-Aug-2020

Live from Def Con Safe Mode 2020 on Def Con Radio Thurs-Sunday this week. 6-Aug-2020

Our recent iOS app update disables Chromecast by default for privacy reasons (and to keep us from having to explain that our app isn't tracking your location; that's a Chromecast thing). You can enable Chromecast in the settings (gear menu) screen. 30-Jul-2020

Thank you so much for all your support in meeting our July budget! It's nice to not have to do a desperate end of the month "beg-a-thon". 30-Jul-2020

Join us for a Drone Zone album premiere: this Friday at Noon Pacific, 3pm ET, 1900 GMT: Steve Roach: "A Soul Ascends."

Thank you so much for all your support in June. We hit our budget goal before the end of the month. Thank you for all the support! 1-Jul-2020

Drone Zone Album Premiere Wednesday July 1st at Noon Pacific, 3pm ET, 1900 GMT: Sam Rosenthal (USA) and Jarguna (Italy) merge with the sunset on their first electronic/ambient collaboration, "Sunwashed Evening Fire". 27-Jun-2020

If you can't afford to donate, that doesn't change how we feel about you! One of the founding principles of SomaFM is access for all. We have never wanted to be an exclusive subscription service. 25-May-2020

This Friday, May 29th at Noon Pacific (3p ET, 1900 GMT): The World Premier of Nectar Meditation - a new collaboration by Steve Roach and Serena Gabriel will occur on Drone Zone. 26-May-2020

The classic Nightclub Black Tshirts in all sizes are back in stock in our merch store. Get one with your $50 donation (plus postage). 15-May-2020

We continue to get merch orders shipped once a week (usually Thursday or Friday). Thanks for your patience during the lockdown. 5-May-2020

The SomaFM office is still closed but your DJs and music directors will continue to work from home and keep the music flowing! 4-May-2020

We've increased our bandwidth capacity and now can serve 2.5 gigs/second of streaming audio. 30-Apr-2020

Rusty has been going in (alone) to the studio, and shipping out merchandise/premium orders. We're not as backlogged as we were afraid we'd be and we'll continue to fulfil orders once a week when possible. 20-Apr-2020

Thank you everyone for all your support and being there with us. We're glad we can be there with you too! 9-Apr-2020

Many people have asked that we bring back the Holiday channels, as an escape right now. So we did. 24-Mar-2020

Apologies for our 10 hour web outage today (and 4 hour stream outage). Everything is working, and the equipment that was ultimately responsible for the problem was replaced. Sorry if we added to your stress. 25-Mar-2020

Due to COVID-19 health orders in San Francsico, all store orders will be delayed until at least April 7th. SomaFM office is closed (your DJs and music directors will continue to work from home and keep the music flowing) 16-Mar-2020

Heavyweight Reggae DJ Dion will be spinning rare vinyl live at Barebottle Brewing Company, (1525 Cortland) in San Francisco, this Sunday, February 23, 2020 from 2-6pm [Facebook Event Page] 20-Feb-2020

We had upgraded all our streaming servers to support and they should be working properly with the latest Chrome update now. 19-Feb-2020

The latest Chrome update breaks the type of streaming we use (Icecast/Shoutcast) and you only hear silence. The work-around is to use one of our player apps or another browser besides Chrome. 19-Feb-2020

We are excited to broadcast Steve Roach's Electro Bloom, a special event live from Solar Culture in Tucson, Arizona, this Wednesday, Feb 12 at 6:30pm Pacific, 9:30pm Eastern, and 7:30pm MT. Headlined by Steve Roach, the show will feature Serena Gabriel (electro-acoustic mantras and sacred space) and the leftfield-electronic chill of Basic Biology. The show will run about 2 hours. Tune in live on Deep Space One! 8-Feb-2020

The issue of our web player not working in Mozilla Firefox 72.0.2 (and possible a couple earlier versions) has been resolved. 2-Feb-2020

Android app beta update with Chromecast support now available on our Android App Beta page. 27-Jan-2020

Welcome to SomaFM's newest channel, Heavyweight Reggae. Reggae (Early through the 80s), Dub, Ska and Rocksteady hosted by DJ Dion "The Watts" Garcia, the genius behind 7" Soul. 17-Jan-2020

Happy 2020! Hope your new year is wonderful. 1-Jan-2020

Thank you to all our supporters who have keep SomaFM on solid financial ground again in 2019. We really appreciate your support! We couldn't do this without you! 28-Dec-2019

Android 8 and later compatible app now available! 23-Dec-19

Happy Hanukkah, Wonderful Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa Wishes and have a wonderful New Year! 20-Dec-2019

Holiday notice: Store orders placed after Dec 16th may not arrive in time for Christmas. 15-Dec-19

For December, our Specials channel is hosting a new holiday program: Department Store Christmas. Holiday music in the "elevator" or "beautiful music" style. 10-Dec-2019

We have resolved the issue with our AppleTV app, and it is working properly again. Sorry for the unavailability! 30-Nov-2019

We had an issue with the credit card donation box on our site in the last 24 hours, it should be fixed now. 25-Nov-2019

We have restocked all sizes of our shirts in the premium store, including new Long Sleeve 100% organic cotton shirt. 23-Nov-2019

The final rebroadcast of the Steve Roach concert from Tucson's Night of the Living Fest (part of the All Souls Procession weekend) will air this Wednesday, Nov 13 at 11am PT (2pm ET, 1900 GMT) on Deep Space One. 12-Nov-2019

We will be broadcasting Steve Roach's LIVE CONCERT from Tucson's All Souls Procession this Saturday at 8p PT / 11p ET (Sun 0300 GMT) on Deep Space One 30-Oct-2019

Doomed has returned on our Specials channel, and will be broadcasting for the next 2 momths. 1-Oct-19

It's a (very rare) really hot day in San Francisco, so to inspire you to ditch work and go to the beach- tune into our Specials channel which is all Surf Music today! 12-Sep-19

Our OSX App has been updated with a few fixes and usability improvements. 27-Aug-19

New SF in SF podcast available: Loren Rhoads, Nancy Etchemendy and E. M. Markoff: Tales for the Camp Fire. Recorded June 9th in front of a live audience at the American Bookbinders Museum. Listen Online or search for "SF in SF" in your favorite Podcast app. 20-Jul-19

Once again, we will be broadcasting live from DEF CON 27 in Las Vegas, August 8-11. Say Hello if you're at the conference, or tune in on DEF CON Radio 10-7pm daily (Pacific time). 10-Jul-19

Roku users: want to test our upcoming major app update? Go to and you can install the beta preview version. Feedback is welcome! 19-Jun-2019

SomaFM Open studios this Thursday from 6-9pm in San Francisco, with special musical guest, Andrew St. James. Come by if you can! 14-Jun-2019

SomaFM DJ kampf (DEF CON radio, Fluid, Nerd Show) is heading to Beijing in two weeks for DEF CON China 1.0, representing SomaFM and DEF CON Radio again. We will have a limited number of special stickers at this year's event, so come say HI and grab one! 25-May-2019

Saturday, May 25, 2019, 8pm Eastern: Live Broadcast from "Tokyo Underground Night" at Ideal Glass in NYC: Featuring: Coppé "the legendary "godmother of Japanese electronica," with special guests: Uhnellys, Takuya Nakamura, Azumi O E, and Ideal Orkestra. Tune in online or come in person! 16-May-2018

The Open Studio for May 16th has been postponed due to a scheduling conflict. We'll have an updated date published soon. 9-May-2019

Fluid was off-air briefly due to a hardware failure. It's now back on the air. 1-May-19

April SF in SF Podcast Taping with Peter S. Beagle & Jaymee Goh happens this Sunday, April 28 at the American Bookbinders Museum, at 366 Clementina Alley, off 5th Street, between Howard and Folsom. More details at 24-Apr-2019

We're having an open studio in San Francisco this Thursday, April 18, from 6-9pm. We'll have a recording station setup where you can record station IDs and get a behind-the-scenes peek in to SomaFM. 14-Apr-19

Drone Zone Album Premiere this Wednesday, April 17th, at Noon Pacific time, 3pm Eastern, 0700 GMT: Steve Brand's new album, "Graduated". 13-Apr-19

Thank you for helping us meet our March budget goal early! And thank you so much for all the love and support! You are what make SomaFM possible! - 30-March-2019

Enjoy the first day of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the vernal equinox! 20-Mar-2019

Alexa Skill updated with Groove Salad Classic. Just say, "Alexa, Tell SomaFM play Groove Salad Classic" or even "Alexa Tell SomaFM play Classic". 9-Mar-2019

We have launched an official Instagram channel, @SomaFM_official, so be sure and follow us. 6-Mar-2019

A big thanks to everyone who donated in our end of the month fundraising drive. Your support keeps SomaFM on the air! We love you!!! 1-Mar-2019

SomaFM is a completely independent radio network, supported entirely by you, our listeners. If you enjoy what we do, please consider making a donation today as your support is the only way we have to keep broadcasting. Thanks! 24-Feb-2019

Every Sunday from 9am-8pm Pacific time, Drone Zone features all long-form ambient pieces (40 minutes or longer). 17-Feb-2019

Congratulations to one of SomaFM's most popular ambient artists, Steve Roach, on his Grammy nomination. 9-Feb-2019.

2019 marks our 19th year of broadcasting as SomaFM. The only way we have been able to do this is with your support, love and donations. Thank you! 12-Jan-2019

Announcing Groove Salad Classic, the classic (early 2000s) version of a nicely chilled plate of ambient/downtempo beats and grooves. 10-Jan-2019

Your donations make our commercial-free broadcasts possible. Thank you so much for your support. We have no big benefactors, trust funds, VC investors, Government grants, etc. Just you and that is what makes SomaFM so special. We love you! 5-Jan-2019

Happy New Year! 1-Jan-2019

Thank you for all your support and donations in 2018. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for your support. 1-Jan-2019

As we head into the new year, and our 19th year of broadcasting commercial-free music that can't be found on the mainstream radio dial, we'd like wish you all a wonderful 2019 and look forward to playing lots of great music that you won't hear anywhere else. 26-Dec-2018

Hope you are having an enjoyable Holiday season. Be sure to check out our 4 holiday channels: Christmas Rocks, the wacky and often offensive Xmas in Frisko, Christmas Lounge for fun holiday fare with a loungey, groovin' twist, and Jolly Ol' Soul which features classic soul holiday tracks. 5-Dec-2018

We hope you have been enjoying our broadcasts of Doomed. This years broadcast will continue through December 15th. Doomed will return next October, so Stay Tuned! 1-Dec-2018

Please help keep SomaFM on the air by making a donation right now. We rely totally on you to stay on the air. 10-Nov-2018

Special Halloween programming this Wednesday on Doomed: Halloween Edition. 30-Oct-2018

Lots of new goodies in the SomaFM Premium Store like new Tshirt designs, Stealth Black water bottle, a new black and red mug and more. 25-Oct-2018

Doomed is back a little early, for Halloween. 15-Sep-2018

SomaFM will be attending Knobcon Synthesizer Convention in Chicago September 7-9th. Maybe see you there? 2-Sep-2018

Fundraising was behind in August (I guess everyone was on vacation!) so we could really use your donations and financial support to catch up. 1-Sep-2018

SomaFM is broadcasting live again from DEF CON 26, August 9-12, 2018 at Caesars Palace & Flamingo in Las Vegas. 10-Aug-2018

SomaFM will be live broadcasting Steve Roach's sold-out concert series in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the weekend of August 4th and 5th on Space Station Soma as well as extended before and after coverage on SomaFM Live. 1-Aug-2018

This Saturday, June 23rd, SomaFM 7" Soul's Dion "The Watts" Garcia be DJing out at Tunnel Records on Taraval in San Francisco from 3-7pm. 20-Jun-2018

A big thanks to everyone who donated in our end of the month fundraising drive. Your support keeps SomaFM on the air! We love you!!! 31-May-2018

We are rebroadcasting the performances from the How Weird Street Faire for the next few weeks on the SomaFM Live channel. 8-May-2018

End of the month Fund Raising Drive: we are running behind! Please help keep SomaFM on the air and show us you believe in what we're doing by either making a donation right now or buying some gear in the SomaFM Premium Store. 28-May-2018

We updated our webplayer last night to improve smartphone compatibility; but we introduced some bugs for Firefox and Chrome users... so we reverted back this morning. If you were having issues with our web player, it should be back to normal now. 23-Apr-2018

Once again, SomaFM will have a "stage" at the How Weird Street Fair in San Francisco on Sunday, May 6th. Save the date and hope to see you there! 30-Mar-2018

Heading to SXSW in Austin? Keep an eye out for some of the SomaFM crew: Merin, kampf, and Rusty will all be there. 7-Mar-2018

We are re-broadcasting the Robert Rich Sleep Concert this week on SomaFM Live. If you missed the concert or live broadcast, now is your last chance to hear it! 26-Feb-2018

This Friday night (Feb 23), we're broadcasting Robert Rich's Sleep Concert, Presented by Flow Kana, live from San Francisco 11:30pm-8am Pacific Friday night / Saturday morning (2:30-11am ET). Tune in on SomaFM Live and simulcast on Drone Zone 20-Feb-2018

It was so great to meet so many SomaFM fans from all over THE WORLD at the Steve Roach concert series in Tucson, AZ this month. Hope you enjoyed the broadcast and the replays. Steve Roach and Projekt Records will be releasing CD and digital albums of the concert in the near future. 13-Feb-2018

Coming up in just over a week: Steve Roach LIVE concert series from Solar Culture's Galactic Center in Tucson: February 9 on Drone Zone, Feb 10th & 11th on Space Station Soma starting at 8pm MST (7pm PST, 10PM EST, 3:00 AM GMT the following day). Extended live coverage will start at least an hour beforehand on SomaFM Live special events channel. 30-Jan-2018

From all of us at SomaFM, we hope you have a great 2018, and thank you for all your support in 2017. WE LOVE YOU!!! 31-Dec-2017

Our shipping department will closed for the holiday, orders are still being accepted and we will resume shipments on January 8th, 2017. Thank you for all your support! 18-Dec-2017

We hope you have enjoyed our broadcasts of Earwaves and The Silent Channel, both of which will conclude their broadcasts on December 30th, 2017. Thanks for listening. 17-Dec-2017

We hope you have been enjoying our broadcasts of Doomed. This years broadcast will continue through December 15th. Doomed will return next October, so Stay Tuned! 1-Dec-2017

The holiday season has begun. Thank you for all your support! 27-Nov-2017

We've re-organized the front page a bit to spotlight channels which were previously "below the fold". There are over 40 channels available right now! 12-Nov-2017

Holiday channels are back (quietly on the bottom of our home page)... 1-Nov-17

Coming up this Tuesday at Noon Pacific (17:00 GMT): Drone Zone Album Premiere of Eyes Cast Down's new release, "The White Island" 1-Oct-2017

Congratulations to Indie Pop Rocks Elise and Brendan! May you have a long and wonderful life together! 16-Sep-2017

A mis-configured server was causing issues with apps connecting this morning for some people but it is now fixed. (We missed updating a SSL certificate on one of our servers and it's now updated.) 7-Sep-2017

RIP Walter Becker. Thank you for a lifetime of amazing music and touching all the lives you did. 3-Sep-2017

Our thoughts go out to our friends and listeners in the Houston area who are impacted by Harvey. 28-Aug-2017

Drone Zone will have special Eclipse programming during Monday's solar eclipse. 20-Aug-2017

This Friday: Album Premiere of Steve Roach's new release, "Long Thoughts," on Drone Zone, Aug 18th, 5pm pacific, 8pm eastern. 14-Aug-2017

This Sunday, August 13th, 2pm pacific: Drone Zone presents an Album Premiere of Steve Roach's new release, Nostalgia for the Future. 10-Aug-2017

Broadcasting Live from DEF CON 25 in Las Vegas this weekend! 28-Jul-17

New SomaFM Keychains as well as Drone Zone Tshirts are now in our store. 15-Jul-17

We now have "refrigerator" magnets available for some of our more popular channels. 6-Jun-2017

All our systems have been updated and all channels are back on the air, including Mission Control. 15-May-17

Mission Control is now back on the air. Thanks for your patience. 15-may-17

We will be broadcasting live from the How Weird Street Fair in San Francisco on May 7th. We'll be at the corner of 2nd and Tehama from Noon to 8-m. SomaFM DJs and special live performances! Please join us. 21-Apr-17

We had some issues with the streaming system that Boot Liquor runs on. It's been replaced, so no more skips and breakups in the songs. Really sorry for that! 21-Apr-17

SomaFM app for the Xbox One and Windows 10 coming soon! 15-Apr-17

SomaFM is now available for the Amazon Echo, just install the Alexa skill by saying "Install SomaFM". 22-Mar-17

We have a new app for the Amazon Fire TV. SomaFM Radio (TV Edition) is now in the Amazon App store, or search for "SomaFM" on your Fire TV. 20-Mar-17

The issue with one of our 2 streaming bandwidth providers has been resolved and all our stream servers are working properly. Thank you for your patience. 17-Mar-17 8:05am

Due to an equipment failure with one of our internet backbone providers, we have reduced streaming capacity and slow connections at the moment. This will hopefully be fixed by mid-day Friday. We'll keep you posted. 16-Mar-17

Our shipping department is now closed for the holiday, orders are still being accepted and we will resume shipments on January 9th, 2017. Thank you for all your support! 20-Dec-16

RIP John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, at age 95. As a memorial, Mission Control will be running audio from Glenn's Mercury spacecraft Friendship 7 for the next few days. 8-Dec-2016

New for 2016: SomaFM Holiday greeting cards in our store. Support SomaFM and get some things to share with your friends and family. 10-Nov-16

We have (quietly) brought back our Holiday channels. 2-Nov-16

Special programming on Doomed this Monday night for Halloween. 27-Oct-16

Holiday channels will return the first week in November. 21-Ovt-16

Technical issues with Thistle Radio have been solved and it is back on the air. 10-Oct-16

Thank you for all your financial suppot in July. We love you! 2-Aug-16

SomaFM will once again be broadcasting live from the DEFCON 24 chill room in Las Vegas, August 4-7. See you there? 10-Jul-16


We're excited to premiere the new Ascendant album, "Meridian", this Tuesday at 11am pacific (2pm ET) on Deep Space One. 21-Jun-16

The outage on our Lush channel has been resolved and it's back on the air. 23-May-15

This Tuesday at 7pm PT, 10pm ET we will broadcast a live, in-studio performance of "Near the Parentheses" on Deep Space One. 20-May-16

Drone Zone is proud to premiere Steve Brand's new album, "The Path of the Heart", Wednesday, May 18th, at 6pm Pacific time (9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 01:00 GMT). We'll play the entire composition as it was meant to be heard. 12-May-16

Thanks to all our supporters who helped us meet our budget goal in April! Your support is what keeps SomaFM alive. We love you! 2-May-16

Thank you, Prince, for everything. 21-Apr-16

We're excited to have 2 album premieres next week. On Tuesday, April 26th, Noon PT, we premiere Steve Roach & Robert Logan's "Second Nature" on Drone Zone, and the next day, Wednesday we premiere the duo's Biosonic release on Deep Space One. 20-Apr-16

Last day of the month and we're behind on fundraising. Please donate something right now or buy something in our store to help keep SomaFM on the air. 31-Mar-16

Drone Zone is proud to premiere the new Relaxed Machinery album release by Kloob, "Solid Foundations" this Friday at noon Pacific. Described as a "sonic journey featuring metaphysics, attraction, emotions management, extraterrestrial life, astral projection and personal development." Please join us!. 1-Mar-16

A bug in our back-end system was causing mobile apps to play low-bitrate MP3 streams rather than High-Quality AAC+ streams for some channels. This is fixed now, but may take a few hours to propagate to all phones. 10-Feb-16

We have updated and changed our streaming servers. If you're having trouble accessing our channels, please update your links, see "Other Ways to Listen" on each channel's homepage. Official SomaFM apps and web player not affected by this change. 5-Feb-16

Thank you David Bowie for all your inspiration and gifts of music. You will be missed. 11-Jan-16

We are honored that The Telegraph calls SomaFM one of "The best internet radio stations", "...broadcasting a range of beautifully curated channels ... and an enduringly hip presence on the web." 5-Dec-15

T-Mobile announced today that SomaFM is now included in Music Freedom(tm), so you can stream without ever using up your high-speed data for T-Mobile Simple Choice customers. 1-Dec-15

The pictures from the Photobooth at our 15th Anniversary party are up, we also published the best ones on Facebook. 18-Nov-15

Happy Holidays from SomaFM. We're thankful to have such amazing and incredible listeners. 24-Nov-15

SomaFM is celebrating its 15th Anniversary and we want to thank you for your unwavering support! Get tickets here to join us Saturday, November 7th at the Verdi Club in San Francisco to celebrate! Live performances by SomaFM favorites Halou and Artemis, plus SomaFM DJs and more. 26-Oct-15

We've quietly launched our holiday channels for 2015. 20-Oct-15

Lots of great goodies in our new SomaFM Store 5-Oct-15

We are accepting credit cards, Bitcoin, Amazon Payments, Dwolla and Square Cash now as well as Paypal 17-Sep-15

This Friday: Drone Zone presents the album premiere of Steve Brand's "Songs From Unknown Territory". We hope you'll join us for the premiere and a the live online chat with Steve Brand this Friday, October 2nd at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern. 1-Oct-15

This Sunday night, at 7pm Pacific (10pm Eastern, 0200 GMT Monday) Drone Zone will present Steve Roach's Bloodmoon Rising 4 during the total lunar eclipse that coincides with a "Supermoon." It's been 32 years since there has been a total lunar eclipse during a "Supermoon", and won't happen again for another 18 years. 22-Sep-15

This Friday: Drone Zone presents the album premiere of Massergy's "A Novel Sense of Calm". We hope you'll join us for the premiere and a the live online chat with Massergy this Friday, September 18th at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern. 14-Sep-15

This Friday, August 14th at Noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern, Drone Zone is proud to premiere Markus Reuter & Zero Ohms: "From Worlds Unseen A Light Yet Streams A Sound Replete" 11-Aug-15

Tune in to DEF CON Radio: Now Broadcasting live from DEF CON 23 Chill Room at Bally's in Las Vegas, Thursday thru Sunday. And come by and say hi if you're at DEF CON! - 6-Aug-15

This Friday, July 17th at Noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern, Drone Zone is proud to premiere Steve Roach's new ambient album, "Etheric Imprints". We hope you'll join us for the premiere and a the live online chat with Steve Roach! 15-Jul-15

SomaFM's SF-1033 has been physically moved to a more reliable location. Now in our datacenter, with emergency backup power, in a seismically-restant building, ready to keep providing audio in case of a local emergency. 11-Jul-15

SomaFM's Drone Zone will be premiering Steve Brand's new long form ambient album, "Sanctuary", this sunday at noon Pacific Time (3pm Eastern). 25-Jun-15

Fundraising for June is running behind schedule. If you haven't supported SomaFM in the last 12 months, please donate and support us today! 21-Jun-15

Every Sunday from 8am-8pm PT on Drone Zone, it's Long Form Sunday: where we feature long-form ambient pieces. We hope you'll tune it! 18-Jun-15

This Tuesday, June 9th at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, Drone Zone is proud to premiere the new album "A Place to Belong" by Time Being, the collaborative project of Jourdan Laik and Phillip Wilkerson on Spotted Peccary Music. 5-Jun-15

We're excited to bring you a new channel, Thistle Radio, featuring music from "Celtic roots and branches." Crafted by Fiona Ritchie, award-winning host and curator of NPR's syndicated Thistle and Shamrock radio show. 30-May-15

Thanks for all the support in May, we not only hit our target but exceeded it by a small amount! 1-Jun-15

Drone Zone Album Premiere & listening party this evening, starting at 5pm pacific: Roy Mattson's new album, Mesmer. 29-May-15

We are accepting credit cards now as well as Paypal. 11-May-15

The issues with one of our network providers is resolved. We had loss of connectivity to parts of the net from 10am-11:50am PDT. 12-May-15

Steve Roach's new all-analog synth album "Skeleton Keys" premiere: Tuesday, May 5th, 1pm pacific time on Space Station Soma. Please tune in! 3-May-15

Drone Zone will be playing three new releases: SiJ: Plaentagose; Steve Brand: Second Spring, and an EP from Steve Brand and Ran Kirlian: The Uncarved Block. Tune in to Drone Zone starting at 5pm PDT Friday. 30-Apr-15

Ascendant, who played How Weird yesterday, do a live in-studio performance on Space Station Soma at 1pm PDT today. 27-Apr-15

SomaFM will be at the How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco this Sunday, Noon-8pm. Come say hi, and if you can't make it, tune into our live broadcast! 22-Apr-15

Details later today: The premiere of Steve Roach's "Bloodmoon Rising 3" piece will be broadcast on Drone Zone early Saturday morning during the "Bloodmoon" eclipse. 3-Apr-15

Thanks for your support in March! SomaFM stays on the air through the donations from our supporters! 1-Apr-15

Please, help us meet this month's budget and make a small donation to SomaFM! We're running behind and could use your help. 28-Mar-15

Our "Mission Control" channel is back on the air after a hardware failure. 24-Mar-15

Steve Brand's new album, "Into the Current" album premiere on Drone Zone, this Friday at 4pm Pacific. Posted 3-Mar-15

The Trip is now back online. Sorry about the downtime! 2-Mar-15

All streams are back up and functioning fully, except for The Trip, which should return within 24 hours. 28-Feb-15 11:40pm

We are currently experience network outages that is affecting our streams. We are working with our multiple network proviers to resolve the issue. Sorry! 28-Feb-15 11:00am

Once again, SomaFM will have a "stage" at the How Weird Street Fair in San Francisco on Sunday, April 26th. Hope to see you there! 18-Feb-15

Mac Users: iTunes 12.1 has been released which fixes the problem with streaming 128k AAC streams. I you're running 12.0.1, make sure to update to 12.1. 31-Jan-15

Thanks to everyone for their support in January! First time in many years where we've hit our January budget goal! 1-Feb-15

Drone Zone is proud to premiere Blake Gibson & Robert Davies - Quiraing, this Friday, January 30, at 5pm Pacific time (8pm Eastern, 1am London). We'll play the entire album exactly as it was meant to be heard. 26-Jan-15

Happy New Year! Thank you for your support and love in 2014, and here's to a great 2015! 1-Jan-2015

We did a small update to the website. Let us know if you find any issues or problems. 27-Dec-14

Tune in to DEFCON Radio on New Years Eve for: kampf presents: The Nerd New Year (6pm-2am pacific NYE). 29-Dec-14

Happy Solstice! 21-Dec-14

Our shipping department is going to take a break for the next 2 weeks, so premiums ordered in December won't begin shipping until January 7th, 2015. Thanks for your understanding! 20-Dec-14

iTunes Users: To work around the iTunes 12.0.1 bug with 128k AAC streams, we're serving 128k MP3 streams to iTunes 12.0.1 clients until Apple fixes things 1-Nov-14

Domestic orders for shirts, mugs and CDs should arrive before Christmas if ordered by Wednesday, December 17th. International orders are not likely to arrive in time for Christmas if ordered after December 12th. 12-Dec-14

Our friends at Tech Shop are having a holiday "Maker Market" this Saturday, December 13th from 2-6pm at the TechShop Gallery, 910 Howard Steet, San Francisco. Rusty will be providing Christmas Lounge music and Merin's original art holiday items will be on sale. We'll also have SomaFM stickers to hand out. If you're in San Francisco on Saturday, we hope you'll pop by! 10-Dec-14

We're excited to premiere Chris Russell and Eyes Cast Down's new groove-driven, age-spanning musical journey, Memory Palace. Tune in to Deep Space One on Monday, Dec. 8th, at 2PM Pacific time (4PM Central, 5PM Eastern) to hear the album in its entirety. 2-Dec-14

New items for our supporters: A warm fleece zip sweatshirt we call the Stealth UnHoodie, and a California-fleece lightweight pullover hoodie. 14-Oct-14

Drone Zone is proud to premiere Andrew Lahiff's newest release, Slow Paths Beyond, this Friday, November 14th, at Noon Pacific. 10-Nov-14

Mac Users: A bug in iTunes 12.0.1 is causing our 128k AAC streams to playback with loud distortion sometimes, and lower-level digital distortion the rest of the time. User the MP3 streams until Apple fixes this bug. 24-Oct-14

We accept donations via Bitcoin at the following address: 16JPekFQEHyLD4Ji2i2YTWeJjn3iULL2iP 13-Oct-14

Drone Zone is proud to premiere Steve Brand's newest release, The Space Between, on October 3rd, at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific. 17-Sep-14

Indie Pop Rock fans: SomaFM Presents Sondre Lerche at the Independent on October 9th in San Francisco. DJ Elise spinning before and after, hope to see you there. 15-Sep-14

The technical issues with DEF CON radio have been resolved, and it's and it's back on the air. 12-Sep-14

Our Android app has been updated. Please update to the latest release. iOS app update is waiting for Apple approval but expected to be out soon. 6-Sep-14

Other than giving us a scare, the earthquake that struck the SF Bay area early Sunday morning did no damage to SomaFM's studios or datacenter facilities. 24-Aug-14

Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi at the 20th Street Block Party! So great to meet so many of you. We'll have podcasts from our band interviews posted later in the week. 23-Aug-14

SomaFM will be broadcasting live from the 20th Street Block Party this Saturday, from Noon-6pm in San Francisco, inside Sightglass Coffee. Come say hello! 18-Aug-14

Starting now through Sunday, SomaFM's DEF CON Radio will be broadcasting Live from DEF CON 22's chill room in the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Tune in Now! 7-Aug-14

SomaFM and Projekt Records present the album premiere of Steve Roach's "The Delicate Forever" on Drone Zone, July 22nd at Noon Pacific Time, 3pm Eastern, 8pm (20:00) GMT. 19-Jul-14

SomaFM, Relaxed Machinery and DataObscura present: A night of ambient album premieres on Drone Zone. Friday, July 18th at 5pm Pacific; 8pm Eastern, 1:00 GMT (early Saturday Morning). 12-Jul-14

SomaFM will be at the Extreme Chill Festival in Berlin July 4-6. We're looking forward to spending some time with many of the artists we play on SomaFM and would love to see you there as well! 1-Jul-14

SomaFM will be at The Ambient Music Conference in Helsinki (June 27-28th) and the Extreme Chill Festival in Berlin July 4-6. We're looking forward to spending some time with many of the artists we play on SomaFM and would love to see you there as well! 17-Jun-14

Thank you for your generous support in May. We didn't hit our goal, but we got close enough we can make up the difference in June. 31-May-14

Friday at 5pm pacific (8pm Eastern), SomaFM is proud to present the premiere of Steve Brand and Roy Mattson's new release: Meltstream, on Drone Zone. Please tune in. 30-May-14

We'll be presenting "Space Station Soma" live from the How Weird Street Fair in San Francisco this Sunday from 12-8p. Please come by, our stage will be set up on Tehama near 2nd street in SoMa. 1-May-14

Our Stealth Hoodies are now all sold out. A new design will be coming soon. 2-May-14

Check out our newest channel, Seven Inch Soul: Vintage soul tracks from the original 45 RPM vinyl. 14-Apr-14

Ww have deployed some new streaming servers to improve SomaFM's performance in some parts of the world. 7-Apr-14

Special Album Preview this Tuesday at Noon (Pacific, 3pm Eastern) for the premiere of Loren Nerell & Mark Seelig's new album "Tree of Life" on SomaFM's Deep Space One. 25-Apr-14

Thank you for helping us meet-- and EXCEED-- our fundraising requirements this month! 2-Apr-14

We'll be at the SXSW festival in Austin from March 7th thru March 15th. Are you going to be there? 1-Mar-14

Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for all the love you've showed us this year. We love you! 14-Feb-14

We have deployed a new streaming server on the East Coast to work around the issues we've had with Verizon and ATT. You may need to update your media player's bookmarks if you're still having issues. 12-Feb-14

We have been having some issues with streaming to listeners on Verizon and ATT, mostly on the East coast and the South. This is due to a dispute between Verizon/ATT and our bandwidth provider Cogent, who also provides streaming for Netflix which is at the root of this dispute. 10-Feb-14

Due to the flu going around the team this week, we're running a week behind on getting shirt, mugs, CDs and other premiums. Thanks for your patience. 14-Jan-14

HAPPY 2014! We hope your 2014 is great, and thank you for all your support and love you gave us in 2013. 1-Jan-14

Hope you got what you wanted from Santa. Thanks for all your support in 2013 and hope you have a wonderful 2014. 27-Dec-13

Happy Solstice! The days start getting longer from here on, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. 21-Dec-2013

Happy Holidays from all of us at SomaFM, we hope you enjoy our three holiday music channels. And for those of you who don't like the holidays, we will keep Groove Salad, Space Station, Poptron, Drone Zone and a few others free of holiday music just for you. 20-Dec-13

Thank you to all our supporters in 2013. We wouldn't be here without you. And if you haven't supported SomaFM in the last year, please renew your support now. We rely entirely on your support! 19-Dec-13

We have free holiday apps for iOS and Android. It's a great way to introduce your friends to SomaFM. Just search for "SomaFM Holiday" in the Play and App stores. 15-Dec-13

Happy Hanukkah! We're mixing in a lot of fun Hanukkah music on Xmas in Frisko for the next 8 days. 27-Nov-13

New Groove Salad Volume 2 CD is available! Get one now! 24-Nov-13

New premium: SomaFM Studio Sessions 7" Vinyl release of Mister Loveless and Birdmonster in-studio performances. More details! 23-Nov-13

Safari 6.1 users on Mavericks OSX should use the Popup Player to work around a bug with launching iTunes from Safari. 22-Oct-13

If you're having any issues connecting to our streams from the web or internet radio bookmarks, please make sure you use the links from our site and update any bookmarked streams. 24-Oct-13.

New channels: Earwaves and the Iceland Airwaves Preview. Check them out. 14-Oct-13

Regretfully, we have been forced to change the Underground 80s logo; TfL who owns the trademark that we were parodying has sent us a cease and desist. We're working on a replacement logo so please bear with the temporary one. 23-Sep-2013

Thank you SO MUCH for your generous support in August! We were afraid we were going to be way below budget but you all came through in the last week. We love you and thank you so much for supporting SomaFM and letting this grand experiment continue and flourish. 1-Sep-2013

Having issues streaming us on your Roku? Make sure you're updated to v5.1 build 1195 of the firmware (should happen automatically). 30-Aug-2013

New goodies in our support section: a glossy red mug and a Steve Roach CD collection. 8-Aug-2013

SomaFM is at the 20th Street Block Party in San Francisco today. Come visit if you're in the area. On 20th between Bryant and Harrison. We're right at Bryant. 24-Aug-13

Big update to our iOS app, now with iPad support, sleep time, shake to shuffle option, bookmark/buy tracks from song history, and more. Get it in the App Store. 18-Jul-2013

We had a lot of fun broadcasting live from the DEF CON 21 hacker convention in Las Vegas this weekend. It was great to meet so many SomaFM listeners as well! 4-Aug-13

We are live from DEF CON in Las Vegas thru Sunday evening. 3-Aug-13

3GPP format streams have been retired due to the high cost of operation and the fact that almost no one uses them anymore. Please use one of our apps instead. 17-Jul-2013

Thanks to all our donors and listeners today supporting Independent internet radio this Independence Day! SomaFM Loves you!!!! 4-Jul-2013

The Telegraph's Pete Naughton previews the week's best podcasts and internet radio, and SomaFM is one of his choices! 1-Jul-2013

Thanks for all your support in June. We are now officially back on track financially for the year (we had been running a bit behind). Thanks very much. 30-Jun-2013

Less than 40 copies of our Groove Salad Volume 1 CD are left. Volume 2 is due later this summer. 12-Jun-13

We're getting very close to reaching our fundraising goals this month. Thanks and love to everyone who has supported us! 31-May-13

We've gotten a new shipment of Tshirts and hoodies, and all sizes are currently in stock. 20-May-13

We had a record audience on Drone Zone for the Steve Roach live performance today! We will repeat the broadcst this Sunday evening, May 12th at 7pm Pacific (2:00GMT Monday), and again on Monday morning, May 13th 7am Pacific (14:00 GMT). Please tune in. 7-May-2013

STEVE ROACH LIVE on Drone Zone! Steve will visit the SomaFM studio in San Francisco to present an extended live concert transmission on Tuesday May 7th at 1pm PST right here on the Drone Zone. And in case you miss it, there will be two rebroadcasts: Sunday May 12th at 7pm PST and Monday May 13th 7am PST. 20-Apr-2013

Thank you for your support in March. We ran a little behind budget but we hope with your help we'll make it up in April. Thanks again for all your support and keeping SomaFM on the air. 31-Mar-2013

Last week of the month means we need you to help us meet our monthly budget again. We've been running a tiny bit behind the last couple months, so if you haven't supported SomaFM in the last year (or don't remember when the last time you supported us was!), please help us out a bit. Just click the support button on our website. 24-Mar-2013

At SXSW? Be sure to say "HI" if you see someone in a SomaFM shirt! 12-Mar-13

Don't forget to set those clocks ahead 1 hour in places where Daylight time is observed. 10-Mar-2013

We've updated our Android and iPhone apps for 2013. Make sure you have the latest updates. 17-Feb-13

Groove Salad was off the air for about 30 minutes a bit after midnight (pacific time) due to some equipment acting up. We smacked it and things are back. Hopefully there won't be any other issues with the equipment tonight. 16-Feb-2013

Be our valentine! SomaFM loves you! 14-Feb-2013

All promotional items (tshirts, mugs, hoodies, bottles) are in stock at this time. 8-Feb-13

A big thank you for all our January supporters. We came really close to hitting our goal, and hopefully we can make up the difference in February. We really, really appreciate all the support you give us and wouldn't be able to do this without you. 1-Feb-2013

Thanks for everyone who showed up for the SomaFM Presents: BAGeL Radio's 10th anniversary show at Bottom of the Hill. Packed house, great bands, couldn't have been better. We'll post pics soon. 2-Feb-2013

SomaFM Presents the BAGeL Radio 10th Birthday Party! Featuring Mister Loveless/ CHURCHES/ Birdmonster at Bottom of the Hill Friday 2/1/13, doors at 8:30pm. Buy Advance Tickets 20-Jan-2013

Happy New Year! We'd like to thank everyone for making 2012 a great year for SomaFM. We have a lot of exciting new stuff planned for 2013 that we hope you'll love. 30-Dec-2012

Xmas in Frisko will become Auld Lang Syne, All the Time on New Years Eve. 29-Dec-2012.

Holiday Programming will continue until at least Jan 7th, 2013. 28-Dec-2012

Get our new Free Christmas Holiday Radio App for iOS for iPhone/iOS and our Free Christmas Holiday Radio App for Android. Includes all three SomaFM holiday channels, commercial free in this special free app. Please tell your friends about it to introduce them to SomaFM. 7-Dec-2012

Our free Android holiday radio app is now available! 4-Dec-2012

Get our new Free SomaFM Holiday Radio App for iPhone/iOS. All three SomaFM holiday channels, commercial free in this special free app. (Android coming soon!) 20-Nove-2012

If you use a radio that relies on vTuner, they have an incorrect entry for Groove Salad currently. We've contacted them with an update and hope it will be fixed soon. 1-Dec-2012

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Pete Namlook. A most brilliant and prolific ambient composer, he will be sorely missed. 15-Nov-2012

Happy Halloween. Special programming tonight on our Doomed channel! 31-Oct-2012

We are experience some outaages today due to a flood at our studio. The main drain on our building's roof clogged; all the water came down the wall in our studio like a small waterfall; lot of computer and audio gear was damaged. 22-Oct-2012

Congratulations to SpaceX on the launch of their CRS-1 Mission to the International Space Station! 7-Oct-2012

Photos and coverage of the 2012 Decibel Festival in Seattle are on our Facebook Page. 28-Sep-2012

We now have really nice red SomaFM Water Bottles by Klean Kanteen. No BPA, phthalates, lead, or other toxins. 20-Sep-2012

Tag's Trip back on the air after some technical problems. 25-Aug-12

We will be carrying the Mars Curiosity landing on Mission Control starting tonight at 10pm pacific time (0500 GMT on Monday). The actual landing is scheduled for 0531 GMT on Monday. 5-Aug-2012

Some stream servers have been reconfigured. If you get a message when trying to listen that "Server has reached it's limit", try reconnecting either from our website or your app; this will make sure you get the latest list of servers to connect to. 29-Jul-2012

Mobile users: make sure you update to our latest Android and IOS apps. The updates are free to users of the 1.2 version. 28-Jun-2012

We are now fully moved into our new datacenter. 27-Jun-2012

If you are having problems connecting from your computer today, please make sure you're using the links from our website. (Mobile streams are unaffected). 26-Jun-2012

Lifehacker calls SomaFM "one of the Top 5 net radio services"! 11-Jun-12

We're continuing our technical upgrades over the next few days, there may be brief stream outages from time to time. Our twitter feed will have the most real time updates. 5-Jun-2012

We are doing maintenance today and some channels will be off the air for 15-30 minutes. 3-Jun-2012

We are relocating and expanding our data center over the next week and there will be periods where certain channels are off the air. We are striving to keep the disruptions to a minimum. 31-May-2012

Congratulations to SpaceX for a historic first commercial voyage to the International Space Station. We hope you enjoyed our coverage on Mission Control, and we look forward to covering more SpaceX missions in the future. 31-May-2012

Live coverage of the Undocking, Descent and Landing of the SpaceX Dragon on it's return from the International Space Station on Mission Control. Splashdown is 11:44am ET / 8:44am Pacific. 31-May-2012

Congratulations to SpaceX for the successful launch of the Falcon9/Dragon to the International Space Station. Mission Control will be interrupting historic Apollo missions with live Dragon coverage from time to time this week. 22-May-2012

Streaming problems caused by a server outage on Monday have been fixed. 21-May-2012

If you're in San Francisco and driving northbound on 101 near the 280 split, look for the TuneIn radio billboard featuring SomaFM! 10-May-2012

New channel: San Francisco 10-33: Ambient music mixed with the sounds of San Francisco public safety radio traffic. It's like our Mission Control channel, but with firemen and police instead of astronauts. 2-May-2012

Thanks to all our supporters in April for helping us meet our budget. Thanks for showing your support and putting your money where your mouth is! (Or is that where your ears are?) 30-Apr-2012

SomaFM's Elise Nordling (Indie Pop Rocks) will be hosting an intimate chat and performance with Release The Sunburd and Emily Jane White, this Wednesday, April 25th, in San Francisco. Free show, RSVP Required. We hope to see you there! 20-Apr-2012

New AAC and AACplus streams for Black Rock FM added. Also higher fidelity in low bandwidth on mobile apps. 3-Apr-2012

Tag's Trip back online after being temporarily off the air due to issues with Tag's home studio. 20-Mar-2012

Just in time for the annual South By music festival in Austin, TX: SomaFM presents South By Soma, an unofficial broadcast featuring the artists you'll be hearing at this year's festival. 27-Feb-2012

Happy Valentines Day! We love you! 14-Feb-2012

Our take on SOPA/PIPA proposed laws, and why they're so dangerous and ripe to be abused. 18-Jan-2012

All electrical work at our datacenter is finished and all our channels are back. Sorry about the downtime, it was a bit longer than expected. 20-Jan-2012

Thank you for all your financial support in 2011. We couldn't have done this without our supporters, and we look forward to spending an excellent 2012 with you! 31-Dec-2011

Secret Agent back on the air, however AAC streams are down until we get some new hardware next week. Sorry about that. 24-Dec-11

If you're having trouble connecting to SomaFM from a saved bookmark in your media player, please update your links from our website. 22-Dec-11

Gremlins (or a hardware failure) have taken Secret Agent off the air. We're working on a fix. 22-Dec-2011

Happy Solstice! The days start getting longer from here on, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. 21-Dec-2011

SomaFM Android App now available in the Android Marketplace for $0.99 (0.50 Euros) through the end of 2011. 12-Dec-2011

Thanks to PDXHosting for donating additional bandwidth for this years Christmas Lounge! 29-Nov-2011

SomaFM's OSX App now available in Apple's App Store. 1-Nov-2011

Happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful that we have such wonderful and generous listeners. SomaFM Loves You!!! 23-Nov-2011

SomaFM has lost a good friend: our long time pal and musical mentor J.D. Falk passed away Wednesday after a long battle with cancer. Among many things, J.D. was a cornerstone of the downtempo electronic music community in San Francisco, a community that we are proud to be a part of. While this is a great loss to us, we celebrate the musical inspiration and overall awesomeness that J.D. brought to us, and we're deeply honored to have known him. 17-Nov-2011

Public beta of our Android app now available. 4-Nov-2011

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to our Williamsburg meetup. And special thanks to Mark at The Abbey bar, for being such an awesome host. 21-Oct-11

SomaFM founder Rusty Hodge will be speaking at the Audio Engineering Society convention in New York on Saturday, Oct 22nd at 5pm. The panel is "Improving the Streaming Audience Experience" and hope to see you audio geeks there. 18-Sep-2011

Thanks to everyone for their support in September. It's the first time in several months where we hit our budget goal and are now getting caught up on the bills that we had gotten behind on. 2-Oct-2011

August fundraising was behind schedule. Please help us to get caught up on our budget and pay our bills by supporting SomaFM today. 12-Sep-2011

We've removed Facebook "Like" buttons from our website as they we being used to track your activity, which is against our privacy policy. We respect your privacy and will in the future add a feature to opt-in to having the Like buttons appear on our site. 3-Sep-2011

Sad news: Barry Craig, the man known as ambient music artist "A Produce", passed away suddenly a few days ago. Barry's early music was a large inspirations for the creation of SomaFM's Drone Zone. We've been fan of A Produce since the early 90s, and Barry's music will always be a very important part of the ambient music. We will miss you Barry. 6-Sep-2011

Hoodies are available for ordering in all sizes again. 22-Aug-2011

We will have all sizes of hoodies back in stock in 2-3 weeks, and will be sending out backorders as soon as we receive them. 19-Aug-2011

Boot Liquor now available in 128k AAC for the highest possible audio quality, as well as 64 and 32kb aacPlus for much better than MP3 quality. Also, now in aacPlus 3GPP stream format for many cell phones including older Blackberry devices. 8-Aug-2011

Thank you to all our supporters in July! We rely entirely on you and we thank you so much for supporting SomaFM! 1-Aug-2011

Space Shuttle Atlantis landed at NASA's Kennedy Space Center after 200 orbits around Earth and a journey of 5,284,862 miles on STS-135. The last ever space shuttle landing after 30 years of space exploration. 21-Jul-2011

July fundraising is running way behind schedule. Please donate to SomaFM and help us meet our monthly operational budget. We rely entirely on you, and don't have sponsors or grants to pay our bills. If you haven't supported SomaFM this year, please help us now. 11-Jul-2011

The Launch of Space Shuttle STS-135 is exactly 1 Week away! SomaFM will carry the launch and entire mission live on Mission Control. 1-Jul-2011

Thanks to everyone for your support in June. Everyone really came through in the last week and we raised more than we expected. Thank you for making SomaFM possible! 1-Jul-2011

Secret Agent is back on the air after an equipment failure today. Sorry about that! 15-Jun-2011

Mission Control returns to mixing in archived Apollo program audio after the successful landing of Endeavour. 1-Jun-2011

Space Shuttle STS-134 and International Space Station mission audio on Mission Control this week. 20-May-2011

The launch of space shuttle Endeavour takes place Monday morning, May 16, at 8:56am EDT. We have live shuttle mission audio coverage along with news and photo updates from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Mission Control. 15-May-2011

Thanks to everyone who came out to our 11th Anniversary party last night. We sold out the Independent, really sorry to those of you who showed up later and couldn't get in. It's been a great 11 years, and we hope to be here for many, many more. 8-Apr-2011

Story, photos and audio from the final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery online now. 9-Mar-2011

Thanks you for all your financial support in March. A lot of people came through in the last couple days and helped us (for the most part) meet our fundraising goal. Thanks to all our supporters for keeping SomaFM on the air! 1-Apr-2011

SomaFM's 11th Anniversary Party in San Francisco: featuring Tycho and Inu. Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 8:00 PM (Doors: 7:30) $18.00 - $20.00, 21 and Over. Buy tickets here! 8-Mar-2011

Warning to iTunes users: the latest iTunes 10.2 has broken opening .pls files, which we and other online radio stations us to make our web links open in iTunes. Hopefully Apple will release a fix for this soon. 5-Mar-2011

Thanks to all our supporters in February, we hit our fundraising goal with a few hours to spare! 1-Mar-2011

Be sure to check out our coverage of STS-133, the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery from SomaFM's team at the Kennedy Space Center. 25-Feb-2011

Live Space Shuttle STS-133 Coverage from Launch to Landing on Mission Control begins Thursday morning, Feb. 24, 2011. Discoveryżs launch at 4:50pmET/21:50 GMT on 2/24, we'll cover it and the whole mission live mixed with ambient music on Mission Control. 21-Feb-2011

SomaFM's 11th Anniversary Party in San Francisco: featuring Tycho and Inu. Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 8:00 PM (Doors: 7:30) $18.00 - $20.00, 21 and Over. Free Groove Salad CD to the first 100 ticket purchasers. Buy tickets here! 11-Feb-2011

Happy Birthday to SomaFM's Elise Nordling, the musical genius behind Indie Pop Rocks. You rock Elise! We're all so glad you're part of SomaFM! 7-Feb-2011

Happy Lunar New Year! 4-Feb-2011

Support SomaFM with a one-time $40 suscription and get our new Groove Salad compilation CD, 14 tracks picked by Rusty Hodge, including some of the most popular Groove Salad artists. 2-Feb-2011

iPhone users: make sure you get our new (Dec 2010) app, "SomaFM Radio" from the app store. It supports background streaming, Airplay support, aacPlus for high quality at lower bitrates, and more. 30-Jan-2011

Support SomaFM at the $40 level and get one of three CDs by Steve Roach, one of if not the top artist on SomaFM's Drone Zone. 18-Jan-2011

Happy New Year, and thank you for all your support of SomaFM in 2010! We hope to make 2011 even better! 31-Dec-2010

We're now running on our new, high-performance web server, please contact us if you notice anything strange. 13-Dec-2010

New! Our new Groove Salad compilation CD is now available. 14 tracks picked by Rusty Hodge, including some of our most popular artists. 9-Dec-2010

We have some exciting new premiums for our supporters: Drone Zone fans will enjoy these CDs from Steve Roach; Groove Salad fans will love our Fila Brazillia 5-CD pack. 16-Nov-2010

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to our friends in the US. We're thankful to have such awesome listeners and supporters! 24-Nov-2010

Our Christmas/Holiday channels are live. But you shouldn't listen until after Thanksgiving, we don't want you to burn out on holiday music prematurely. 10-Nov-2010

NASA managers have decided to postpone the next Space Shuttle launch attempt to no earlier than Nov. 30 at 4:05 a.m. EST. 5-Nov-2010

San Francisco Giants Victory Parade is Wednesday morning at 11am. It starts at Montgomery and Washington streets and goes southbound on Montgomery to Market Street, continuing up Market to Civic Center Plaza. 2-Nov-2010

Special Halloween programming tonight on Doomed: Halloween Edition. 31-Oct-2010

Happy Birthday to Boot Liquor music director and long time SomaFM collaborator Roy Batchelor. SomaFM is lucky to have you as part of our team! 15-Oct-2010

SomaFM is at Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in Reykjavik this week. Updates on our new Iceland Airwaves Tumblr blog starting Tuesday. Are you there too? Let us know and say hi! 11-Oct-2010

SomaFM's Merin McDonell has some of her art in a gallery show in San Francisco, at Inclusions Gallery in San Francisco's Bernal Heights. Check it out if you get a chance! 8-Oct-2010

Our iPhone App is now free for a limited time. 27-Sep-2010

Thanks for all your support in September. We raised over $29,000 and our fundraising is back on track after a slow summer. 1-Oct-2010

We've been getting some "denial of service" attacks on some of our stream servers, which caused problems for a few channels. We think it's over now and we've worked to block the attacks as well. (The attacks seem to be a random automated attack and not specifically targetting SomaFM.) 22-Sep-2010 3:50pm

We will be resetting one of our streaming servers because it's causing dropouts in the audio every minute or so. When we do this, the streams will be down for about 2 minutes. Not all listeners will be affected. Sorry! 21-Sep-2010 11:49am PST

Twitter now playing feeds have been discontinued for the time being. (They changed their API and broke our systems that updated twitter, we'll update them when we get a chance in the future). 1-Sep-2010

Thanks to everyone who supported SomaFM in July. We raised enough money to meet our July budget. Thanks for coming through once again! 1-Aug-2010

It's the end of the month fundraising drive. If you haven't supported SomaFM in the last 12 months, please donate and support us today! 28-Jul-10

All streaming servers are back online. 1:33am Pacific 28-Jul-2010

Some internet backbone issues (Voxel/Level3) have caused some of our streaming servers to go offline. They're working on the issue now. 12:30am Pacific 28-Jul-10

Our servers on the Voxel network is back to normal, Voxel has isolated the problem and we don't expect to see a recurrance. 9:25PM PST 16-Jul-2010

Streams back up but don't have any details on the outage other than it was affecting all Voxel's customers; (Voxel, one of our two main bandwidth providers, is normally super reliable) 1:25PM PST 16-Jul-2010

**OUTAGE** One of our network bandwidth providers is have an outage that is affecting many of our streams. They're working on it! 1:00PM PST 16-Jul-2010

All servers have been updated and all streams are back online. 12:08am 12-Jul-2010

We're doing server updates from 23:00-23:59 on July 11, so there may be some periods when you can't connect. 11-Jul-2010

Due to a problem with some of our stream server logging systems, only about 1/3 of our listeners are being reported for many of our channels. 7-Jul-2010

Our streams are not showing up in the directory right now due to a problem with the new site. 1-Jul-2010

We are working on adding background streaming to our iPhone application. It will hopefully be available by mid to late July. 24-Jun-2010

Announcing our newest station: Underground Eighties: UK Synthpop and a bit of New Wave. 18-Jun-2010

We have turned off streaming to iPhone/iPod Touch version 1.0 devices, as there was almost no usage of those streams, and we needed to free up some resources. If you were using a first-generation iPhone/Touch then you'll need to update your software to continue to receive SomaFM. 16-Jun-2010

Thank you for your donations to SomaFM during our May fund drive. You make our broadcasts possible! 1-Jun-2010

To all who served their country, and especially to those lost their lives serving, we humbly thank you for your service and sacrifice, and hope for a time in the future where our country will never have to ask for such sacrifices ever again. Memorial Day, 31-May-2010

It's Carnival weekend in San Francisco! 29-May-2010

Historic Apollo 16 mission audio rebroadcast begins Wednesday evening on Mission Control. 26-May-2010

Congratulations to NASA on a successful Space Shuttle STS-132 mission and landing. 26-May-2010

Live Space Shuttle STS-132 Coverage from Launch to Landing on Mission Control ends with the landing this Wednesday morning, May 26th. 26-May-2010

SomaFM has been invited to the NASA Tweetup at the Kennedy Space Center for the launch of Space Shuttle mission STS-132. Follow @SomaFMRusty on Twitter for updates from the Shuttle Launch. 10-May-2010

To all the Moms out there: happy Mother's day! 9-May-2010

Our website was offline early Monday morning due to issues with our network provider. Sorry abou that! 9:45am 3-May-2010

Our phone (415 552-7662) is now working at the new office. 27-Apr-2010

There are still a few copies of Digital Bliss, Volume 2 available as gifts to our supporters. 21-Mar-2010

Last Minute Farewell to SomaFM's old space tonight, if you're near the city, come by from 6-9pm tonight. Details Here 23-Apr-2010

New iPad site launched. If you have an iPad, we've optimized our site for you. 7-Apr-2010

Live Space Shuttle coverage (mixed with ambient) on Mission Control this week. 5-Apr-2010

We are moving to a new location: 2180 Bryant Street, Suite 208, San Francisco, CA 94110 US. Please start using this address immediately as we are in the process of moving out of the old location down the street. 24-Mar-2010

Please introduce your friends to SomaFM and help us grow. We have banners, buttons and badges you can put on your website or blog. 8-March-2010

Our popular Digital Bliss, Volume 2 CD is back in stock as a gift to our supporters at the $40 level. 2-Feb-10

Thanks for your financial support in February. We didn't hit our monthly goal but we came close! 1-Mar-2010

It's Noise Pop Week in San Francisco! Here's some of our picks for the event. 23-Feb-2010

SomaFM congratulates NASA on the successful mission of Space Shuttle STS-130, which landed tonight at 7:20pm pacific time at the Kennedy Space Center after 14-day journey of more than 5.7 million miles. Welcome Back! 21-Feb-2010

Congratulations to NASA on the successful launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour STS-130. We're covering this all week live on Mission Control. 8-Feb-10

We're testing our new "Pop Up" Flash-based player which will work even when you don't have a media player installed. 25-Jan-10

More super-high quality AAC streams are available now for many channels. 24-Jan-10

We're testing a 128k AAC feed of Groove Salad. We think it sounds much better than MP3 streams, and works with iTunes, Winamp and Foobar2000 players. Try it out and let us know what you think. 15-Jan-2010

We're giving the website a little facelift for the new decade. Drop us a note if you notice any formatting or compatibility issues. 9-Jan-10

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. 18-Jan-09

Hope we made the first workweek of the new year more enjoyable. 8-Jan-2010

More server capacity added. We're trying to make sure you don't get any more "Server Full" messages. 6-Jan-2010

Happy New Year! Thank you for making 2009 another successful year for SomaFM. 1-Jan-2010

A big Thank You to all our supporters who helped us meet our budget goals in 2009, and helped us raise almost $2000 more than our goal. Thanks for keeping SomaFM on the air and commercial free! 31-Dec-09

Happy New Year! Both our Holiday Channels will become "Auld lang Syne, All the Time!" at 2AM pacific time (10:00 GMT) when Kiritimati (Christmas Islands) is the first place to celebrate the new year. 30-Dec-09

Hope you have a wonderful holiday. 22-Dec-09

New Stealth Hoodies, black-on-black zip-up heavyweight hoodies now available for our supporters. 6-Dec-09

Happy Hanukkah! 12-Dec-09

Shop at and Support SomaFM: we'll get a 5% commission on what you buy if you use this link. Or use this to shop at 5-Dec-09

Happy Thanksgiving. We're thankful we have such a wonderful group of listeners! 26-Nov-09

Space Shuttle STS-129 coverage on Mission Control this week. Live mission audio mixed with ambient electronic music. 16-Nov-09

Chck out the new long sleeve Tshirts and a new Digital Bliss CD compilation that fans of Lush and Groove Salad will enjoy.

More capacity added to Secret Agent and Indie Pop Rocks streaming servers. 8-Nov-09

We had some serious technical problems that knocked us off the air from 7:50pm until 9pm pacific time. But all is well again. 5-Nov-09

Holiday Streams are back! Xmas in Frisko and Christmas Lounge for your early holiday enjoyment. 1-Nov-09

SomaFM is entirely listener-supported. We need your financial support to keep us on the air. During the Fall fund-drive, please join the thousands of other supporters who make SomaFM's broadcasts possible. We have Tshirts, Mugs and more available to our supporters. 14-Oct-09

To all our friends attending Iceland Airwaves right now, please be assured that we're very sad that we're not there with you this year! 15-Oct-09

If you can't connect to Beat Blender or Lush (due to server capacity issues), try the "firewall" stream links.

It's World Space Week the largest annual public space event on Earth, celebrated in over 60 nations every October 4-10. This year's theme is education: so if you see any school kids, talk to them about space! 4-Oct-09

Telefon Tel Aviv is playing in San Francisco at Bottom of the Hill this Saturday, September 26th. Should be great to see them live. 24-Sep-09

The 10th anniversary San Francisco Electronic Music Festival starts tomorrow and runs September 16-19 at the Brava Theater in San Francisco. An interview with festival organizer Pamela Z along with music samples from artists performing there are now posted in our Podcast Player. 15-Sep-09

Space Shuttle will now land at Edwards AFB in California, due to weather conditions. Landing scheduled for 5:53p pacific time, deorbit burn at 4:47p pacific. Listen live on Mission Control! 11-Sep-09

Space Shuttle landing prep and landing live on Mission Control this Friday. Landing times at Kennedy tomorrow currently are listed as 2:48 p.m. and 4:23 p.m. Pacific, although those times may be adjusted. (Thursday's landing attempt was cancelled.) 10-Sep-09

Congratulations to the crew of Discovery on the successful launch of STS-128. You can listen in by tuning to Mission Control on SomaFM. 28-Aug-09

If you haven't supported SomaFM in the last year, we could really use your support.

After several aborted attempts, the Space Shutle launch is scheduled for 11:59 p.m. EDT tonight (8:59PM PDT/SomaFM Time). Forecasters call for a 60 percent chance of acceptable conditions at launch time. We'll be covering it live on our new Mission Control channel, mixed with ambient space music of course! 28-Aug-09

Mission Control is running Apollo audio until STS-128 is re-scheduled. 25-Aug-09

SomaFM needs your donation today. (here's why)

Space Shuttle launch aborted due to weather conditions, they'll try again in 24 hours (a little after 1AM EST Wednesday morning). 24-Aug-09

If you don't already, please please please support SomaFM.

We're currently covering STS-128: Space Shuttle Discovery's launch on Mission Control. 24-Aug-09

Beatblender has limited capacity on it's main server. If you can't connect, try the "Firewall" link which has additional capacity. 21-Aug-09

Windows Users: Corporate office friendly Windows Media 32k streams are now available for all our channels. 17-Aug-09

Our new Suburbs of Goa and Mission Control channels have been very popular and are sometimes maxing out their servers. We're working on getting more capacity for them, but if you can't connect, try again in 30 seconds. 7-Aug-09

Our buddies (and neighbors!) at The Bay Bridged are hosting an incredible sampler of Bay Area tunes, art and food Tonight, Friday, July 31st. at the Verdi Club, 2424 Mariposa St, San Francisco. [Details]

SomaFM celebrates NASA and space explorers everywhere with our new channel Mission Control: ambient electronica with live NASA audio. Currently featuring the 40 year anniversary Apollo 11 rebroadcast- exactly how it sounded back in 1969 (only now with a great soundtrack). 16-Jul-09

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, we invite you to listen to NASA's realtime rebroadcast of the original Apollo 11 mission audio at the same time you're listening to Space Station Soma, Drone Zone or your favorite SomaFM channel. 16-Jul-09

And with the scrub of the launch of the Space Shuttle just now, that concludes our mixing in audio of NASA's live feed with the music on Space Station Soma. Hope you liked it. We might do it again for the next launch attempt. 13-Jul-09

We're mixing in some audio NASA's live feed of the Space Shuttle launch today on Space Station Soma. 13-Jul-09

No, really, we need your support this week. Please don't put it off any longer!

SomaFM needs your financial support to stay on the air. Our fundraising for the first half of 2009 has been $30,000 less than we need, and we can only put off the bill collectors for so long. Please support SomaFM today! 24-Jun-09

There is a bug in our iPhone app related to the 3.0 upgrade. Fix is coming soon. Work-around and more info 18-Jun-09

It's a tough economy, and SomaFM is feeling the pain. Please support SomaFM and keep commercial-free radio on the air.

We have a great new interview with the band Weinland (as heard on Indie Pop Rocks) in our interview and articles section. 15-Jun-09

Jonas in Germany: SomaFM's Listener of the Month for May. 30-May-09

If you haven't supported SomaFM in the last year, we could really use your support.

SomaFM's iPhone App is finally available to the public! 21-May-09

Is it officially summer now? Doesn't feel that way in San Francisco yet. 1-Jun-09

Follow Groove Salad DJ Rusty Hodge on Twitter @SomaFMRusty 13-May-09

One of our favorite local artists, Loquat, is performing at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco tonight. Hope to see you there! (directions) 14-May-09

We have an update on the royalty situation on Rusty's blog. 13-May-09

Please support SomaFM!

This Weekend! The How Weird Street Faire 2009 happens Sunday, May 10th, from 12-7pm @ Howard & 2nd Sts. in San Francisco. Ten blocks of art and celebration, and ten stages of music. Plus performances and colorful costumes, vendors from around the world, food and drinks, and much more!

The trippy, psychedelic echo sound problem on Indie Pop Rocks has been fixed by our engineer. Sorry about that. 10:30am PST 8-May-09

One of our favorite local artists, Loquat, is performing at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco tonight. SomaFM's Elise Nordling will be DJing between sets as well. Hope to see you there! (directions) 7-May-09

We raised about $24,500 in April, but we didn't raise everything we need. Hopefully things will pick up in May and we can get caught up on our bills. 1-May-09

Happy May Day and International Workers' Day! Though we're still working to bring you the tunes. 1-May-09

Happy Earth Day. 22-April-09

Our friends at Shoutcast have a new new Radio Toolbar that works with SomaFM and your other favorite stations. 9-Apr-09

If you haven't already bought a Tshirt, Mug or Hoodie, now is the time! 5-Apr-09

Boot Liquor back on the air; there are some lingering problems with the aacPlus feeds that we don't have an ETA as to when they'll be working properly. Use the MP3 feeds instead. 7pm pacific time, 4-Apr-09


Budget update: We are about $3000 under budget for March. 25-Mar-09

Thanks everyone for making the Bay Area Takeover a great success. We posted a few pictures and will post more later.

In Austin for SXSW? Come to the Bay Area Takeover Party, a free day party on Thursday, March 19th, 2008, from 12-6pm, at the Beauty Bar, 617 E 7th St (near Red River), showcasing artists from the Bay Area's best indie record labels.We're at SXSW now and hope to see you! 18-Mar-09

SomaFM relies on your donations to stay on the air. (here's how you can help)


We have SomaFM tshirts, hoodies and mugs, as well as a new compilation CD as gifts for our supporters. 28-Feb-09

32k Windows Media streams now available for all channels. These streams often work in corporate settings where 128k MP3 streams are blocked. 14-Jan-09

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! 1-Jan-09

Thanks for all your support in 2008. We couldn't have done it without you. 31-Dec-08

If you're not already a SomaFM supporter, become one today. SomaFM is supported entirely by our listeners.

We now have SomaFM hoodies and mugs, as well as a new San Francisco indie rock compilation CD as gifts for our supporters.

Happy Hanukkah and Happy Solstice! 21-Dec-08

Due to a software problem, Xmas in Frisko was off the air for most of Sunday. It's back now. 6:30pm 21-Dec-08

If you're flying on Delta Airlines this holiday season, we have a present for you. A special presentation from Groove Salad will be on Delta's In-flight audio, on channel 8.

Some internet-wide outages have been sporadically affecting our streams today. The good news is that these outages have lasted usually less than 10 minutes. They're also not affecting all our streams at the same time. So if you can't connect, try another channel in the mean time, or try again in 10 minutes. 2:30pm 15-Dec-08

UPDATE: Thank You!!! We've raised $36,861.01 in November. Thanks to everyone who supported SomaFM in November. 1-Dec-08

It's Thanksgiving time in the United States, and all of us here at SomaFM would like to give thanks to all of you for listening to and supporting SomaFM. THANK YOU! 26-Nov-08

We're in the middle of our end of year fund drive right now. If you haven't supported SomaFM in the last year, please support us now! SomaFM is entirely supported by our listeners. Thanks.

Happy Halloween! Don't forget to tune into Doomed for some dark and scary music! 21-Oct-08

I wish I had more non-budget related news to post! 20-Oct-08

We are still way behind on raising money for the operation of SomaFM, and at the rate we're going, we'll be about $35,000 behind by the end of the year. If you're not alreay a monthly or annual subscriber to SomaFM, please help keep commercial-free internet radio on the air and support SomaFM today! Thanks! -- Rusty (Founder / Program Director), SomaFM

Happy 7th Birthday, iPod! 23-Oct-08

For the 4th month in a row we're about $5000 short of our monthly budget (and over $25,000 down for the year). We could really use your financial support right now. 5-Oct-08

Rusty will be on a panel at CMJ Wednesday discussing The Internet Music Broadcasting Dilemma, 12:30 pm, Room 405 (Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square S., New York, NY)

The festival is over now, but you can check out our Iceland Airwaves 2008 coverage for pictures and reviews. 20-OCt-08

Are you going to Iceland Airwaves this week? Be sure to read our Guide to cost-effective eating and drinking in Reykjavik as well as our coverage of last year's festival.

Iceland Airwaves starts tonight. We're definitely going to Tunglid (aka The Moon) tonight for the Kimi Records showcase, and will try and get to Hresso for Mammut at 10:15pm. More coverage in our Iceland Airwaves section. 15-Oct-08

Mac users: We changed our Quicktime streams so that they launch in an external player, not in the browser. Among other things, this will let you listen to SomaFM in Quicktime, and at the same time listen to an audiobook in iTunes. 4-Oct-08

Contrats to Aviva from Oakland for winning the tickets to see Sigur Ros tonight at the Greek in Berkeley. 3-Oct-08

HR 7084, the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2008, has cleared the House and the Senate and now is awaiting being signed into law. Thanks everyone who called in to congress to help get this passed! 30-Sep-08

Good news: HR 7084, the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2008, has cleared the House and the NAB has dropped their opposition to it in teh Senate, so it looks like it's going to pass... if the Senate can get around to it tomorrow. It wouldn't hurt to call the US Senate and ask them to vote on it Tuesday. (More details) 29-Sep-08

The "Webcaster Settlement Act of 2008" has passed the House, now it's onto the Senate. We need you to call the US Senate before Monday afternoon and ask for the support of "HR 7084, the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2008" in the senate. (Learn more)

Nice to see everyone at the Treasure Island festival last weekend. 22-Sep-08

SomaFM will be at the Treasure Island Music Festival, Saturday and Sunday, September 20th and 21st in San Francisco. We've got backstage interviews scheduled with Amon Tobin, Foals, Loquat, CSS, John Vanderslice and The Dodos. More info as we get it in our blog.

We are saddened by the recent passing of two great artists: Hector Zazou and Pink Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright. May their work be always remembered. 16-Sep-08

We now have SomaFM T-shirts in Black (the classic SomaFM color), Red and now White, available exclusively to our supporters.

Congrats to Nicholas on "properly inaugurating" his swank new bachelor pad last night! 11-Sep-08

Congratulations to our friends at for the launch of their all new site! 11-Sep-08

Nitya, host of Sonic Universe on SomaFM is reporting from the Punkt Festival in Kristiansand, Norway this weekend. 4-Sep-08

Guitar man, American entertainer and Boot Liquor favorite Jerry Reed has passed away at the age of 71. He was a genuine original who helped bring country music to an untapped audience.

Our streams are back up after a three hour network outage in San Francisco 6:25am PST 20-Aug-08

There will be some network maintenance tonight which will affect our stream encoders, and take some channels off air for 10-20 minutes. 19-Aug-08 11:40pm PST

Issac Hayes: We'll miss you, but your music will live on forever. 10-Aug-08

SomaFM is now streaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Just go to on your iPhone/iTouch and you'll get an iPhone webapp mini site with links to all our streams. (more info and comments in our blog...) 20-Jun-08

We've posted some interviews and photos from the Download Festival in our blog, as well as some full-length interviews. 22-Jul-08

We'll be broadcasting live from the San Francisco Download Festival at the Shoreline Ampitheater Saturday, July 19th from 11:30am until about 6:00pm Pacific time. Look for us there!

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US! Take a moment to appreciate your freedoms and indepence, and remember not to take it from granted. We still have lots of work to do, giant Corporations (and their representatives, like the RIAA) are now the biggest threat to our personal freedoms. 4-Jul-08

Our email server is back online, and if you wrote to us in the last week and didn't receive a response (and expected one), please contact us again. We apologize for any lost mail. 6-Jun-08

Our email server is donw again because if a power problem at, our email host. We are in the process of moving our email and web to our San Francisco datacenter, but it's not going as fast as originally planned. Our email server is back online, and we'll be getting to all your mail within the next 24 hours. If you've emailed SomaFM and haven't gotten a response, please email again. It is likely that mail sent Saturday through Monday bounced and we won't get it.

SomaFM's email is still down due to an extended outage caused by an overloaded electrical circuit at our internet provider (The Planet) that hosts our mail server. For the last 48 hours The Planet has been promising to have it online within 4 hours, and it is still down. (While we can send outgoing messages, we have no access to incoming mail. Please be patient if you are awaiting an email response from us.) 4-Jun-08

Our web site was down this weekend due to a significant outage at our web hosting provider. We are back up as of 3:20am pacific time, Monday morning, 2-Jun-08, however our email server is still out, and we are not sure when it will be available. More details...

Our friends at Spacial Audio are conducting a survey about internet radio listening, it's a pretty quick survey. Thanks!

We did some updates to some of the streaming servers last night (around 2:30 am pacific), and all seemed well, but shortly after I went home and went to sleep, Groove Salad and Space Station's feeds broke and didn't get fixed until late this morning. All is well now -- Rusty, 11am pacific, 7-May-08

Rusty will be in Las Vegas today speaking at the RAIN Internet Radio Summit at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel, right next to the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you're in Vegas for NAB, come on by. 14-Apr-08

It was nice to see so many of you tonight at Yuri's Night, the World Space Party. 13-Apr-08

We've been broadcasting from NASA"s Moffett Field all day, and will continue until 2AM tonight, as part of Yuri's Night, the World Space Party. There are some excellent acts we'll be bringing you, as well as audio from the outdoor stages and surrounding areas. Check it out! 12-Apr-08

Starting at 2pm pacific time today, SomaFM will be broadcasting live from Yuri's Night: the World Space Party in the San Francisco Bay Area at NASA Ames Moffett Field. You can join us, along with 8000 others, including astronauts, scientists, artists, engineers, musicians and DJs. Live broadcast starts at 2pm pacific. 7-Apr-08

Oops. Forgot to pull some huge April Fools prank today. Maybe that's for the best. 1-Apr-08

Happy St. Patrick's Day (assuming you didn't already celebrate it early last weekend!) 17-Mar-08

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Bay Area Takeover Party today. We'll get pictures and sounds up as soon as we can, internet problems not withstanding. Plus we'll be blogging and podcasting from SXSW for the rest of the week.

Right Now: Broadcasting Live from Justin.TV at the Bay Area Takeover! in Austin!

In Austin for SXSW? Today is the Bay Area Takeover Party, Thursday, March 13th, 2008, from 12-6pm, at the Beauty Bar, 617 E 7th St (near Red River), showcasing artists from the Bay Area's best independent record labels. There are two stages, featuring these great bands: Two Gallants, Film School, Scissors for Lefty, Von Iva, Loquat, 60 Watt Kid, Scrabbel, The Blacks, Birds and Batteries, Music For Animals, Social Studies, D.W. Holiday, The Union Trade, Form and Fate, and Aim Low Kid.

We are blogging and podcasting from SXSW in Austin, TX this week. 8-Mar-08

Live performances from SomaFM's Noisepop Happy Hour are now online. 4-Mar-08

Happy 9th Anniversary, SomaFM! 2-Mar-08

SomaFM Presents Noise Pop Happy Hour, this Saturday, March 1st, 5-8pm at Thee Parkside in San Francisco. FREE! Come by! UPDATE: Thanks everyone for coming out tonight, it was a great show! Nice to meet everyone!

Groove Salad was having problems this morning due to an unauthorized "relay server" that someone had set up, which was publishing itself as the server with the most capacity and redirecting listeners to it from our other less full server, and listeners were getting lots of skipping and dropouts. We've restricted that from our servers now, so things should be back to normal. 27-Feb-08

Our friend and studio mate Josh Ellingson will be at Wondercon this weekend in San Francisco, so we gave him a bunch of SomaFM stickers to distribute. He'll be in the Artist Alley section of Wondercon. The show opens to the public on Friday, Feb. 22, and runs through Sunday, Feb. 24 at Moscone Center South.

Thinking about traveling to Dubai? Be very careful!

Happy Valentine's Day! SomaFM Loves You!!!! 14-Feb-08

Happy Year Of The Rat! Not only is it the Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year) but today is also SomaFM's Elise Nordling's birthday as well. Happy birthday Elise! 7-Feb-08

Thanks to everyone who came through in the last couple days of January and supported SomaFM!

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better. Martin Luther King, Jr.

SomaFM is having a party Friday night in San Francisco, Jan 11th, from 8pm-Midnight. Drop by if you can!

San Francisco is experiencing a really big (for us) rain and windstorm. Power is intermittent in some locations, but our servers should be able to keep running on backup power. There may be delays in answering your email or other communications today. 4-Jan-08

Hapy New Year!!!!!

Thank you, everyone, for all your support in 2007!!! We love you! Rusty, Elise, Merin, Shawn, Roy, Tag 31-Dec-07

Merry Christmas from all of us at SomaFM! - Christmas Eve, 2007

From now on the days get longer and the nights get shorter. As Big Url says on Xmas in Frisko, "We'd like to wish all our pagan friends a Happy Solstice!" - 21-Dec-07

SomaFM is up for a PLUG Award again this year (Online Radio Station of the Year), and while we didn't win last year, we're hoping to this year. If you like us, please go vote for SomaFM for Online Station of the Year. Thanks!

We have a new Windows Media server in place with tons of capacity, so no more buffering or connection refused messages. 5-Dec-07

Windows Media streams are back up and running. If you're still having problems, please contact us with the details of which stream and which speed connection you're using, and we'll try to get it all sorted out. 25-Nov-07

The holiday season has officially begun! Our annual holiday channels (Xmas in Frisko and Christmas Lounge) have returned.

San Francisco's Ambient Mafia is throwing a rare underground ambient party, Saturday night, "Two rooms of downtempo, ambient, trip hop, glitch, atmospheric d+b, midtempo, dub, and bossa nova in a virgin UG San Francisco location!" Saturday, November 10th, 2007 9pm - 6am // 18+ (21+ to drink) $10 at the door. (UPDATE: if you weren't there, you missed an exceptionally great party!)

Happy Halloween! 31-Oct-07

5.6 Earthquake in San Francisco 8:04pm Pacific, 30-Oct-07. We're OK, for the latest news on the quake listen to KGO 810, our local news station. USGS info on the quake.

Well, the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in Reykjavik has largely come to a close; a few small things happening to day and one or two "secret shows" at NASA tonight. We'll be updating festival coverage blog throughout the day today. 21-Oct-07

SomaFM is on the road! Rusty and Merin will be at the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in Reykjavik this week (17-21 Oct 2007), handing out stickers and even some Tshirts! And Elise will be at CMJ in New York City 18-20 Oct 2007. Maybe we'll see you there? Updates in a special section on the blog. 16-Oct-07

I'm getting reports of some people having problems connecting after some changes we've made to the site. If you can't connect and could before, please please contact me with the details of your problem, include the type of computer, browser and media player you're using and we'll get it straightened out. 15-Oct-07

Rusty will be on CNET LIVE today at 1pm Pacific talking about the copyright royalty problems faced by internet radio. 11-Oct-07

RIAA wins a verdict of $222,000.00 for Minnesota woman sharing 24 songs. Does this seem right to you? 4-Oct-07

We'll miss you, Miss Moneypenny. 30-Sep-07

There is still no solution on the net radio royalties front. We still need you to call your congressperson and ask them to co-sponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act. If this bill doesn't pass, SomaFM will be forced off the air by royalties in excess of $1 million a year!

In San Francisco this weekend? Be sure to check out the Treasure Island Music Festival, featuring Thievery Corporation, Gotan Project, DJ Shadow and more. 13-Sep-07

SoundExchange extends offer to Small Webcasters, but it's a useless offer. This week, we step back up the fight for passage of the Internet Radio Equality Act.

RIP Tony Wilson: thanks for all the music you introduced us to. 15-Aug-07

Server capacity issues this morning have been solved. You should be able to connect easily now. Noon PST, 20-Aug-07

We had an extremely successful visit to Washington, DC. Read about it in Rusty's blog. 1-Aug-2007

Rusty and Elise are in Washington DC today and tomorrow, meeting with members of congress and their staff, and we're hearing a lot of positive support for internet radio from them, but we still need more support for HR.2060 and S.1353, so please this week, call your representatives. So we still need you to call your representatives. If they're not supporting the IREA, we need them to support it. If they are supporting it, thank them and tell them it is still important that the IREA is voted on. If you've already called them, call them again. There is no settlement with the RIAA/SoundExchange yet, there is only a stalemate. Make it clear you want congress to act on this. 30-Jul-07

While we thought we had progress last week on the royalty issues, it now is obvious the RIAA was using this "truce" to derail the passage of the Internet Radio Equality Act. By announcing that SoundExchange was very close to a deal with webcasters, the RIAA was successful at derailing the campaign by making the public believe that internet radio was not going to die on July 15th. Instead of a mass execution, they hope to quietly kill off net stations one by one, and hope that no one will notice. So we still need you to call your representatives. If they're not supporting the IREA, we need them to support it. If they are supporting it, thank them and tell them it is still important that the IREA is voted on. If you've already called them, call them again. Don't let them think the battle is over.

We are having an outage on most streams right now. A power outage affected our data center at 1:50pm pacific time, and power has now been restored, but some of our streaming servers did not come back up. Cliqhop, Drone Zone, Beat Blender, Doomed are currently down and may not be back up before 3:30pm. Some web page access might also be slow. UPDATE: all systems back in place now. Read the the gory details. 4:15pm pacific, 24-Jul-07

Tuner2 has a great resource on how to listen to net radio like SomaFM in your car, including lists of compatible phones and ways to interface to your car stereo. 18-Jul-07

Congressman Ed Markey jumps to webcasters defense! 17-Jul-07

Thanks to all your calls, a congressional roundtable (mini-hearing) occurred Thursday and one of the outcomes of that, SoundExchange stated that "For the people who want to comply with the law and are in bona fide negotiations with us, we don't want those people to be intimidated. And we don't want them to stop streaming." Simson qualified his statement by noting, "That's just so long as they're continuing to pay under the license they had." So effectively, we have some reprieve until the negotiations are concluded. 13-Jul-07

Every now and then, we recommend another radio station that we've found and really like. Planet Pootwaddle is a station that's really original and really fun. It's kind of like a blend of Ill Street Lounge, American Graffiti, Secret Agent and some old-school FM from the late 60s and early 70s. Very creative, very fun. Check it out.

SomaFM calls on Congress to insist that the RIAA comes to a settlement on royalty rates with webcasters before July 15th payment deadline.

I need you to call SomaFM's congressional representative, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at (202) 225-4965 and ask her to use her office's influence to demand that the RIAA come to a settlement with small webcasters. Identify yourself as a listener to SomaFM which is based in her district. It doesn't look like the IREA will get passed before the July 15th deadline with the RIAA's aggressive and false-pretense lobbying against it. Our only hope now is for a settlement, which ideally will be codified into law later. More...

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US! Take a moment to appreciate your freedoms and indepence, and remember not to take it from granted. We still have lots of work to do, giant Corporations (and their representatives, such as the RIAA) are now the biggest threat to our personal freedoms. 4-Jul-07.

Thanks to the almost 300 people who showed up for the Save Net Radio benefit last night; we raised over $2000. Now don't forget to call your congressperson and ask them to co-sponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act.

SomaFM's Elise Nordling will be speaking at the BAVC Innovation Salon II: Rescuing The Music Industry on June 28th at 7pm at the San Francisco Apple Store.

Third Ear and Synapse 2007 presents: Steve Roach Live at Grace Cathedral: Mystic Chords and Deep Immersions in San Francisco on Friday, June 29th at 8pm (Doors at 7pm). We play a lot of Steve's music on Drone Zone and Space Station Soma. Perhaps we'll see you there?

Tags Trance Trip is back up. And we remind you that if you ever need a Comcast cable modem installed really, really fast... you should just forget about it and be prepared to wait 10 days.

SomaFM needs your help to save internet radio: we're faced with new royalties for the music we pay, which retroactively increased our royalties from about $20,000 for 2006 to over $600,000 for 2006. And they get worse over the next years, when we'll be forced to pay over $1 million a year to stay on the air. US Residents: please help us out by calling your Senators and Representatives and asking them to support the Internet Radio Equality Act, which makes the rates that internet radio pays the same as the satellite radio services pay. (Learn more...)

The latest news on the new royalty legislation and the battle between small webcasters and the RIAA is in Rusty's blog.

We'd really appreciate it if you would take our short survey to tell us a bit about yourself. (Your personal information will be kept private and not linked to the data we collect.)

Groove Salad was off the air due to technical issues from Noon until 3pm pacific today, sorry about that. 23-May-07

NEWSFLASH: Internet Radio Equality Act introduced in the Senate. Call or write your Senators and Represenative now to support the Internet Radio Equality Act! (Learn more about new royalty rates that will put SomaFM out of business if not changed.) 10-May-07

As of 1am pacific time (0800GMT) we are doing some work on our servers. We will be back by 0940GMT. 21-May-07

We are still in great danger of being forced off the air due to the recent royalty ruling. Please keep the calls and letters coming to your congressman. We still need more of them to sign up as co-sponsors of HS.2060. If you live in the US, call or write your congressman, and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 2060, the "Internet Radio Equality Act". We already have over 42 co-sponsors so far, but we need over 100.

SomaFM at Mission Open Studios this Friday: Please join Soma FM (and our artist studiomates) for an open studios reception! This Friday May 11th, 7pm - 11pm (or a bit later), 1890 Bryant Street, Suite 303, San Francisco, CA 94110, between 17th and 18th in the northeast Mission. (Map)

The proposed "May 8th day of silence" for internet radio has been postponed due to the recent copyright office ruling that the new royalty rates would not be due until July 15th.

This morning's meeting with Nancy Pelosi's office went great. Thanks for all your calls into her office this morning, they really understand how important this issue is! 4-May-07

URGENT ACTION!!! A bill has been introduced that will save SomaFM and other independent net radio stations from the huge royalty payments that the copyright office recently imposed. Call your Representative right now and ask to cosponsor the "Internet Radio Equality Act", H.R. 2060, introduced by Representatives Jay Inslee (D-WA) and Donald Manzullo (R-IL). This bill will set royalty rates that internet radio pays to the same reasonable level that satellite radio pays.
US Citizens: Please call the House switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to speak to your representative, and ask them to support H.R. 2060, the "Internet Radio Equality Act" today! (find you representative)

Rusty and Elise are in Washington, DC today, lobbying for passage of H.R.2060, the Internet Radio Equality Act. Read more about what's happening in the blog. 1-May-07

Rusty and Elise will be in Washington, DC next week going door to door on Capitol Hill, telling our story to congress. We still need "ground support" from you- we need to you call or write your representatives and ask them to support legislation that sets fair royalty rates for internet radio stations. New rulings force internet radio to pay much, much higher royalties than satellite or over-the-air radio. Independent net radio will have to pay royalties that are several times their gross revenues. All we're asking for is fair royalty rates, or else independent internet radio will be forced to shut down.

We could use your extra financial support right now to help fight the current royalty rulings. We even have automatic monthly payment plans that start from $1 a month. If you listen to SomaFM regularly, we'd really appreciate it if you supported us at the $2.99 a month level.

If you're in San Francisco, next Sunday, May 6th is the 8th annual How Weird Street Faire. Maybe we'll see you there? 25-Apr-07

The Copyright Royalty Board, a three judge panel responsible for the March 2nd ruling that set webcast royalties at their new increased rate, has denied all parties' motion for rehearing of the ruling on procedural grounds. This is a big setback, and means that it's even more important to contact your congressional representatives and alert them to this issue. 16-Apr-07

Happy Earth Day, and to all our special friends, happy 4/20! 20-Apr-07

Independent internet radio stations are in danger of being put out of business by newly announced royalty rates that are retroactive to 2006. SomaFM will have to pay $600,000 in royalties for 2006 and $1 million for 2007 under these new rates. (In the past, we've paid 12% of our revenues, but these new rates are three times our total revenues for 2006! Here's how you can help keep independent internet radio alive. 30-Mar-07

Windows Media Player users: our new 64k streams will install the Abacast streaming plug-in, but the 32k streams do not require a plug in and work like they always have. So if you are having probems with the new 64k streams, use the 32k streams.

PodTech's Eddie Codel interviews SomaFM's Rusty Hodge, about the history of SomaFM, royalty rate increases, and the future of internet radio. 30-Mar-07

If you are experiencing problems with our Windows Media streams (which are now through Abacast), please contact us with the details of your problems, we're trying to fix any problems that you might be encountering. 32k Windows Media streams should work exactly as before. 30-Mar-07

Today in the Washington Post: SoundExchange Executive Director John Simson says small operators who play music and don't try to sell ads "will have a hard time paying the rates" and that he thinks there are too many internet radio stations now, so it's OK if a bunch of them go off the air. The heyday of advertising-free Internet radio might be coming to an end. SoundExchange is the royalty agency that was formed by the RIAA after they successfully got legislation passed in the US requiring high royalty fees for internet radio stations. Simson and SoundExchange are heavily driven by the major record labels. They don't want the competition from independent webcasters playing great music from independent and unsigned artists, because it's a threat to the major labels' business models.

Please contact your Senators and your Representative right away. If you've already done so, please contact them again to ask them what they have done to save independent internet radio broadcasters. If you can call them, that's even better. But it's easy to write to them. I've written up a sample message which you can just copy and paste, or use it as a guideline and add your own thoughts.

The Copyright Royalty Board has announced new copyright licensing fees for internet radio stations. The new fees are a staggering increase over our previous annual royalty rate of about $22,000 to over $600,000 for 2006. And the fees are even higher in 2007, based on our current listenership, they'll be over $1 million dollars for 2007! (Which is 3-4 times what we hope to raise in 2007). If you think this is unfair to internet radio, and you are an American citizen, you can send a letter to your congressman showing your support for internet radio. We already have the attention of Congress, so now you have to let them know you support internet radio and that royalty rates shouldn't be structured in a way that will put small webcasters out of business.

If you're at SXSW in Austin, keep your eye out for SomaFM. We have lots of stickers and some Tshirts if you ask us nicely! 16-Mar-07

Demands for higher royalty payments by a US copyright body could shut down net radio stations, they warn (BBC) 8-Mar-2007

Fee ruling may imperil Internet radio: ``Some small stations say a panel's decision to hike music royalties may put them out of business.`` (Los Angeles Times) 7-Mar-2007

Many people have been asking how the new royalty rates will affect SomaFM. At this point, the final ruling hasn't been publicly released, so we don't know the full details. And there is going to be an appeal as well. In the mean time, sign the online petition and learn how else you can help. 5-Mar-07

We now have red t-shirts as well as black ones available to our subscibers at the $50 level.

Thanks to everyone who supported us in February (we feared we wouldn't raise enough money and have to put a bunch of exppenses on Rusty's personal credit card, but you all came through in the last few days). 28-Feb-07

One of our streaming providers will be upgrading their servers Feb 8, 2007 from about 12:00 EST until about 16:00 EST. Channels will be down for 15-20 minutes while this upgrade is completed. Not all channels will be down at the same time. If you can't connect, either try another channel or bitrate. Windows Media streams will not be affected.

Happy Birthday to SomaFM's Elise Nordling, music director and host of Indie Pop Rocks! We love you Elise, SomaFM would't be what it is without you. 7-Feb-07

Spread the word about SomaFM by linking to us. We've got banners, badges, even simple text links.

Space Station Soma's 128k stream is sometimes taking a long time to initially connect during peak hours, but it will eventually connect (it often takes 10-20 seconds to initially connect). Once you're connected, it streams fine. 19-Jan-07

Americans: Sen. Dianne Feinstein has re-introduced the PERFORM Act, a backdoor assault on your right to record off the radio. Internet webcasters (as well as Satellite and digital radio stations) would have to adopt digital rights management (DRM) restrictions or lose the statutory license for broadcasting music. Letters from constituents like you helped beat this dangerous proposal last year -- take action now to block it again. Tell your representatives to oppose the PERFORM Act now. It only takes a couple seconds if you have an Autofill toolbar (like the Google toolbar).

American lawmakers have introduced a bill to outlaw recording of internet and satellite radio streams, and in its present form would require us to start broadcasting in a DRM-protected format, which would mean no more streaming MP3 or aacPlus streams. As soon as we learn more, we'll let you know. There is some additional discussion of this on Shashdot. UPDATE: it appears that this bill is only targetting stream ripping tools that automatically split up tracks from internet broadcasters, and recording of entire programs (e.g. Groove Salad from 10pm -11pm) would still be allowed. The DRM may be as simple as modifying our "metadata" formats. 17-Jan-06

Some of our 128k streams are filling up during peak hours (11am-1pm pacific time, or 1500-1700 GMT. If you can't connect immediatly, try again in 1 minute or try the 56k, aacPlus or Windows Media streams instead. 4-Jan-07

Happy New Year!

As we head into the new year, and our 8th year of broadcasting commercial-free music that can't be found on the mainstream radio dial, we'd like wish you all a wonderful 2007 and look forward to playing you new, wonderful music that you won't hear anywhere else. 26-Dec-06

Happy Holiday season from SomaFM. Be sure to check out our Xmas in Frisko channel if you want some unusual holiday music from SomaFM! And our Christmas Lounge (new for 2006!) if you want fun holiday fare with a loungey, groovin' twist.

More capacity added to Xmas in Frisko. Thanks to Neptune Multimedia for providing high-bandwidth hosting.

Thank you to everyone who supported us during our end of year fund drive, we raised $25,000 towards paying off our outstanding expenses for 2006! Thanks for supporting listener-supported, commercial-free, independent internet radio on SomaFM! -- Rusty Hodge 14-Dec-06

Secret Agent was "running silent" late last night and this morning. It's back broadcasting properly again. 10:30am PST 14-Dec-06

We had to reconfigure servers for the Xmas in Frisko stream this morning, which had been overloaded and not letting people connect. The new server is in place, so you shouldn't have any issues connecting now. 7am Pacific, 13-Dec-06

We now have red t-shirts as well as black ones available. We also have FREE stickers if you send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

A big thanks to Neptune Multimedia Stream Hosting for donating hosting for our Xmas channel and Ill Street Lounge that would otherwise cost us $2000 a month.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for listening to SomaFM and all the support you've given us this year - SomaFM Loves You! 23-Nov-06

SomaFM is taking part in San Francisco's Open Studios, this weekend (Sat & Sun, 11-6pm) and running all weekend. Come down and visit us! More details... Thanks to everyone who came by!

Our streaming "transmitter" move went well tonight, everything is back on the air (including Indie Pop rocks, which was the last to come back up). Thanks for bearing with us and please let us know if you notice anything strange or not working properly. 10:00pm Pacific, 10-Oct-06

SomaFM will be off the air for a few hours tonight, Tues, Oct 10th returning to the air no later than 6am pacific time, Wednesday, Oct 11. We are moving our stream-casting equipment to a more cost effective and versatile location.

We reconfigured several of our streaming servers Sunday night to add more capacity and balance the load on them. If you've bookmarked any of our streams, make sure you update them from the links on our site (otherwise you might end up connecting to the wrong station). 8-Oct-06

Windows media streams now working fine again (this morning's outage was resolved). Friday, 6-Oct-06

Spread the word about SomaFM by linking to us. We've got banners, badges, even simple text links.

We had to re-configure some of our relay servers today, so if you're having problems connecting or hearing the same 6 seconds over and over, you're connecting to the wrong servers. Make sure you use the links below, or if you're using iTunes, you may need to quit and restart iTunes to get it to "clear the cache" and connect to the proper servers.

SomaFM will be at was at the Sugar Valley festial in San Francisco, an "extension" to the Castro Street Faire today, on October 1, 2006 from 11 am to 6 pm. Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi! 1-Oct-06

AT&T and SBC are blocking email from SomaFM for some reason. If you mail us and we don't respond, and if you have an ATT, Worldnet or SBC email address, this may be why.

Attention iTunes users: these is a bug in iTunes 7 that causes audio to skip and glitch when playing back through an Airport Express. UPDATE: iTunes 7.01 fixes this problem. 1-Oct-06

Secret Agent and Ill Street Lounge fans: Direct from France, JEAN JACQUES PERREY LIVE IN CONCERT in San Francisco. This is a truly rare/special event in an intimate setting. Tue, August 29, 2006 8pm sharp; doors ope $15n 7pm! Recombinant Media Labs, 763 Brannan/bet. 6th-7th Sts, San Francisco.

Windows Media streams working properly again. Sorry about the downtime; we're working on upgrading our Windows Media streams to be more reliable.

iTunes users: we are hearing reports that sometimes the links from the iTunes Radio menu aren't working, but we think we've fixed the problems. Let us know if you're still having problems.

Support SomaFM: With your voluntary $50 subscription to SomaFM, you'll get a SomaFM tshirt! (Make sure you use the special tshirt donation link.)

AS you know the US is experiencing a heatwave. Not just in California where SomaFM is based, but also on the East coast where many of our streaming servers live. Scattered power outages are affecting some of our servers today. Please bear with us. You might need to try connecting a few times before you get through. (Or wait a couple minutes and try again.) 24-Jul-06

Dashboard users: New faster and more efficient version of Dan Steingart's SomaFM widget that tells you what songs have been played recently on any of our streams. If you don't have it, get it now, and if you have the old version make sure you upgrade!

Check out Groove Salad's Taste of the Week Podcast, a weekly guide to new and interesting music on Groove Salad from SomaFM and alt.NPR.

Thanks to everyone who supported us in our fund drive this week! We met our budget goal for July. Now I just have to get busy packing and sending out all those Tshirts and CDs! Thanks Again! -- rusty 14-Jul-06

SomaFM + The Local 303 art opening this Wednesday, July 12th from 7-10pm at the Arc Cafe, 1890 Bryant in San Francisco. Music provided (of course) by SomaFM.

Our studio mates at the Local 303 are having an opening this Wednesday, July 12th from 7-10pm at the Arc Cafe, 1890 Bryant in San Francisco. (the cafe is on the York and Mariposa corner of the building). SomaFM's Merin McDonell will be showing some work, along with Joshua Ellingson who created the logo for Cliqhop. Music provided (of course) by SomaFM.

Our friend Steve Marusic had a great suggestion for "spacing out" this week: listen to Groove Salad or Space Station Soma, and listen to NASA's audio/video feed of the space shuttle launch. The launch went off great today at Tuesday, July 4, at 2:38 p.m. EDT (11:38 a.m. Pacific), and Discovery is now in orbit around the earth.

A shout out to everyone at SF Pride 2006 - 25-Jun-06

Legendary composer and dj Mixmaster Morris (Ninja Tune, Irrestible Force) will be performing at the Ambi-Sonic 3 year anniversary party this Friday (23-June) in San Francisco, at the Lucid Bar, 580 Sutter (between Powell and Mason). 21 & Over. Hope to see you there.

IEEE has a great article on why the DMCA is bad for you. Sure we've been saying that for a long time, but this article talks about all the technical innovation that's been squelched by the DMCA. It's definitely looking like the only solution is a complete overhaul or overturning the DMCA. 5-Jun-06

Check out the Groove Salad "Taste of the Week" podcast - a weekly appetizer of new, rare and favorite music. Subscribe at alt.npr or via iTunes.

We have a new Orban aacPlus plugin available for Windows Media Player, it's a quick install and then you can listen to our excellent sounding aacPlus feeds right in your Windows Media player!

The first ever Boards of Canada video, Dayvan Cowboy, has been released by Warp Records. Check it out.

INTERNET RADIO UNDER ATTACK AGAIN: We have just learned that in the US, a bill to ban MP3 streaming has been introduced in the Senate. It would also band all other open-standard streaming formats (like aacPlus and 3GPP we also use here at SomaFM), and force us to use a system with DRM - which means Windows Media or Real Audio. PLEASE write to your senators and representatives and ask them to oppose the "PERFORM Act". Please do this right now.

Remember to tell your friends about your favorite SomaFM channel. It's more fun when all your friends are also listening!

Happy Earth Day! -- April 22, 2006

If you live in Silicon Valley, California, for the next couple weeks, our friends at 91.5 KKUP will be broadcasting Groove Salad while they rebuild their studios. Tune in if you can. It starts at 6pm Friday, April 7th. KKUP is listener supported community radio and one of the last truly independent community radio stations, and we really admire them.

SomaFM gets a nice write up in the Boston Herald today... cheers to all of you in Boston! 31-Mar-06

Come join SomaFM's Indie Pop Rocks as we host our first ever Noisepop Festival Happy Hour. We'll be at Thee Parkside on Saturday April 1st from 5:00 - 8:00pm, with the Pale Pacific and the Invisible Cities. It's going to be a great show! ...and did we mention it's free? Thee Parkside is located at 1600 17th street, at Wisconsin Street, in San Francisco's Potrero Hill neighborhood. [map] We hope to see you there!

If you live in South America, Africa, and Asia make sure you try and see the Eclipse today! If you don't, there is an eclipse webcast from NASA you can check out! 29-Mar-06

We've added a few new channel, right now they're only MP3 format, but we'll have them in aacPlus, 3GPP and WindowsMedia soon. 23-Mar-06

Check out Groove Salad's Taste of the Week Podcast, a short guide to new and interesting music on Groove Salad from SomaFM and alt.NPR.

Sunday's upgrades and expanaion here at the studio and in our datacenter are now completed, thanks for the patience! 19-Mar-06

We're doing some upgrades and expanaion here at the studio and in our datacenter, so there may be some short periods when we'll be off the air Sunday evening (pacific time). 19-Mar-06

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 17-Mar-06

Are you at SXSW in Austin this week? Keep your eyes peeled for SomaFM's Elise Nordling (music director for Indie Pop Rocks) who will be on a couple panels as well as hanging out all week. She's got some SomaFM Indie Pop Rocks buttons to hand out too! 15-Mar-06

If you live in San Diego, California, you can now get Groove Salad on KPBS HD digital radio. We'll also be on the air in Juneau, Alaska soon on KTOO-FM's HD2 channel. The only catch is that HD radios aren't real easy to find yet. (Learm more about HD radio)

For many people, like all of us, music is an extremely important part of our life. It helps us do things. It helps us relax. It keeps us focused. It energizes us. It keeps us hanging in there when other things seem to be conspiring against us. Music makes our good times better, and our bad times not as bad. Mostly, music taps into a part of our psyche that wouldn't be tapped any other way.

This is why we run SomaFM, because we know how important music is to your life. Thanks for listening, thanks for supporting us, but most of all thank you for being a part of this. --rusty

If you live in San Diego, California, you can now get Groove Salad on KPBS HD digital radio. The only catch is that HD radios aren't real easy to find yet. (Learm more about HD radio)

Get SomaFM's aacPlus streams on your Pocket PC device. You'll get excellent audio quality and reliable streaming on most major wireless networks!

SomaFM is podcasting with alt.NPR, which includes "Groove Salad's Taste of the Week" (copy that link into your favorite podcast program), a 5 minute weekly appetizer of new, rare and favorite tracks heard on Groove Salad. Or use this direct iTunes link to automatically get it each week.

SomaFM plays music we love; music you may have never heard before. We hope you enjoy what you find here, and share our love of music.

Thanks to everyone who supported SomaFM in 2005! And here's to a great 2006! Happy New Year!

There has been a explosion of new internet radio stations, all vying for your attention, solely to profit by pounding you with commercials, popups, animated web pages, all that annoying stuff. We hate commercials and strive to give you an alternative to all that... we're not trying to make a quick buck. We're trying to make the kind of radio that we ourselves long to listen to.

Tonight in San Francisco: Come join SomaFM Indie Pop Rock's Elise and her pal Rosemary for their first night DJing at their new digs! This Wednesday night, January 4th, 9pm til close at the Argus Lounge (you know, the one with no name out front, just the peacock feather sign) located at 3187 Mission (where Valencia dead-ends).

Happy Solstice, a magical time of the year. And as an added benefit, the days start getting longer from here on out! 10:35 am PST 21-Dec-05

Musician David Byrne gets stung by the DMCA. It's getting to be the time that we can get a critical mass together to amend these ridiculous rules controlling internet radio (and which don't apply to traditional radio).

Are we missing some wacky tune on Xmas in Frisko? If you have something we don't, please email it to Rusty (you can guess the email address at, right?) as we'd love to get it in the mix.

Xmas in Frisko's 128k feed is a little too popular, we're at full capacity right now. The 56kb feed still has capacity as does the Windows Media feed, so if you can't connect to the 128k feed, try one of those instead. 12-Dec-05

After a lot of wrestling, we have the studio server for Indie Pop Rocks back online again, so we're back on the air. Thanks for your patience.

The indie pop rocks studio server has crashed; this is the machine we use to play back all the music live over the web to you. We are in the process of restoring this machine now but it will take a bit longer to get everything reinstalled. Yes we are lame and don't have the best backups. Yes we are poor and can't afford spare equipment to use as a "hot standby" system. So please be patient; we should have things working by Tuesday evening at the latest. 12-Dec-05

SomaFM is on the official ballot for PLUG Independent Music awards. Vote for us and help spread the word about SomaFM!

Check out Groove Salad's Taste of the Week Podcast, a short guide to new and interesting music on Groove Salad. 7-Dec-05

Groove Salad will be off the air for aprox 10 minutes at 7:30pm pacific (now) for a technical fix.

Singapore hangs Australian drug smuggler Nguyen Tuong Van. Is this really necessary? Singapore has executed more than 100 people for drug-related offenses since 1999, saying its tough laws and penalties are an effective deterrent against a crime that ruins lives. This barbaric response to drugs is not the solution. -Rusty 1-Dec-05

SomaFM is on the official ballot for PLUG Independent Music awards. Vote for us and help spread the word about SomaFM! 22-Nov-05

SomaFM is proud to be participating in alt.NPR, a series of podcast-only content distributed by National Public Radio, which includes "Groove Salad's Taste of the Week", a 5 minute weekly appetizer of new, rare and favorite tracks heard on Groove Salad. There is a direct iTunes link as well. 7-Nov-05

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at SomaFM. We have lots of things to be thankful this year, including all your past support. Here's a toast to you! 24-Nov-05

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Donate $50 and get a nice SomaFM tshirt! (Make sure you use the special tshirt donation link.)

Slim Devices came out with their new Squeezebox 3 which in our opinion is quite stylish *and* plays SomaFM broadcasts over their Squeeze Network. Now if they would just come out with a model that will work in the car!

The RIAA is trying to kill off internet radio again, proposing new rates that would cause SomaFM to have to pay $74,000.00 a month - almost a million dollars a year! - to broadcast. And this money won't go to the artists we play here on SomaFM, it will go to the statistically most popular artists. Evil, evil, evil. We'll post more as soon as we know more. 2-Nov-05

Our very dark, scary, goth-industrial Soma Haunt stream is up for Halloween. 26-Oct-05

Rest in peace, Rosa Parks. Your courage and conviction sparked a revolution and made the world a better place. 25-Oct-05

October 13th 2005 is the date of the the first John Peel Day. While we don't usually like to promote other radio stations :-) we without hesitation send love and respect to the late John Peel, an amazing man who did so much for music in our lifetimes. 13-Oct-05

It's Fleet Week here in San Francisco, so we have to say hi to all our Sailor friends who are in town! 6-Oct-05

Senator Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, wants to outlaw P2P networks, saying the US Government must enact stronger enforcement measures. "If we don't stop it," she said, "it's going to destroy these intellectual property industries." If you live in California, contact Senator Feinstein and let her know how you feel about this! SomaFM supports artist rights, but Feinstein is only interested in protecting the copyright monopolies of the large entertainment companies and not about protecting the fair use rights of citizens! 30-Sep-05

Score one for the people! The RIAA sues another person over P2P sharing, only Candy Chan, mom of the accused doesn't give in and settles, but fights it in court, and wins!. Way to go Candy! Respect from SomaFM for standing up for your rights! 28-Sep-05

The RIAA is up to it again. Now they want to stop you from recording digital radio, including internet radio and satellite and the new digital FM broadcasts as well. That's right. The RIAA is trying to to sneak a provision into a bill about digital television transition that would allow the FCC to impose home copy protection provisions on digital radio, something the FCC doesn't have the authority to do, and has never proposed doing. Americans: write to your representatives online and ask them too oppose this bill or else remove the provisions applying to digital radio.

It's big, Italian, and pink. You gotta love the giant bunny: a 200-foot-long toy rabbit lies on the side of the 5,000 foot high Colletto Fava mountain in northern Italy's Piedmont region. 25-Sep-05

Happy Love Parade San Francisco! 24-Sep-05

Want SomaFM in your car? Well very soon, Groove Salad comes to National Public Radio. The catch is you'll need a radio in your car that supports HD Radio, the digital FM radio format that is being rolled out across the US. HD Radio allows stations to broadcast "secondary" channels with completely different content. In the case of many NPR stations, they'll be broadcasting full time music channels on this secondary channel, and we're really excited to be a part of this. 24-Sep-05

Indie Pop Rocks music director/dj Elise will be spinning a night of indie rock in San Francisco, Wednesday, September 21th 9pm to close at The Casanova Bar - 527 Valencia Street, San Francisco just a couple blocks from the 16th street BART station. As always, "cheap pool, good beer, no cover". She'll also be handing out some SomaFM stickers - so make sure you ask! 21-Sep-05

Some of our 128k relay servers were down in the last hour due to a hardware failure, they're back up now. Sorry for the unexpected interruption. 2:30pm pacific, 20-Sep-05

We now have both a Kornfabulator Widget (thanks Doug!) and a SomaFM OSX Widget (thanks Dan!), so you can get your widget fix and your Soma fix at the same time.

Thanks to Doug Papenthien, SomaFM now has a neat new Kornfabulator Widget that among other things, launches our streams directly and has an automatic adjustment of play times to your local time zone. Check it out. Thanks Doug!

We're back from Burning Man (we'll have some pictures up soon) and wanted to say hi to everyone who stopped by our camp and brought us trinkets and goodies. It was great meeting everyone, and it was amazing how many friends of SomaFM we met in "real life". Also, a big up to Elise who stayed back in San Francisco to watch over the station - when our (soon to be former) web hosting provider accidentally pulled the network plug on, she came to the rescue and got the site back on the air. 5-Sep-05

Our hearts go our to our friends in the South - especially New Orleans and the surrounding areas - hit so hard by Hurricane Katrina. 1-Sep-05

Yes, some of us will be at Burning Man, we'll be near 2 o'clock and Amnesia, look for the SomaFM sign and our cute little Drone Dome (which will has an ambient sound installation). We'll be broadcasting Groove Salad, Drone Zone and Secret Agent on the playa. Stop by and visit us, and we'll give you some SomaFM stickers.

A sad note: On Aug 21, 2005, one of the pioneers of and a name synonymous with electronic music, Bob Moog, passed away. Thanks Bob for all the incredible tools you brought us for making music. You were a real innovator.

We did a quick server update tonight which interrupted the streams around 9:45 pm pacific time, but all is back up now. Sunday night, 21-Aug-05

SomaFM gets San Francisco Bay Guardian's Best of the Bay Award for "Best Way to Avoid the Top 40"! Thanks so much!

Our aacPlus and 3GPP streams are back on the air. And if you happen to have a Sprint Samsung A800 phone, check out our 3GPP streams in aacPlus on your stereo headphones. I think you'll be blown away at how good your phone can sound. And you can even plug the phone into an adapter for your car stereo, and have SomaFM on the road with you!

Thanks to Dan, we now have a SomaFM OSX Widget that shows the now playing and has a fast link to listen to the stations. Thanks Dan!

If you're wondering why SomaFM is not podcasting, this article explains the legal issues we are trying to deal with.

This recent payola scandal made me realize the reason most big corporate radio stations suck so much is they're not picking their music based on how good it is, they're picking their music based on how much the big labels are paying them. That's just wrong, and I'm glad to see that the NY Attorney General going after them for doing this.

A couple of times record labels have sent us money along with CDs they were promoting - I was so offended that we tossed those CDs in the trash, took the money and bought some really good CDs from the local record store to play instead!

If you caught any of Live 8 last weekend, you hopefully saw the amazing performance by Pink Floyd, and if you didn't, AOL has video of Breathe live available, it's a great performance by some of the most influential musicians of all time.

Our hearts go out to all our friends in London who have been injured in the terrible attacks today. I don't know what else to say, it's a terrible thing and it's extremely sad to see the world in this kind of state. 7-Jul-05

Happy Independence Day America! "Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it." -- Learned Hand. 4-Jul-05

Having a party this weekend? Hook your computer to the stereo and let SomaFM be your personal DJ. Your friends will be impressed with your fine selection of music. A great party vibe starts with great music. (And don't forget to dim the lights!)

Grokster loses Supreme Court Case, producers of Internet file-sharing software could be held liable if their products are used primarily to download copyrighted movies and music from the Internet. 27-Jun-05

A shout out to everyone at SF Pride 2005! 26-Jun-05

Our studio move went very well, here's what we did: we took all the playout systems (the machines that playback the songs, process the audio, encode the streams) to a "colo" data center where they'll have super phat connections to the internet and our stream relays. They also are in a building that's designed to withstand a 7.5 earthquake with no damage (it's build on giant rollers), has great continuous power and generators for extended power outages, and is an overall much better to keep the equipment than in the old basement.

We run it all by remote control, so if out internet connection goes down at the basement HQ the playout systems will run on autopilot until our network connection returns. Normally, our network at the basement studio doesn't go out completely, it just gets flakey and somewhat unreliable - it will still work for remote controlling the playout systems. I'm sure this is probably much more than you really needed to know but I mostly wanted to let you know everything we're doing to continually make SomaFM better. --Rusty 26-Jun-05

We are having problems with the net connection to the studio, which is causing skipping and re-buffering. We will have to take most of the stations off the air for a while on Saturday (today) to reconfigure things to work around the problem. Sorry about this. Everything should be running well again by Monday at the latest.

A power outage at Equinix Chicago where some of the SomaFM servers live knocked Secret Agent off the air, as well as everything but the 128k MP3 feeds. Services are being restored now, and should be all back shortly. 10pm pacific, 25-Jun-05

Groove Salad, Indie Pop Rocks and Secret Agent are now on your 3GPP mobile phones! In the US, if you have Sprint's service with a Sanyo MM-7400, MM-5600 or Samsung MMA700 you can receive our 3GPP broadcasts now. In the rest of the world, any late model 3GPP compliant phone that supports aacPlus should work. And phones that run Windows Mobile will stream our Windows Media streams, and Treo users with Pocket Tunes can stream our 56k MP3 streams.

Happy Summer from all of us at SomaFM! 21-Jun-05

We updated some servers tonight, if your stream bookmarks aren't working, make sure you're using the links from here. 17-Jun-05

We've been doing a lot of upgrades at SomaFM, we're now streaming in more formats than ever. We are one of the first online stations to stream to 3GPP mobile phones. We were also one of the first stations streaming with aacPlus for high quality without using up all your bandwidth. But we can't be all about firsts- so now we're one of the last stations to finally start offering our streams in Windows Media Player formats (in addition to all the other formats). We want to make SomaFM as accessible as possible!

SomaFM's DJ Elise from Indie Pop Rocks will be spinning Wednesday, June 15th in San Francisco at The Casanova Bar, 527 Valencia Street (near 16th) from 9PM - close. "Good Beer, Cheap Pool, ask for Glimmercat".

A server outage has caused our our 24kb MP3 and 56kb MP3 streams, our aacPlus streams and our 3GPP phone streams to be offline from 12:45pm until 2pm pacific 3-Jun-05

SomaFM gets a nice mention in the Village Voice's Web Radio Picks! Check it out!

Listener stats are messed up right now, not all servers are reporting in... so only about 1/6th of our listeners are showing up in the stats. (I just post this so you won't think something is wrong!)

We've switched some of our servers around, so we should have some better capacity on most of our channels. Make sure you're using the links from our site, as your Winamp bookmarks may be out of date. 25-May-05

A fascinating graphical history of sampling. If you're always trying to guess the sample, you'll like this site. 9-May-05

Business 2.0 magazine thingks that no one needs online radio, and they go on to mention that "Online radio hasn't entered the mainstream consciousness, and it is shaping up as a technology trend whose time has come and gone without anyone even noticing it." Aren't we lucky we're not part of the mainstream?!! 30-Apr-05

After a month off for SXSW, Elise and Rosemary will be throwing down all your favorite new and classic indie tracks this Wednesday night, April 20th, at the Casanova in San Francisco (on Valencia near 16th). And gosh, how'd we'd love to see YOU. Come on by, have a beer, and say hi, okay?

Throughout April, Monday through Friday at 1pm Pacific time (20:00 GMT), Indie Pop Rocks will be featuring interviews we did at South by Southwest in March.

Rusty will be speaking at the Summit on Internet Radio in Las Vegas (during NAB) Tuesday afternoon, April 19th, 2:30-6pm, at the Bellagio Hotel. If you're going to be in Vegas for NAB stop by and say hi.

Drone Zone's 56k feed has plenty of capacity again. (New server online)

Our friends at Roku are selling their SoundBridge Network Audio player which will give you access to SomaFM without using your computer! Just plug it into the DSL line and go!

Teen sentenced to 3 months in jail for possession of pirated MP3s and movies. Meanwhile, my car gets broken into multiple times and the cops are to busy to even take a police report when I call.

Goodbye, and thanks for all the wonderful music Martin Denny... the father of the Tiki Lounge "Exotica" movement passed away in his sleep at home in Hawaii at 93. He was a great inspiration to us, and we feature a lot of his music on Secret Agent. 7-Mar-05

In case you haven't seen it, our friends at Roku are now selling their SoundBridge Network Audio player which will give you access to SomaFM without using your computer! This is probably the coolest "network tuner" we've seen.

Don't forget Tag's Trance Trip when you want to dance or need some high energy music! (Soon we'll redesign the front page so Tag's isn't way at the bottom.)

Pam Bricker Dies at age 50, best known for her vocal work for Thievery Corporation. We'll miss her voice. (Too many great people have died lately, it's kind of depressing. I report it here because I don't want them to be forgotten.) 27-Feb-05

Jef Raskin, father of the Apple Macintosh, has died. Jef was a brilliant user interface designer and inspired so much of contemporary computer operating system design. Thank's for everything Jef, we'll miss you.

Groove Salad aacPlus stream back. Groove Salad had about 15 minutes of downtime this evening but is back on the air now. Indie Pop Rocks 24k stream is also back on the air. 26-Feb-05

We'll miss you, Hunter S. Thompson. You always said you wanted to choose the time of your passing. Still it's really sad to see you go. 20-Feb-05

Thanks to Matt at emit records for sending us some great new stuff including the new Gel-Sol 1104 release now playing on Groove Salad and Drone Zone.

Got XM or Sirius and want to hear SomaFM on it? Contact them and ask for it, that's the only way it's going to happen. For XM, use their online request form or call 1-800-967-2346. For Sirius customers, email or call 1-888-539-7474.

Indie Pop Rocks now streams in CD Quality 64kb aacPlus as well as 128k MP3. If you have WinAmp 5.04 or later, or VLC 0.8.1 or newer (Mac, PC, Linux) you should check out this new format - it really sounds good and saves a ton of bandwidth!

Cliqhop is back working properly, Indie Pop aacPlus servers updated - make sure you use the link from this page and not an outdated bookmark. Beat Blender 128k working properly, Beat Blender 24k will be back tomorrow. 6-Jan-05 2:40pm pacific time

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for making 2004 an incredible year for SomaFM. Here's to a great 2005!

We're updating the systems for Indie Pop Rocks and Cliqhop, you might hear some glitches tonight. 1am pacific time.

Looks like we got the network problems fixed. Yet another Netgear switch died. Mind you this was a fancy rack mount professional one... not some cheap thing. Netgear stuff sucks... it fails so much I can't believe it. 29-Dec-04

Our hearts go out to all the victims of the Sumatra earthquake and tsunami that hit Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, India and others. 27-Dec-04

Cliqhop has a new server, and is running quite reliably now. 26-Dec-04

Merry Christmas everyone. We're going to ignore the email and the IM, queue up a long set of songs, light up a "yule log" and just relax with our friends for the next 48 hours. -- Christmas Eve, 24-Dec-04

Xmas in Frisko, our irreverent annual holiday broadcast, has returned. Also in 24k MP3 so you can listen when you're at the parents and they only have dialup!

New server for Cliqhop is much more reliable and won't be dropping out like the old one.

(We just added more capacity for Xmas in Frisko 128k so if you were having trouble connecting before, you should be able to get on now!)

SomaFM welcome's Tag's Trance Trip, a journey into Progressive House and Trance. (The good trance, not that bad trance!)

We're back on the air after Monday morning's outage. We have a temporary replacement server in place now and all is working fine. 29-Nov-04

STUDIO OUTAGE: a hardware failure at our main studio has most stations temporarily off the air. It is taking longer to fix than anticipated, sorry. (Beat Blender and Tag's Trance not affected.) 29-Nov-04

We have lots more capacity on Indie Pop Rocks 128k now... so you shouldn't have any problem listening during peak hours anymore! (And remember, tell all your friends to listen too!) 18-Nov-04

Elise from SomaFM will be presenting a night of indie rock in San Francisco tonight, Wednesday, November 17th 9pm to close at The Casanova Bar - 527 Valencia Street, San Francisco just a couple blocks from the 16th street BART station. As always, "cheap pool, good beer, no cover".

Drone Zone reliability problems have been solved, and you should have no more problems staying connected.

Dropping problems should be gone now and all channels are working well.

SomaFM welcomes Tag's Trance Trip to our family! Because sometimes you want to dance before you chill.

All streams are working properly and at full capacity, including 56k and 24k streams. Don't forget about the Groove Salad aacPlus feed if you're running WinAmp 5.04 or Foobar2000. (Now listening numbers are still being under-reported due to a problem with the statistics server).

SomaFM has been very unreliable lately and it sucks. Tonight, we started deploying some new servers, at some different ISPs, and will be transitioning to the new servers over the next few days. I personally apologize to you all for the poor streaming we've been providing lately, we are working on making things better. --Rusty

We're now running the latest Orban Opticodec-PC aacPlus stream that works with WinAmp 5.04 and Foobar2000 for Windows. Give it a listen and then tell us what you think! You've never heard a 48k stream sound this good. Mac users, tell Apple to support "HE-AAC" streaming in iTunes!

Our friend Ian Rhett has a great new song which is really approriate for the US Presidential debates happening tonight. It's a great song. (WARNING: "strong liberal content") 30-Sep-04

Groove Salad's 128k feed now working at full capacity again. 11am Pacific time, 14-Sep-04

Americans: Major record labels and movie studios are trying to get congress to pass ia law that will restrict your ability to make recordings of radio and television (and even of your own records!). Take part in a call-in day to Congress on September 14 to oppose this new legislation!

Beat Blender is back on the air after a temporary outage. 23-Aug-04

Oops, we did it again. A studio upgrade didn't go as planned, and Groove Salad was off the air from 7:30am this morning until 11am pacific. It's back on the air now, sorry for everyone who didn't get their Groove Salad fix this morning. 18-Aug-04

We performed some upgrades to equipment at our studio this weekend, and this should have reduced any skipping and dropouts that have been occurring!

Americans: Disney wants the FCC to regulate all devices capable of recording from any audio broadcasting medium or from the Internet. FM radio, XM, Sirius, Streamripper, Total Recorder, and others are all the targets.

Superfreak Rick James has passed away. He may be gone, but his influence lives on. 6-Aug-04

We will miss you, Piero Piccioni, but your music will continue to live on Secret Agent. SomaFM is happy that we could expose more people to your awesome music. 24-Jul-04

You can listen to Groove Salad on Live365 if you're having problems with our normal 128k feed.

There are some technical problems on the 128k Groove Salad feed currently, 56k feed is available. Secret Agent 128k has reduced capacity (350 listeners max). 7-Jul-04

The internet is a little choppy this morning, we're seeing random dropped connections and skipping on some of the channels. 6:30am 6-Jul-04

Happy 4th of July weekend America. SomaFM wishes peace, liberty and freedom for all.

There is a nice article in the San Francisco Chronicle about SomaFM today! 30-Jun-04

Some problems on the internet are currently affecting lots of our servers... making them unreachable at times. The problem becan at 7:30pm pacific time and should be cleared up in a few hours. UPDATE 11:30pm Pacific- all feeds except Groove Salad 128k are running properly. 27-Jun-04

Earlier Problems today with Groove Salad have been resolved. We have a new server on order that won't have these crashing problems. 10:30am pacific 16-Jun-04

Farewell, Ray Charles. We will miss you but your music and influence will live on forever. 10-Jun-04

If you are using Windows Media Player and are having problems connecting, try using WinAmp or iTunes instead.

If you are using Windows Media Player and are having problems connecting, try using WinAmp or iTunes instead.

XMMS users: if you're getting 404 errors, make sure that "icecast/shoutcast streaming metadata" is enabled in the XMMS preferences and the problem will go away.

Happy May Day, and a warm welcome to the European Union's 10 new members: the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta 1-May-04

The RIAA is trying to restrict recording of digital radio now, and are going as far as asking the government to force hardware manufacturers to add a "buy button" to all digital radio receivers. I am shocked by the RIAA's arrogance and greed. Next you know, they'll want a tax on everyone who hums a song.

Next week (April 19th - 25th 2004) is National TV Turn Off Week in the USA. The goal is to not watch TV all week, and instead do other things, ideally listening to SomaFM in the process!

Beatblender 128k is back, make sure you use the links from our front page as we've had to move its server. 24k stream will be back on Monday. 4:55pm pacific 16-Apr-04

Beatblender is temporarily down due to some server issues. Hopefully back up in the next hour. 3:52pm pacific 16-Apr-04

MILESTONE: SomaFM reached over 7000 listeners at the same time today, at 12:32:07 PST. Thank you so much for helping our station grow. We love you! 31-Mar-04

If you haven't heard, em:t records is back. They're a pioneering label in the ambient electronic genre, and we play a lot of their music including several tracks off their latest release. 26-Mar-04

Powerfailure at the studio! We'll be off until the power is back. Sorry! 9:40pm pacific 26-Mar-04

We had to do some unplanned server restarts tonight, so if you can't get on, wait 10 minutes and try again. 18-Mar-04 11:20pm pacific

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Elise will be spinning indie pop tonight in San Francisco at The Casanova Bar, 527 Valencia Street (near 16th) from 9PM - close. If you don't wear green, you might get pinched. 17-Mar-04

Our hearts go out to our friends in Madrid after today's horrible bombings. 11-Mar-04

It's time to REPEAL THE DMCA. First the DMCA is used to make internet broadcasters pay huge royalties to record companies. Now it's being used to keep you from making backup copies of your DVDs! At this rate, consumers will soon be unable to make copies of anything. Goodbye to Fair Use!

I just have to share this: the 10 worst album covers of all time. - rusty

SomaFM is always looking for good new music. If you are an artist or label and think your music would fit on any of our channels, send it to us! Signed or unsigned, if it's good we'll play it.

We're back now, but at 2:40pm pacific a power failure at the studio has taken us off the air for over 20 minnutes. (More accurately, power failure combined with a defective UPS caused this.) 2-Feb-04

The RIAA is cracking down on DJ mix CDs and is confiscating mix CDs from independent record stores across the US. 25-Jan-03

Happy New Year! Thank you for making 2003 an amazing year for us. More people than we ever dreamed of are listening to SomaFM and we have YOU to thank for it. We all raise a toast to you and your good taste in radio stations!

There is a big storm in San Francisco right now, we've already had one power outage but if we get any more, our power backup system may not last long enough. So if we're off the air, that's why. 1-Jan-2004

Merry Christmas from all of us at SomaFM from Rusty, Merin, Elise, Shawn, and Roy. SomaFM Loves You! 25-Dec-03

And we sincerely hope everyone gets what they want for Christmas.

MILESTONE: SomaFM reached over 6000 concurrent listeners for the first time today at 11:25:08 PST - no doubt the popularity of our Xmas in Frisco stream helped this! Thanks for listening and spreading the word. 15-Dec-03

Fellow San Franciscans- REMEMEBR TO VOTE TODAY, December 9th! You can find your polling place here (thanks to the League of Women Voters).

This is a very important election that will set the direction of the city for years to come. If you don't vote, you won't have any input to what happens in the future. PLEASE VOTE! And if you're not near your polling place and still want to vote, you can always request a "provisional ballot" - it's like an absentee ballot but you don't have to get it ahead of time. Even if you're not sure if you are registered, you can request a provisional ballot - the department of elections will then determine if you are registered and if you are will count your vote. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES NOT TO VOTE!

Happy Holidays! Once again, Xmas in Frisko, our irreverent holiday channel is on the air. 24k Stream also available. 30-Nov-03 -->

Brief outage tonight from 23:35 pacific 29-Nov-03, everything back at 00:40 30-Nov-03. A Netgear switch at our studio died.

Happy Thanksgiving! SomaFM is thankful for you and all our other listeners, and all the support and good words that you give us. -- Rusty, Merin, Elise, Roy and Shawn. 27-Nov-03

We restarted the Groove Salad 128k servers because they were acting up this morning. 25-Nov-03

If you were having trouble accessing Groove Salad this morning, it should be fixed now. 9:15am Pacific 24-Nov-03

Drone Zone and Secret Agent 128k streams are back at full capacity. Make sure you use the links from our site, as the locations have changed. (Your old bookmarks may not work.) 20-Nov-03

Indie Pop Rocks music director Elise (aka DJ Glimmercat) will be spinning Wednesday nite Nov 19th in San Francisco at The Casanova Bar, 527 Valencia Street (near 16th) from 9PM - close. "Good beer, cheap pool, no cover!"

Some of our streaming servers have been moved (hence the problems in the last 36 hours). Drone Zone 128k has extremely limited capacity for the next day, Secret Agent has somewhat reduced capacity as well (128k opnly). Make sure you use the listen links from this site, not your bookmarks as they have changed. 14-Nov-03

MILESTONE: We hit 5000 concurrent listeners today at 11:40:50 PDT! Thank you all for your support in spreading the word! 22-Oct-03

We will miss you, Elliot Smith. Your legend will live on. 22-Oct-03

Drone Zone 128k stream running at greatly reduced capacity until we get the large repeater fixed. 18-Oct-03

Fellow San Francisco broadcster San Francisco Liberation Radio raided by the FCC. Big Media corporations win again. 17-Oct-03

The network is a little rough today, we're seeing lots of rebuffering and dropouts. Sorry! 14-Oct-03

DJ Danfuzz (Drone Zone) will be doing a midnight set at 26 Mix in San Francisco tonight (Monday). There will also be chilled grooves starting at 10pm with Mike Wertheim and Roxnadz. 13-Oct-03

Thanks to some hard work by Elise tonight, we have all the song titles on Indie Pop Rocks fixed so they display correctly now. 9-Oct-03

There was an unknown problem affecting many of our channels at 5pm pacific, but things are back now. 2-Oct-03

There was a network outage again today at 1pm pacific, and it is now working again. We like to be open and tell you about everything we know, even if it makes us seem like we have lots of outages. 23-Sep-03

Things are back to normal. A telecommunications outage cut off our main streaming server from the rest of the internet at approximately 5:45pm pacific, and was restored at 7:30pm. Things have been crazy the last few days here with all the network problems... hopefully things will calm down for a while finally. 17-Sep-03

WE ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: Some days are not so great. We finally got our studio network connection working properly, but now our main streaming server (which feeds all the others) is off the air for an unknown reason as of aprox 6pm pacific time. We hope to get this resolved soon. Beat Blender is unaffected however, it comes from a different server. All other channels are down though. Sorry! 17-Sep-03

All streaming servers are working properly, and our ISP reports that they have fixed the problems with out studio connection. 17-Sep-03

Here's what our ISP is telling us about our network problems: "We have been having problems with our SFO router and border routers for a few weeks now. Coinsedentally, the fix is scheduled for this evening's maintenance window. We are completely replacing and upgrading the hardware at this location. This is an effort to eliminate all of the packet loss occuring and to perform a necessary network upgrade." 16-Sep-03

UPDATED UPDATE: everything except Drone Zone 128k working mostly as of 11:45am pacific time, 16-Sep-03 - BUT now we're seeing problems again. Beat Blender not affected. 1:45pm pacific 16-Sep-03

Beat Blender 24k stream is back (in addition to the 128k stream).

Current stream problems: Drone Zone 128k at ultra minimum capacity, our main repeater is malfunctioning and we are investigating. There are interruptions on other channels as well, the ISP that provides the bandwidth at our studio is having network problems still. Much better than yesterday, but still annoying. We continue to work on it. 16-Sep-03

We're having some unknown network problems today causing streams to drop from time to time. 15-Sep-03

We'll miss you Johnny Cash: the American music legend passed away at his home Friday morning. His music will live on forever. 12-Sep-03

Beatblender's server had a hard drive crash. A replacement has been ordered, and we hope to have it back sometime on Friday. (Sorry!) 11-Sep-03

More capacity added to Groove Salad 56k and 24k streams, and to Secret Agent 56k stream. (These have been filling up daily, hopefully now everyone who wants to listen can!) 9-Sep-03

Rest in Peace: Warren Zevon finally gets some sleep. We'll miss him, but never forget him. He died at his home on 7-Sep-2003.

Elise from SomaFM will be presenting a night of indie rock with DJ Rock Foxy and Glimmercat (aka rosemary and elise!) Tuesday, September 9th (tonight!) 9pm to close at The Casanova Bar - 527 Valencia Street, San Francisco just a couple blocks from the 16th street BART station.

Indie Pop Rocks had a glitch around 11:30am Pacific but is back at full capacity. 9-Sep-03

The SomaFM crew is back from Burning Man. We really loved meeting everyone who came by to say hi to us! 2-Sep-03

Greetings from the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. The satellite internet wasn't working reliably until today, so we couldn't send you any updates or pictures. But we're really loved meeting everyone who came by to say hi to us!

Also, Indie Pop Rocks is silent because we're all out here in the desert, and apparently one of the cats walked on the keyboard for the computer that plays the indie pop stream, and hit the pause button... We'll be back Monday night and have it fixed then.

Once again, SomaFM will be at the annual Burning Man festival in Nevada this week (between 26-Aug and 1-Sep-03). However, we will not be able to broadcast over the air this year because of enforcement actions by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), who have stated that they will confiscate all equipment and fine ($10,000 a day!) any unlicensed micropower broadcasters. Sadly, the company that produces the Burning Man event has made a deal with the FCC to permit only one FM station (their Burning Man Information Radio station).

We will be camped at 9:30 and Esplanade and will be playing chilled grooves in our camp, so come on by for a cocktail in the evening.

We are now done with studio maintenance today, so channels are all back online now. Sunday, 8pm pacific 24-Aug-03

We were having some server problems this morning, but restarted everything in the hopes that would fix things. 18-Aug-03

Shoutout to our friends on the East Coast who are without power still. We hope you're hanging with friends and having as good of a time as you can. We saw about 1000 people "tune out" a little after 1pm pacific today so we knew something big was up. 14-Aug-03

Network problems from earlier this week have been resolved (hopefully for good). 12-Aug-03

Network reliability problems continue to annoy us. We haven't been able to isolate the problem yet, but we continue to work on it. It's mostly a problem in the mornings (Pacific time). 11-Aug-03

We have discontinued the Windows Media feed of Groove Salad for a while, because there were never more than 40 people using it (and it was costing a lot to provide it through Abacast). In the future, we may add RealAudio format and AACplus. 8/7/03

Fans of Big Url: Sorry but he is no longer available for working with us at SomaFM. We have some old recordings of him, but sadly, he's gone.

UPDATE: Last nights network problems are partially resolved and the Drone Zone 128k feed is now working properly. (Thanks Tom!) But there are still some problems with the ISP at the studio causing dropouts. 1:00 pm Pacific, 6-Aug-03

The network is choppy tonight, causing some skipping and rebuffering. Sorry about that, we're looking into the problems. 7:30pm 5-Aug-03

Artists & Labels: you can submit your music for consideration for airplay. We are playing lots of independent and small label artists now, we might play yours too!

The network outage affecting San Francisco and our studios has been resolved, and we're back on the air. 16-Jul-03

Things are working again. Thanks for your patience! 15-Jul-03

We finally repaired most of the problems from our server crash this weekend, including the problem with the links to the streams now working on many browsers and the bouncing mail problems... so resend any messages you may have sent us this weekend if you haven't gotten a reply yet. 10am Pacific, 14-Jul-03

A hard disk failed on our web server, so we had to switch over to a backup. We're cheap and can't afford those fancy fault-tolerant systems, so sorry for the downtime. We had to go back to last weeks backup, so there is some missing posts in news and the guestbooks. 13-Jul-03.

On Saturday, July 5th, we'll be heading down to San Francisco's RedEye Lounge to help T Spigot celebrate the release of their new Water Music release, Experiments in The Hypnotic Production of Crime. Oh, and it's also Rusty's birthday, so come down and buy him a drink.

Those annoying people at the RIAA now want to start hassling people even more. It's not enough that they've forced internet radio stations to pay thousands of dollars a year to them, they're now suing individuals who use file sharing programs.

Drone Zone's 128k feed is back again at full capacity (a few problems today and yesterday were causing it to have limited capacity). 24-Jun-03

Have no fear, we are not moving away from our MP3 streams. But there are lots of people who can't access MP3 streams due to corporate firewalls, and they can receive the Windows Media streams. Also, the Windows Media streams sound better for modem users (32kb). It's all about more choice for you, and making SomaFM available to a wider audience.

Lots of additional capacity on Indie Pop Rocks - thanks to aarong for setting this up!! We also have some more capacity on Cliqhop thanks to Brent! 11-Jun-03

Additional capacity has been added to Indie Pop Rocks. 20-May-03

Listener counts are off for Groove Salad, Drone Zone and Secret Agent - the 128k streams aren't in the statistics right now but they are broadcasting just fine. 19-May-03

We had to kick the Drone Zone server, it got stuck for some reason. (hey, we run this on a shoestring budget... we can't afford the expensive stuff that Clear Channel can!) 10:30am Pacific time, 15-May-03

If you can't connect to a channel initially, try clicking on it again. We've noticed that some players don't always connect the first time.

All repeaters are working well now. Thanks to Tom for working on this!

Why we love San Francisco. It's the only place we could make SomaFM happen!

Drone Zone 128k is still having problems today, one of the repeaters is being flaky. Sorry, we're still working on it. 10-May-03

Our network problems that were occurring 1-May-03 from 10am-8pm pacific time are now solved. The culprit: a spammer was bombarding our mailserver at the studio with tens of thousands of spams to addresses that didn't exist. Our mailserver bounced these messages and the traffic was so high that it caused all sorts of problems and dropped connections to our servers. Our solution is to move the mail server off of that line and onto a dedicated connection. Sorry for all the problems today! 1-May-03

We've been having problems with the network connection from the Studio to the internet - starting around 10:30am pacific time this morning. Covad is looking into it, and it will hopefully be fixed soon. In the meantime, there will be lots of skipping and rebuffering... sorry! 1-May-03

Artists & Labels: you can submit your music for consideration for airplay. We are playing lots of independent and small label artists now, we might play yours too!

We continue to have problems with one of our servers, which is mostly affecting Beat Blender. We are working on it! (It's a long story, the original server's hard disk crashed, we rebuilt a new server, but have run into software problems.) 15-Apr-03

Americans: Happy Tax Day! Remember to get those tax returns filed by midnight, and listen to SomaFM while you're filling out the paperwork! 15-Apr-03

We are running an experimental Peercast stream of Secret Agent. Download Peercast, and give it a listen. 14-Apr-03

We're having a problem with one of our servers, Beatblender is mostly affected, and some other streams have less capacity. 2:48PDT 11-Apr-03

Cleaned up the HTML on the site to make it W3C compliant (thanks Wade for the help!) and also changed the fonts to that they're now resizable in your browser. 7-Apr-03

We've improved the song history pages, many artists are now linked to for more info. We are continuing to improve this, but for now you will find that the song details are much improved! No fooling! 1-Apr-03

SomaFM is your oasis away from the stress of everyday life.

Our website ISP is having some network routing problems today, so there will be sporadic web site outages... but try again in 15 seconds and it will be accessible again. 1-Apr-03

Our studio is off-air again, there is another network outage in San Francisco. Sorry! And thanks to our unknown neighbor for their wireless connection that we can get this update to you! 3pm pst 20-Mar-03

If you are in San Francisco, there is a really cool event happening this Tuesday (25-Mar-03) that you should go to: a benefit for Tim North, the creator of the Hoverdrum, who has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. This is a fundraiser to raise some cash for Tim to cover his medical expenses. And on top of that, it will be an amazing event. Check it out.

Yesterday's network problems seem mostly cleared up, hopefully we won't have any more today! 20-Mar-03

Our studio continues to have network problems, but our ISP Speakeasy is working on it. The result is that there is lots of skipping and rebuffering, and frankly it's really hard to listen to the streams right now. UPDATE: Speakeasy says that this is a router issue they're working with. FURTHER UPDATE: it's been fixed as of 1am PST 20-Mar-03

Many streams are experiencing skipping right now, we are looking into the problem, but it seems to be a west coast network problem. 19-Mar-03

Because so many people have been asking: no we will not send you MP3s. Musicians work hard to produce the music we play, the least you can do is go buy the CDs from the tracks you like!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 17-Mar-03

We had a network outage at our studio, and most streams were down from 5:45pst to 6:4-pst. Everything is back now. 17-Mar-03

It's a stormy weekend here in San Francisco, but we hope the weather is nicer where you are. If we go off the air for any reason, it means there must have been a large power outage here. 14-Mar-03

We're having a momentary technical problem- should be fixed in the next 5 minutes. Sorry! 2:45pm PST 12-Mar-03

Thanks to everyone for coming out Monday night, we had a blast. Oh, and in case you're wondering, Big Url is on vacation. He'll be back Tomorrow. 11-Mar-03

Teknoel made us some new animated desktops for Mac OSX that are quite cool. thanks Noel! 6-Mar-03

MILESTONE: Today, at 10:20am, hit over 4000 concurrent listeners for the first time!!!! Thank you for spreading the word about SomaFM! 6-Mar-03

Some technical problems on the website this morning, the streams were not affected, but the web site was down from 5am-10am Pacific time. 4-Mar-03

Today is 03/03/03! We love dates like that.

I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who has supported SomaFM lately. You are keeping us on the air when giant companies like Clear Channel are scaling down their web broadcasts. 16-Feb-03

Drone Zone is off the air from 6pm-7pm pacific time today for technical maintenance. 17-Feb-03

Happy Valentines Day Weekend! 14-Feb-03

SomaFM should be an essential part of any survival kit! 12-Feb-03

The problem with being a radio station with NO BUDGET is that you can't throw money at problems. We still are having a problem with some of the stream servers, which is mostly a router problem. We swapped out one set of hardware and are still seeing the issue. We are continuing to work this out. In a perfect world, we'd have a Cisco 3660 router and a fractional DS3 @ 5mbit/sec to feed the studio to the other servers. But that is really expensive... so we make do with what we have now and keep experimenting until it all works better. 11-Feb-03

Cliqhop is off the air for 48 hours due to technical issues. Same goes for all 24k feeds. Please bear with us while we isolate the problems. 11-Feb-03

Our ISP had a network outage from 8pm until 10:30pm PST tonight that put most of our channels off the air. We are back on now. We hope to get a backup net connection installed again soon! 10-Feb-03

There is a lot of skipping and rebuffering happening, one of our routers is acting up and we're getting a replacement for it within the next 24 hours hopefully. 10-Feb-03

Sunday's problems with the channels are fixed. Sorry for the downtime... of course it happened while the station was on autopilot and we were all out celebrating Elise's birthday party at Sub Lounge. It's really Jason and Adam's fault for mixing the drinks too strong and keeping them flowing too quickly... but what can you say, it was a birthday party for one of our best friends! Official blame should go to PG&E, San Francisco's power company. 9-Feb-03

We've been having some power problems at the studio and some of the streams have been down for a while. Working on getting them back up ASAP. 9-Feb-03

We're doing some network stuff at the studio, which may cause the streams to skip a bit for a while. Should be done by 3pm pacific, Sat 8-Feb-03.

Happy birthday to Elise, music director for Indie Pop Rocks! Happy birthday! We love you! 7-Feb-03

We've been working on some behind the scenes stuff, so I haven't had a lot of things to report lately. We're mostly working on a really improved playlist / now playing section, with links to buy the music you're listening to. The problem is that it takes a lot of work to get the database together for handling that... so it's taking a little while. But I just wanted to let you know what's happening. -Rusty 5-Feb-03

Secret Agent and Indie Pop Rocks are reaching capacity every day, we're looking to get more capacity for them. You can always try a couple times to connect, and also try the slower bandwidth streams which aren't as popular. 29-Jan-03

Future SomaFM plans update: We plan on bringing the Jazz channel back, the DnB channel, the Electro channel and the House Party. As soon as we finish paying off the RIAA, we will expand our program offerings again. Meanwhile, the SomaFM crew is busy working on more special programming that we think you'll really like. 26-Jan-03

More bandwidth for Drone Zone now... Groove Salad and Drone Zone now have lots of capacity. Thanks Tom! 22-Jan-03

Ok, so there is a big power outage in San Francisco... that's causing us some problems as several local ISPs are affected, and that's having a trickle down effect to us. 10:30pm PST 24-Jan-02

An interesting article on your fair use right to copy music and movies. It's a good article, worth reading. 17-Jan-03

We did a subtle facelift on the web site, and will be adding more features soon. 14-Jan-03

Onward into the new year! - 1-Jan-2003

Happy holidays from all of us at SomaFM!

Oh yeh, and Happy New Year too!!!! Sorry we don't have any special NYE broadcast planned, but Cliqhop will be returning early in 2003.

Our annual irreverent Holiday broadcast is back! December, 2002

We're having a few network problems at the studio, so some of the streams are glitching. Should be fixed by midnight PST. 23-Dec-02

All our 128k streams (except Groove Salad) have been filling up, but we have really good sounding 56k streams that still have lots of capacity. So if your favorite channel is full (and you're getting errors connecting), try the 56k stream! 16-Dec-02

This afternoon's network issues have been resolved. 3:42pm Pacific Time 11-Dec-02

We're having a few network issues this afternoon, affecting our connection from the studio to the servers. Beatblender is unaffected (it comes from a different studio). 11-Dec-02

Cliqhop will return after the holidays. Additional capacity added to the Secret Agent 56k feed. If the 128k stream is full, try this one. 6-Dec-02

Wow, we overloaded our servers this morning (too many listeners on some of them), but we reconfigured things and all should be working correctly again. Sorry for the problems this morning! 2-Dec-02

Our grand re-opening is slughtly delayed - we've got 6 channels back up, and more are returning in the near future. Our new web site will be up soon. 30-Nov-02

There is some skipping and glitches right now, due to the fact that our studio to server connection is not as "fat" as it used to be (we downgraded it to save money while we were off the air).

As soon as we get our T1 and SDSL connections reinstalled at the studio, we'll put the more channels back on the air. Understand that we're not quite ready to return to the air as we were back in June because we're still re-installing our infrastructure. By the end of the month, just about everything should be back in place.

We're also planning a benefit concert and a few other things to help us raise money to cover the fee settlement.

It's all those letters, faxes and phone calls you made that got this law passed and enabled us to get back on the air! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! We couldn't have done this without you. 19-Nov-02

Our grand reopening is planned for Nov 30th, 2002.

HR5469 Passes the House and the Senate!!!! 15-Nov-02

Possible light on the horizon for our international listeners: we have received confirmation that at this time we will NOT have to pay CARP fees on our international listeners. We are looking into a way to restore our broadcasts to our international listeners. We are now testing several technical methods to implement outside the US only broadcasts. We will keep you posted. 4-Oct-02

Sign up for our mailing list to stay in touch, and to find out about future alternative ways to listen to SomaFM.

SomaFM loves you. We will miss you.

And for a limited time, you can get SomaFM T-shirts and stuff at the SomaFM Store.

From the Radio and Internet Newsletter: RAIN confirmed just minutes ago that HR 5469, the bill that proposed suspending webcasting royalty obligations for six months to allow the Net radio industry its court appeals, has been withdrawn without a vote. According to sources, the record industry and webcasters have agreed to hammer out a deal by Friday, which would become law and override the Librarian of Congress determination on webcasting royalties. 1-oct-02

Bad News - the deal with the RIAA has turned out to be a delaying tactic, and there is no hope in sight at this time. 1-Oct-02

URGENT! H.R. 5469 - Six-month moratorium on royalties - Vote in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, October 1st. (Introduced September 26th, 2002)

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., today introduced legislation, H.R. 5469, imposing a six-month moratorium on the unfair royalties we must pay for broadcasting. The bill will delay until April 20, 2003, the payments that webcasters would have been required to pay starting Oct. 20, 2002. If H.R. 5469 does not pass, there is little or no chance for us to win our appeal of the CARP ruling. HR 5469 will give the appeals court a chance to rule on the decision before the fees put almost all web broadcasters out of business.

Please Call your representative's office in Washington, DC! Here's how to do it, and what to say!

Here's some news about this:

Request for Appeal Filed - August 7, 2002

SomaFM and over 20 other net broadcasters have filed an appeal with the Copyright Office. Of course, the RIAA filed an appeal as well, saying that the CARP fees are too low. (We think that is a pretty greedy response from the RIAA.) More from

Good News - we're making progress with the RIAA. We are hoping to have a deal worked out in the next 4-8 weeks. As soon as we have the details, we'll let you know. 5-Sep-2002

There has been a response from the Librarian of Congress to the formal appeal that SomaFM and 20 other small webcasters filed with the appeals court a couple weeks ago:

"the Librarian of Congress filed a motion with the U.S. Court of Appeals yesterday, arguing that webcasters who did not participate in the CARP are not "an aggrieved party who would be bound by the determination" and thus should not be allowed to file an appeal in court against his decision!"

The politics around the CARP decision get stranger and stranger all the time. Read more from the Radio and Internet Newsletter. 21-Aug-02

SomaFM at Burning Man!

Some good news for a change! SomaFM will be at Burning Man, the annual arts and culture festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. We'll be in the Irrational Geographic village, next to the Black Rock Coast Guard. In addition to our sound system, we'll be broadcasting on a micropower, FCC Part-15 approved FM transmitter at 102.3 FM. 9-Aug-02

Internet Radio Fairness Act introduced - July 29th, 2002

The Internet Radio Fairness Act has just been introduced to congress. If passed, this bill would allow SomaFM to return to the air. We need you to send a fax to your representatives asking them to support the Internet Radio Fairness Act. It will only take 3 minutes to fill out the form! We would also like you to call your representatives at their offices and ask them to support the Internet Radio Fairness Act as well. We need to bombard them with requests. Call them at their offices. Call them once a week. Tell your friends to do the same thing.

You can still help change the laws that have forced us off the air. Visit Save Internet Radio for more information on how to write your representatives. If the laws are changed, SomaFM can return to the air!!!

The Internet Radio Fairness Act was introduced - this act will overturn the huge fees that have forced most small webcasters off the air. Click here to fax your representatives and voice support for this bill that if passed, will let SomaFM return to the net! 26-Jul-02

As of June 20th, 2002, SomaFM was forced to suspend our broadcasts or else pay well over $15,000 a month in royalties. We are sorry we had to do this, and continue to fight to restore our broadcasts.

The final decision on webcasting rates have been published on the Library of Congress's site. To say the results are disappointing is an understatement. While the rates were effectively cut in half, that still means that to stay on the air, SomaFM will have to pay about $500 a day in fees to the RIAA. Just to expose you to new music that you wouldn't hear anywhere else. Just to help you buy more records. Do they just not get it, or is the RIAA just greedy?

To quote from their announcement: The most significant difference between the CARPıs determination and the Librarianıs decision is that the Librarian has abandoned the CARPıs two-tiered rate structure of 0.14˘ per performance for ³internet-only² transmissions and 0.07˘ for each retransmission of a performance in an AM/FM radio broadcast, and has decided that the rate of 0.07˘ will apply to both types of transmission. Some of the rates for noncommercial broadcasters have also been decreased, and the fee webcasters and broadcasters must pay for the making of ephemeral recordings has been reduced from 9% of the performance fees to 8.8%.

Read more in our special CARP section.

In other frightening news, the state of California in close to passing a law making it extremely hard to promote "any electronic music dance event of the type commonly referred to as rave" and to require the event promotors to prove they will be able to keep any participants from using any drugs. Why are rave promoters being singled out here?

The RIAA successfully has shutdown This is sad for me, Audiogalaxy was the tool I used to discover lots of cool new music. In fact, in the last 30 days, I've bought 20 CDs of artists I didn't know of before because I heard them first on Audiogalaxy. Hre's a good article on the behind the scenes at AudioGalaxy. 17-Jun-02

Now the major record labels wants to put a 6% tax (or royalty) on used CD sales. Of course, the musicians won't see any of this... only the big record labels will see the profits from this. Next step: you'll be charged each time you listen to a song. Greedy bastards.

Please read our open letter to Congress, Artists, Composers, Record Companies, Sound Exchange and the RIAA. Please pass it on to as many people as possible including your senators and representatives. More CARP details here.

Only a few hours left to help SomaFM win a write-in Webby Award! Here's how it works. Click here to register to vote in the People's Choice section. Once you've registered, Vote for us in the Radio Category and the Music Category! We're a write-in candidate. So for the site name, enter "SomaFM". For the URL, put I can't tell you how cool it would be if we got enough votes to win this! -- Rusty 7-Jun-02

CARP UPDATE! The Library of Congress has rejected the proposed CARP rates. We don't know all the details yet, but we have 30 more days until a final decision comes down. This does not mean we have won the battle. It only means the game isn't over yet. Check out the SF Chronicle Article 22-May-02

DJ Dan Fuzz is right now doing a special live dark ambient set on Drone Zone tonight until 10pm Pacific time. 18-Jun-02

All the server changes have been completed. We hope your listening experience is improved. 14-Jun-02

A network outage at Level 3 (where our main stream server lives) is causing most of our streams to be down right now. 12:30am PST 14-Jun-02

We're experimenting with some new channels, Electro 128k or 24k and Classic Jazz and Bop channel 64k.

You've all done a great job supporting us with the RIAA/DMCA/CARP fee battle. Congress has taken notice, but there are no more details until sometime on Tuesday. Check back, we'll keep you posted. 20-May-02

Even if you have already sent a fax or letter, please CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN, ask to speak to the aide who handles internet and intellectual property issues, and let them know what internet radio means to you, and ask them to sign on to the letter from Rep. Boucher. Here are the numbers and the things to mention when you call.

International listeners please sign our petition!

Americans: Enter your Zip Code to get the list of phone numbers, fax and email addresses for your representatives (international people, enter SomaFM's home zip code of 94110 and contact our local representatives):

Want to know some of the people trying to kill internet radio? Take a look at them.

Send a Fax!

We now have a super easy way to send faxes to congress.

International listeners please sign our petition and we will forward this to our political leaders, letting them know that SomaFM has worldwide support. You can also email James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress ( and let him know that the current CARP royalty rates unfairly single out internet radio and should be based on a percentage of revenue instead of a per song per listener model. You can also call (202)707-5000 and ask to speak with Billington's office.

We are moving one of our servers now, so there will be some reduced capacity starting Thursday from 10:30am pacific. We hope to have everything moved by this evening. Also, Beat Blender is off the air until the server move is finished. 13-Jun-02

Keep informed of SomaFM events by joining our mailing list. Musicians: get your tracks played on SomaFM. We support idependent and unsigned artists who create good music.

Groove Salad was down this morning from 4:30am until 7:15am Pacific time because someone (we won't say who RUSTY!) made a typo in a configuration file and went to sleep without testing it first. UPDATE: to make matters worse, another mistake caused a lot of rebuffering and skipping on many channels today. We think it's all fixed now. Moral of the story is, don't change things when you're only half awake. 23-May-02

Attention Artists!

You can help save internet radio too! Read this and get involved. And after you've done that, read about how to get your tracks played on SomaFM. We support idependent and unsigned artists who create great music.

Articles like this one in LA Weekly just depress me. It's about artists who have gotten destroyed by their record company contracts. Excerpt: "The record companies donıt understand art, they donıt give a fuck. Itıs all about each other and who's impressing who... itıs like eighth grade." Luckily, there are a bunch of smaller record labels out there now who support and develop their artists. But the industry is still dominated by those who only know how to rape and plunder. Keep hoping for a change. has a great story about the day of silence, and how successful it was. There was a tremendous amount of other media coverage as well, we're starting to make people understand. Next step is a second round of letters to congress that is even more specific- many of you have received back non-committal "form letters" from them. We will soon have a NEW letter to send to them addressing these issues.

Thanks to your support, we are being heard by Congress!. If you haven't done so already, please CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN, ask to speak to the aide who handles internet and intellectual property issues, and let them know what internet radio means to you. We even have a sample letter you can customize.

Americans: Enter your Zip Code to get the list of phone numbers, fax and email addresses for your representatives:
(Note: international listeners, enter 94110 for San Francisco, SomaFM's home town! Write to the congressmen who represent San Francisco.)

You've all done a great job supporting us with the RIAA/DMCA/CARP fee battle. Congress has taken notice, but we won't know the final outcome for a few more days. However, as a reward for all your help, there will be no annoying announcements all weekend long. 17-May-02

Big Url is back from vacation and spinning the MP3s on Groove Salad. 29-May-02

A brief server outage at 1:20pm interrupted most channels for a few minutes. 15-May-02

Tonite (Tuesday): Back by popular demand, DJ Pie live on Groove Salad right now, and DJ Danfuzz on Drone Zone at 10pm Pacific. 14-May-02

A network problem was affecting Groove Salad, Drum'n'Bass, Indie Pop, and Cliqhop 12:40-2:00pm PM Pacific. Everything is working find now. 6-May-02

SomaFM's very own Dj Danfuzz is doing a live ambient set on Drone Zone tonight from 8pm-10pm Pacific time. 7-May-02

We now return to our normal programming

Thanks to everyone who supported Internet Radio's Mayday support drive and simulcast. Aprox 12,000 faxes were delivered through the link on this page (courtesy of Broadcast Promotions and Lightningcast). It is not too late! If you haven't contacted your representatives, DO IT NOW!


SomaFM is participating in a show of solidarity with other internet broadcasters today, May 1st, by suspending all music programming for 12 hours starting at 6am Pacific time. Read the coverage in USA Today. We will also be on CNN today, they came by the studio and talked to Rusty yesterday. 1-April-02

Thanks to your support, we are being heard by Congress!. If you haven't done so already, please CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN, ask to speak to the aide who handles internet and intellectual property issues, and let them know what internet radio means to you. We even have a sample letter you can customize.

Americans: Enter your Zip Code to get the list of phone numbers, fax and email addresses for your representatives:
(Note: international listeners, enter 94110 for San Francisco, SomaFM's home town! Write to the congressmen who represent San Francisco.)

The battle to save Internet Radio is far from over. The RIAA (through their Sound Exchange division) just ran a full-page ad in Billboard magazine urging record labels and artists to ask congress NOT TO LISTEN TO WEBCASTERS and keep the rates incredibly high. The bottom line is the RIAA wants these rates high because they get a percentage of them. And they don't even represent the majority of artists played on SomaFM. This isn't about the artists - it's about supporting the RIAA, a multi-million dollar organization. (The SoundExchange division alone has an annual budget of millions of dollars a year!)

MILESTONE: we hit 3000 concurrent listeners at 12:15:07 PDT today, 23-Apr-02

This evening, we did some server reconfiguration to handle more listeners. We think we've also gotten rid of most of the skipping on some of the channels. 21-Apr-02

We have new channels. Beat Blender is a more uptempo than Groove Salad, with more deep house and jazzy grooves at 128k to start, 56k and 24k streams coming soon. And we're testing Jazz Masterzz, jazz and bop that inspired many of the acid jazz and downtempo artists of today.

Additional capacity added to Squid Downtempo and Secret Agent. 18-Apr-02

Our new webserver is having some problems, so we're back on the old server termporarily. 23-Apr-02

Americans: here are some sample letters you can send to congress. There are also links to finding the fax, email and postal address of your representatives. We suggest faxing and emailing at this point, as time is getting short and postal mail to congress is being delayed for security reasons.

If you live in the Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, Alabama area, and are represented by Spencer Bachus (R-AL) and want to help save internet radio, please contact immediately! We'd like you to send a special fax and make a phone call to his aid. Congressman Bachus is very influential and hasn't taken a side on this issue yet. If he hears from constituents that internet radio is important, he will side with the group of congressmen pressuring the copyright office to reject the CARP ruling. I'll give you more details when you contact me.

URGENT! The future of internet radio broadcasting is at stake. Please help SAVE INTERNET RADIO. Hundreds of webcasters will be forced off the air if current legislation passes. We need you to Start calling, e-mailing, postal mailing and faxing your Representative, Senator, the President and the Copyright Office - REPEATEDLY. Tell them that the CARP/RIAA proposal will kill webcasters and your only source of exposure alternative, non-mainstream music. Tell them how many CDs you've bought because of new music you've heard on SomaFM. Do it today - time is running out. Learn more at this site (thanks to our friends at Radio Paradise and Digitally Imported).

SomaFM could be forced to pay over $1000 a DAY in fees to the RIAA, above and beyond the fees that we already pay to the writers and composers of the music we play. Obviously, we could never afford this and would be forced to go off the air. Learn more at CARP / RIAA proposals would effectively kill independent artists that would otherwise have no other venue to allow the general public to hear (and possibly purchase) their music.

DJ Dan Fuzz is right now doing a special live dark ambient set on Drone Zone tonight until 10pm Pacific time. 17-Apr-02

Groove Salad's Big Url is on vacation for the next couple days, but he'll be back soon... 14-Apr-02

Drone Zone was down this morning, but is back now. 10am PST 11-Apr-02

Right now until 10pm pacific, chill out goddess DJ Pie of the semiconscious liberation army will be doing a live set on Groove Salad.

Our ISPs are doing some network upgrades today, which may make SomaFM streams unavailable for short periods of time. 7-Apr-02

SomaFM On TV! We're featured on CNN's Next@CNN today at 1:45pm Pacific time. (Sunday 7-Apr-02)

Our 128k servers for many channels have been overloaded at peak times, causing drop outs and rebuffering. We've adjusted our servers to keep this from happening, but that reduces the total amount of listeners we can handle. If you can't connect to a channel because it is too busy, try again in a couple of minutes. 3-Apr-02 has an interview with Rusty about the DMCA and CARP and how it would hurt internet radio. It was also picked up for a lively discussion on Slashdot - we encourage you to read the article and to join the discussion on Slashdot! 26-Mar-02

SomaFM is always looking for cool new music. If you are an artist and think your music would fit on any of our channels, send it to us! We give special consideration to unsigned and independent artists.

Additional capacity added to all stations! 21-Mar-02

AT&T is experiencing network problems that are impacting some of our streams as well as this web site. 12:25p PST 21-Mar-02

This morning's network problems were resolved at 9:30am PST. 15-Mar-02

There are some serious network problems we're trying to track down this morning, which is making most of the channels unlistenable. We're aware of the problem and working on it. 15-Mar-02

Groove Salad 128k feed is experiencing problems that happen every 30 minutes or so, where our repeaters lose connection with the main server, and are offline for 15-30 seconds. We're trying to track down the cause of this and fix it... sorry for the problems. 12-Mar-02

Since around 7am this morning PST, we've been seeing lots of network problems on our various channels. The station will have more drop outs than normal because of this. And I (Rusty) have the flu today, so the station is running on Autopilot. 8-Mar-02

Today, March 6, is the deadline for the future of Internet Radio as we know it. The recent Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel ("CARP") decision that Webcasters should pay "performance rights" fees to record labels that are so high that they are currently more than 100% of most Webcasters' gross revenues!

The royalty rates are perceived by most observers as so high that they will effectively kill Internet radio as an industry if they're accepted by the U.S. Copyright Office. If none of the participants in the CARP hearings object, the onerous recommendations governing performance royalties will become law in 60 days.

The greatest resource for you, the streamer, to educate yourself is at Save Internet The site includes links to sample letters you can use and some points to note in your own letters.

This fee will effect streams that play commercials or don't. All will be expected to pay and pay big.

Back to normal news...

The hard drive in SomaFM's main server (web and stream) died today. Our backup was a few days old, so some news, mailing list changes and guestbook entries were lost. It took us a few hours to get everything back up (from about 3pm to 9pm pacific), but everything should be OK now. 4-March-02

Our SomaFM store is finally open, with T-shirts, mousepads, totbags and more. Sorry, no stickers yet. Check it out! All sales help support SomaFM.

Doing some updates to the server today (preparing to add some new features to the web site!) So there might be a bit of downtime. 1-Mar-02

SomaFM is at Noise Pop SF this week. Say hi to Elise - look for someone cute with a big microphone. 26-Feb-02

Artists: get your tracks played on SomaFM. We support idependent and unsigned artists who create great music.

The net is a big choppy today, we're seeing some random problems connecting to our servers. Generally, you can quickly reconnect if your stream stops... we're trying to track down the probelms, but hey, the internet is big. 21-Feb-02

As the clock ticks over from 8:01PM on Wednesday, February 20th, 2002, time will (for sixty seconds only) read in perfect symmetry. To be more precise: 20:02, 20/02, 2002. To celebrate, makes love not war- A minute for peace, love and harmony 20-Feb-02

Came back from LA last week with a bunch of new music. You're already hering it on Groove Salad, Drone Zone, DnB and Secret Agent. Cliqhop and Downtempo are getting more tracks this week (we can only sort through it all so fast!). 19-Feb-02

Groove Salad DJ computer- the one that sends the music out to the servers- is now fixed and has been upgraded and now online. Additional server capacity added to Secret Agent. 18-Feb-02

Cliqhop gets a 24k stream today. IDM sounds extra trippy at reduced bit rates. 16-Feb-02

Okay, Groove Salad's computer is dying, so we're running on a temporary one now. We're rebuilding the old one and hope to have all back to normal soon. You shouldn't notice too much difference. 12:20pm PST 16-Feb-02

Groove Salad is having problems this morning, we're investigating. 10am PST 16-Feb-02

Recent song info is working again properly. 13-Feb-02

We have some ideas to improve the reliability of the Groove Salad feed. Please bear with us... we're working on it now. 11pm PST 12-Feb-02

Recent song info is working again, but some may have their times off by 3 hours. It's a timezone issue, will have it fixed shorty. 8-Feb-02

I go out of town to find new music, and of course like magic, the Secret Agent DJ system breaks just hours after I leave. I just got back and we are fixing it now... and then I can go finish my set at Tranquility Base at 26 Mix! 11-Feb-01

Both our internet providers are having problems today. Channels may drop out from time to time. Sorry. 8-Feb-02

Now with a total of 8 channels for your listening pleasure.

Stream performance is much better today after yesterday's outage. We're continuing to change things to work even better. 6-Feb-02

Things went all to hell after the network outage this morning. SomaFM was mostly off the air from about 11:30am to 4:40pm today. A small chain reaction of technical problems are to blame, you don't want to know all the details. 5-Feb-02

Speakeasy (yet again) is having problems with their network in San Francisco, which is causing a lot of skipping and buffering with Cliqhop, DnB, Indie and House Party. Is there such a thing as a reliable SDSL provider? 8am PST 3-Feb-02

Now Speakeasy seems to be working, but AT&T who provides our other network connection for Groove Salad, Drone Zone, Secret Agent and Downtempo seems to be having problems. 9:50am PST 1-Feb-02

Speakeasy is having problems with their network in San Francisco again, which is causing problems with half our stations (Cliqhop, DnB, Indie and House Party). We'll keep you posted as we learn more. 9:30am 1-Feb-02

Now with a total of 8 channels for your listening pleasure. 13-Jan-02

There are currently no network problems, all streams are on the air. 6pm PST 29-Jan-02

Cliqhop, DnB, Indie and House Party are not available due to an outage from one of our network providers ( UPDATE: Speakeasy is still having problems. Apparently fallout from the so-called upgrade they did a few days ago. 9am PST 29-Jan-02

Cliqhop, DnB, Indie and House Party down until Noon PST while our network provider upgrades our studio connection. 7am PST 25-Jan-02

AT&T, the studio network provider, seems to be having some network problems that is causing our stations to drop out from time to time. 23-Jan-01

Groove Salad 24k and 56k feeds were filling up today, we hope to have more capacity added to them within 48 hours. If you can't connect to the feed, it means it's reached its maximum capacity. 22-Jan-02

Now with a total of 8 channels for your listening pleasure. 13-Jan-02

There have been some network problems in the San Francisco area due to a fiber cut, you may experience drop outs and disconnects. 5pm pst, 18-Jan-02

Annoucing the arrival of our newest channel, cliqhop: Blips'n'beeps backed w/beats. An extremely wide array of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music). 13-Jan-02

This morning's network problems have been resolved. While we don't want to totally point fingers at AT&T, they have a history of reconfiguring their network on the weekends and then realizing that they broke something by mid-day Monday, when the traffic picks up. At least they fixed it fast this time. 2pm Pacific 14-Jan-02

We were off the air from 10pm PST 11-Jan-02 to 5am PST 12-Jan-02 because our main server got hacked. We were luckly that we were working on the system when the hack happened. Minimal damage was done, and we've upgraded to RedHat 7.2 and OpenSSH.

Squid DnB down for a bit - our engineer is working on it. (Corrupt File! Run CHKDSK!). 11-Jan-02

We're looking for someone who has experience with Icecast v2 and Vorbis streaming. If that's you, and you can spend some time helping SomaFM broadcast in the Vorbis format, contact our engineer. Thanks!

Oh yeh, in case we haven't mentioned it already, thank you so much for your support in 2001. It was an amazing year for us as a station... and we owe it all to you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your financial support. And most of all thank you for all the good words and encouragement! We love you. - Rusty, Zach, Big Url, Merin.

Problems at the studio kept Groove Salad off the air for a couple hours today. Sorry about that. 2-Jan-02

Squid Indie is back for real at 128k, satisfying all your Indie, Lofi and Slowcore needs. 20-Dec-01

We're counting down towards NYE. We'll be keeping you entertained with our NYE House Party and countdown to the New Year in San Francisco! (And sorry about the hour or so of silence - the cat was playing with some wires and disconnected something she shouldn't have! 31-Dec-01

Merry Christmas from Rusty, Zach, Merin and the rest of the crew here at Soma FM. 24-Dec-01

Squid Downtempo is temporarily unavailable, we're working on the problem now. 21-Dec-01

Happy Holidays from SomaFM. Check out our silly Holiday Broadcast (128k) and now for your modem bound pleasure, a 24k Holiday Feed. Dec-2001

Today, SomaFM's programming is dedicated to the memory of my late grandfather, Virgil M. "Doz" Harvey, who was born 95 years ago today. He bought me a tape recorder when I was 4, and a radio before that... and he's the person that inspired me to run a radio station many, many years ago. Thanks Doz for that inspiration! Look where we are now! 19-Dec-01

From 4am to 11am Pacific time, we were off the air due to a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) failure. The UPS was supposed to keep us on the air during a power failure, but there was no power failure, and the UPS just died, taking all our encoders and server with it. It has been replaced and all is well again. 15-dec-01

One of our repeaters is having less than optimum performance today. This is mostly affecting the Xmas channel. When you click on a playlist you will get a list of multiple servers in your WinAmp or iTunes playlist - if you get a lot of skipping on one repeater, select one of the other ones from the playlist. 12-Dec-01

AT&T who provides connectivity for our studio, is having network problems today. This is fallout from the Excite@Home fiasco, and AT&T is merging their cable modem users onto their regional network. In the process, they have temporarily overloaded their capacity in the bay area. This is causing some problems at the studio. Please bear with us. Sat, 8-Dec-01

Sorry for all the network problems today. Things seem to have settled down again. We split some feeds over to the backup DSL line, which seems to have worked somewhat. 5-Dec-01

Groove Salad 128k repeater is having problems, we're looking into it. 56 and 24k streams are up. 4:30pm PST 5-Dec-01

We were rewiring the studio tonight, so there were some breif outages 10-11pm Pacific time. 4-Dec-01

MILESTONE: SomaFM hit the 2000 concurrent listeners mark today at 11:32 PST 3-Dec-2001

Due to problems on the internet today, all streams except groove salad began experiencing problems at 8:55am PDT today. Things should be fixed soon! 3-Dec-01

A network problem is causing the main Groove Salad repeater to be unreliable right now. Other streams may also be affected. Highly skilled technicians are working to solve the problem right now. 9:40am PDT 28-Nov-01

Oh, yeh, forgot to mention Squidradio DnB now has lots more capacity. 19-Nov-01

Squidradio DnB back up. Thanks to for filling in for us while it was down. 18-Nov-01

Rusty started a new day job so your email may not get answered as quickly. The good news is that he can now buy more records for your enjoyment! 12-Nov-01

Subsantially more capacity has been added to Secret Agent, Drone Zone and Downtempo streams. 8-Nov-01

Soma FM was mentioned in the October issue of Wallpaper* Magazine, on page 280. Thanks for listening to us! 30-Oct-01

Still waiting on a replacement power supply for the dead DnB stream computer. In the mean time, the streams are redirected to 5-Nov-01

The Drum'n'Bass channel is down because of the failure of one of our computers. A replacement is on order. In the mean time, our friends at Bass Drive have some great DnB/Jungle. 6am pdt 2-Nov-01

C|net has an article on the future of internet radio... in case you didn't know, many big name Net broadcasters are going out of business. We hope to stay around a long time by keeping costs low and relying on your support. 30-Oct-01

Special halloween Broadcast! The Soma Haunting, a crazy mix for your halloween enjoyment. 31-Oct-01

The outages that occurred around 12:30pm PDT appear to have been fixed by AT&T. All channels are back now. We'll keep you posted in case they break things again. 12:47pm PDT 30-Oct-01

Secret Agent 128k has had its capacity increased again, but it was still maxed out for about an hour today. We're working on getting even more capacity for it. 26-Oct-01

We've updated some of the playlist pages but there are still a few mystery tracks we only have the track titles for. Things are getting cleaned up though! 23-Oct-01

We're experiencing some skipping on the new Secret Agent repeater, so it has been removed from the main station links until the problem is resolved. 20-Oct-01

Keep informed of SomaFM events by joining our mailing list. 10-Oct-01

Groove Salad 128k had an outage tonight... it was down from about 5pm to 10pm Pacific time. 18-Oct-01

Additional capacity added to Secret Agent. Additional capacity coming to Downtempo soon. 16-Oct-01

Groove Salad 128k was down about 20 minutes around 4pm PST today due to a server glitch. 15-Oct-01

Secret Agent 128k stream and Squid Downtempo have been reaching their maximum capacity during the day for the last few days. This means you may try to connect and will get an error. More capacity should be added next week. 12-Oct-01

Squid DnB down due to hardware problems, should be back later tonight. 12-Oct-01 4:30pm PST

Speaking of links, we've added a section where you can add your own favorite links. Check it out! 8-Oct-01

We are off the air for a while tonight while our ISP was doing maintenance. 11:40pm PST 9-Oct-01

LINK TO US! We've made it very easy for you to add text and graphic links from your site to SomaFM. Linking to us is a free way for you to support SomaFM! 30-Sep-01

This has been a great week for SomaFM - several times we've had over 1100 simultaneous listeners. Thank you all for spreading the word of SomaFM. 28-Sep-01

Squid Downtempo has been maxing out it's 128k listeners. If you can't connect to the 128k stream, try the 56k stream instead (it sounds almost as good).

The internet is broken today. There are multiple fiber cuts in North America, and as a result you will get some skipping and inability to connect at times. 26-Sep-01

Groove Salad is experiencing occasional problems with the 128k stream. There appears to be some network problems between our studio and the repeater servers. All other streams are working fine. 9:30am PST 26-Sep-01

We were down for maintenance Sunday between 4pm and 7pm PST, but everything is back now. 23-Sep-01

Groove Salad's Real Audio feed is currently unavailable. And a software glitch created a 40 minute outage for Groove Salad's MP3 streams around 9am PST this morning as well. 19-Sep-01

Squid Indie is will be up and down for a while as we reconfigure our network to be safer from virus/worm attack! 18-Sep-01

Some outages this morning were caused by a new W32.Nimda internet worm. While SomaFM machines weren't affected, the work disrupted our network as well as our ISP for a while. The site has already had over 3000 attempted attacks this morning! 18-Sep-01

There has been a terrible terorist attack on New York and Washington DC. News audio feeds are here. Our heart goes out to those affected by this horrible event. 11-Sep-01

Good news: all streams are back up again in full fidelity, commercial free format! 5pm PST, 8-Sep-01

Drone Zone and Secret Agent are both back up at 56k via, but the catch is that Live365 is inserting some advertising. This is just a temporary measure until we get more servers back in service. Our commitment to you is commercial free, listener supported radio. 7-Sep-01

Bad News: All our repeaters except Groove Salad are gone. The company that donated the bandwidth is no longer able to provide it to us. We're scrambling to find some new source of bandwidth for this, but considering that the previous company was donating over $10,000 a month of bandwidth to us (peaking at close to 30mbit/sec), it may not happen in the next few days. 5-Sep-01

Something has gone amiss back at the studio, we're trying to fix things remotely. 30-Aug-01 One of our repeaaters has vanished, so only Groove Salad 128k stream is working. If you are able to repeat some of our other streams, please contact (Why do things go to hell whenever we're away from the studio?) 30-Aug-01

We're at Burning Man in the Nevada Desert. Not much connectivity out here, so the station is on its own. 27-Aug-01

Groove Salad RealPlayer 8 feed is back for now. 23-Aug-01

SomaFM will again be at the Burning Man festival in Nevada's Black Rock desert from Aug 29th-Sept 2nd. We'll be at "9:30 and Infant" and will have a cozy mini chill room. If you're going to Burning Man, come by and visit us! August 2001

The staff was gone for a couple days, and we couldn't fix the problem with Squid DnB. We'll have it fixed shortly. 22-Aug-01

Groove salad down for 30 minutes just now, our crack engineering team solved the problem and got things back on the air within 20 minutes. - 18-Aug-01

Drone Zone 24k feed fixed. We're working with Shoucast for a fix to this problem (which is an obscure bug that keeps hitting us). 17-Aug-01

SomaFM wishes our pal and part time promoter Summer a happy birthday! Send her a message and tell her happy birthday! 17-Aug-01

The Groove Salad Real Audio 8 feed is going away for a few days. Please use the 24k and 56k MP3 feeds instead. If you really liked the Real 8 feeds, please let us know. 16-Aug-01

Groove Salad 24k stream working after being broken in yesterday's upgrade. New 56k Groove Salad feed available. 13-Aug-01

Cool new SomaFM desktop graphics available at Thanks Noel! 24-Jul-01

We did some upgrades today, which caused some streams may be down for 15-60 minutes from 4:30pm-Midnight PST. The upgrades will allow us to run more lower speed streams as well as run a new version of the shoutcast server. (Thanks Tom and the team at Shoutcast for the great new release). 12-Aug-01

Groove Salad had limited capacity today for a while. All repeaters are back up now. 8pm, 11-Aug-01

There are some network issues this morning, so our feeds may be interrupted briefly. 8/8/01

Squid DnB's machine died due to a power supply problem. We're getting a new one Monday. 5-Aug-01

Our ISP is performing network maintenance from Midnight-3 AM Friday and Saturday Eastern Time this weekend. There will be scattered outages. 2-Aug-01

Additional Capacity has been added to Squid Downtempo. Thanks Spot! 2-Aug-01

Secret Agent stream back after a short outage due to an unknown technical problem. 12:40pm PST 30-Jul-01

People have been asking What is Soma? Learn the secret at last.

Sat and Sun we are doing some work on the SomaFM studios. There might be some short interruptions in service, but we'll try and keep things up as much as possible. 28-Jul-01

Drone Zone 24kb feed was down for technical problems, and is back now. 24-Jul-01

Squid Drun'n'Bass/Jungle and Squid Downtempo are live. 22-Jul-01

Squid Drun'n'Bass/Jungle is also live and in beta testing. 128k stream / 20 listeners max. 21-Jul-01

Squid Downtempo is live in testing. It's a 128k stream, but only supports 20 listeners max. We need some more repeaters, if you work for an ISP or web site with some extra bandwidth, please contact us. 21-Jul-01

There are reports of major internet wide problems on the East Coast of the US today which may be affecting your SomaFM reception. 16-Jul-01

Groove Salad 128k stream was down from about 4pm to 8:30pm pacific time today, due to a software bug in the shoutcast server software. 16-Jul-01

Finally, the Drone Zone 24k stream is back. Still on the to do list: Secret Agent 24k stream, Squid Downtempo, Squid Indie streams. 13-Jul-01

Forest over at Waveform Records has given us a bunch of cassettes of their awesome compilation Two A.D. and Liquid Zen's journey into electronic vocalese to give to SomaFM listeners. The only catch is that we can only mail to people in the USA. If you want one, Email your name and address to SomaFM and we'll pick about 50 names who will get them. (As always, your email address, name, and mailing address will be kept private, and not shared with anyone. SomaFM respects your privacy!)

Please try out the Realplayer 8 Groove Salad stream. Tell us what you think of it. We've also added a 24k Groove Salad stream.

Our ISP (AT&T) is having a little network trouble again, some streams may be intermittant for a while. Noon PST, 11-Jul-01

We're having a little network trouble tonight, some streams may be intermittant for a while as our ISP is working on their systems. 2am PST, 11-Jul-01

Drone Zone has been crashing a lot in the last couple days, we're rebuilding a new machine for it now. 8-Jul-01

Thanks for all your support. Your donations are keeping SomaFM on the air, and helping us bring back all our other streams that existed before the problems back in May. -- Rusty 8-Jul-01

Real 8 server back and working. Make sure that you use the links below to get the latest connection data. Thanks to Spot for fixing this! 6-Jul-01

WinAmp/Aol is having a small connectivity problem right now, this may affect Groove Salad streams. The appropriate network engineers have been notified. 5:30pm 6-Jul-01

AT&T has fixed our conectivity problem, and for the last 10 hours, our streams have been more reliable than any time since May 1st! This is a good thing. A very good thing. 4-Jul-01

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US! Take a moment to appreciate your freedoms and indepence, and remember not to take it from granted. We still have lots of work to do, giant Corporations (and their representatives, like the RIAA) are now the biggest threat to our personal freedoms. 4-Jul-01.

Real Audio 8 server are down for a few days. 4-Jul-01

AT&T has has our service up and down all day. They now (as of midnight) say it will be back completely by 4am, and that they've had to replace hardware on their end and reload software. Whatever. I'm very excited that a line from another provider is being installed on Friday. 4-Jul-01

RealAudio 8 server is down for the next day or so. (Remember, we get this server to help them test, so 100% uptime will not be possible.) 2-Jul-01

We've updated the front page a bit to preview a bit of the site redesign that is in progress. Some of the new features will be a real bulletin board, community section, better playlists, and more details on each song! 29-Jun-01

Real 8 Groove Salad feed down until 3pm PST. Drone Zone is back after a bit of an outage (Sorry, it crashed while I was at the Woom party...) - 1-Jul-01

Secret Agent and Drone Zone transmissions may be interrupted or suffer from dropouts Friday evening through late night (PST). Groove Salad should remain unaffected. 29-Jun-01.

Groove Salad is now available in a modem-compatible RealAudio Stereo G2 stream. CORRECTION: this is Real 8 format. 28-Jun-01

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to SomaFM. So far we've received about $1100! We also want to thank those people who have been able to provide us with additional bandwidth (you know who you are). 26-Jun-01

Groove Salad 128k repeaters are working again. 11pm PST 27-Jun-01

A 32kb RealAudio G2 stream is in testing. If you want to test it, send us a note. We currently have limited bandwidth to host it on, otherwise we'd tell everyone now. 24-Jun-01.

A glitch at the studios today brought the streams down for 20 minutes or so but all i swell now. 21-Jun-01

There is a great article about SomaFM in June's EQ Magazine, you can read it online here - it's the second heading on the page. 20-Jun-01

A new Studio to Server DSL line has been ordered exclusively for SomaFM use, once it is installed, the stream quality will be greatly improved. Thanks to everyone who supports us with your donations! 19-Jun-01

New Drone Zone repeater in place. We hope to have the 24/56k streams back by the middle of next week. 15-Jun-01

Groove Salad was down this morning, but all streams should be back now. 11-Jun-01

Drone Zone has returned but we're still need repeaters for it. It is available in a limited amount of streams until the repeaters come online. 10-Jun-01

We are working hard to put redirects in place from the old servers to the new ones. We've accidentially lost many of you, please make sure you bookmark this page so that you can always find a link back to the current stream servers. 30-May-01

A high capacity Secret Agent feed is now available. (You can also click on the station list and get properly redirected now.) 26-May-01

Thanks to those who have offered us additional repeaters for Drone Zone and Secret Agent. They will be back online in a few days. 19-May-01

Greetings from Italy. Things are sort of working, with limited stream access. The groove salad repeater should be back soon, but all other streams are limited. (We were kicked off our main server again. Argh. Anyone got some bandwidth to loan us?) - rusty 5-may-01

Currently all streams are down and they will probably not be up till tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. 1-May-01

While Rusty is in Europe, please report system outages or problems to Engineer Vance. (He can't take requests or answer music questions though.)

Squid Indie and Downtempo were unavailable due to a power failure. Drone Zone 128 is running on a new machine, hopefully it will be more stable now. 29-Apr-01

Rusty from SomaFM will be in Milan, Paris and Amsterdam the first 2 weeks in May. send him any suggestions of clubs and record stores he should visit!

Drone Zone 128k will be back when we get a new machine to run it on (soon) as the old one crashes from hardware problems all the time. 26-Apr-01

Web site (but not streams) down for maintenance from 6pm yesterday until now, sorry for the lack of warning. 22-Apr-01

Amazing. We go away for a long weekend and nothing crashes. The vibes are really with us. 17-Apr-01

In the last 10 days, Groove Salad has had over 34,000 hours of Total Time Spent Listening (TTSL, as the ratings people call it). This is an amazing number! Thanks for spreading the word about Groove Salad! 13-Apr-01

56k streams back after a technical problem. 10-Apr-01

Groove Salad has a new all-time number of simultaneous listeners today - 689! Thanks everyone! 9-Apr-01

Secret Agent music server crashed today, we're working on restoring it now. Hopefully it will be back by Monday morning. 8-Apr-01

We rebooted all the servers just now, we did a config change (nothing significant, just changed the log locations...). This means most of you got dumped now, and the Groove Salad repeater at WinAmp will be down for 15 minutes. rusty 7:11PM 5-Apr-01

Groove Salad 56k is still on a box that crashes a lot, so it may be down from time to time. We try and fix it as fast as we can. 5-Apr-01

Things have gotten a bit back to normal. Thanks for all the positive feedback you've given us! 2-Apr-01

Uunet (one our upstreams) was having a bad router day today, causing some spoadic outages today. 1-Apr-01 (for real!)

Our equipment has been returned and our site is back up. 28-Mar-2001.

Secret Agent stream undergoing a moment of silence in response to an overwhelminly good party. (That is, it's broken but we're all too hung over to fix it right this second...) March 25, 2001 at 10:19 PM

We're going to move some backup servers this weekend and hopefully fix Drone Zone's problems. Secret Agent 128 and Drone Zone 128 may be affected. March 23, 2001 at 5:43 PM

Incredible new Groove Salad discovery: Beanfield. How Rusty missed this artist until now is beyond us. Look for lots of new Beanfield tracks on Groove Salad. March 19, 2001 at 9:39 PM

What a messed up weekend. Groove Salad was messed up (now fixed), Secret Agent was being silent (also fixed). All streams out on Saturday evening. Fixed. Rusty's DSL still out. Not fixed but that really doesn't matter. March 11, 2001 at 11:15 PM

An outage is affecting all streams right now. We hope to be back within a few hours... but can not be positive when at this time. Sorry! 3/10/01 11pm PST.

56k Streams back. PG&E Power installed. Morning outage because in the power confusion someone (me) forgot to hook the net hub to the UPS. -- rusty 3/9/01

56k Streams will be back in 1-2 days (possibly sooner). March 8, 2001 at 10:21 AM

PG&E is actually here hooking up our new power today. Yay! March 8, 2001 at 10:13 AM

If you have reception problems or skipping streams, report them to our engineer. 3/6/01

Possible outages on Monday while our new PG&E power hookup is completed. They didn't come Friday as promised. March 4, 2001 at 9:31 PM

We continue to have a occasional problems with the T1 at our new location - the main problem is there is only ONE, the second one doesn't get completed for a few more weeks. This may cause some dropouts on our streams. We're working on a temporary solution until the additional T1 is installed.

Our move is taking a bit longer than we hoped for. This means that the Squidradio streams are still down as well as the 56k and 25k repeater streams. Please bear with us, we are expecting things to work by the end of uhe day today. ­­February 26, 2001 at 8:42 AM

SomaFM is moving! We're moving our physical presence to a more permanent home. This means that there might be some outages between now and Sunday evening. Squidradio streams will mostly be affected, as will most 56/24k streams. Groove Salad and Secret Agent should have very short outage periods. If you can't find us, we'll be back in a couple hours. - Rusty 2/21/02

Today Groove Salad hit 512 simultaneous listeners (our all time max) at 1:52:02 PM PST. Thank you all for listening! (This number includes our server and the repeater server at 2/21/01

Groove Salad now shows recently played songs in the WinAmp Minibrowser. What do you think? Tell Us!

Groove Salad desktop background available. Thanks to Noel at for the artwork! 2/5/01

Web server crashed (bye bye SCSI HD) 2/18/01. We're almost all back. Streams were not affected, only the web site. And of course, right after we bring the web server back up, the Groove Salad 56k and 24k streams die. We're working on it. 2/19/2001 at 9:26 PM

Drone Zone 128k temporarily unavailable. Should be working again by 1pm Pacific. February 13, 2001 at 11:10 AM

All streams were temporarily down for aprox 1 hour on Monday, sorry. A security upgrade went wrong and locked us out of the box. February 12, 2001 at 1:41 PM

Another Button! Mertic152 made us this smaller button. Thanks!

Want to link to us? We now have a button! (Thanks Merin!) 2/1/01

Wednesday was a bad day. Secret Agent 24k and Drone Zone 128k crashed. They're both back now. February 7, 2001 at 6:03 PM

Groove Salad 24 and 56k feeds working properly again. February 7, 2001 at 1:15 PM

Groove Salad 128k back up as of 5:52 PM PST - It was down due to technical problems from Feb 4, 2001 at 12:21 PM PST

Network issues improved, report skipping streams to our engineer. 2/4/01

Network problem at the studio is causing some skipping and dropouts on several streams. We're working on it. 11pm PST 2/1/02

Lots of new music added and being added this week. Thanks to Waveform Records for providing us with the tunes! 1/25/00

Playlists updated, but there are still some titles without artist names that we're trying to clean up. 1/30/01

Americans: Help Protect Webcasting! Sign this petition and send a letter to your congressman asking them to change the unfair provisions of the DMCA that only apply to internet broadcasters. 1/22/2000

If we go away for a while today, here's why: "NORTHERN CALIFORNIA BLACKOUTS ORDERED AT 9:50 a.m. Electricity Supply Remains Very Limited Throughout the Western Region." We have UPS systems, but they may not last 90 minutes. - 1/18/01

Groove Salad fixed. Sorry about the downtime. Problem was traced to an errant DHCP server. The machines now have static addresses. - 11:31a PST 1/12/01

Grove Salad 128k stream capacity increased to 400+ streams. January 11, 2001

Secret Agent 96k feed having problems, we're switching it to a new machine tonight. January 7, 2001 at 11:40 PM

Today, Groove Salad was #4 on the Shoutcast Top 20! This is our all time highest rating! (And we know, Reprehzunt was off the air, but that doesn't matter. Because we are #4 today!) 12/29/00

Today Groove Salad hit our 200 user max! We'll look into adding additional capacity, but thanks for making us so popular! 12/18/00

Lots of new music added in the last weeks. An updated playlist will be available soon, but Groove Salad alone has had about 6 hours of music added in the last few weeks, with now over 40 hours of music in rotation! Drone Zone and Secret Agent also got a lot of new music this week. - December 15, 2000 at 6:27 PM

New 24kb Groove Salad stream added - but then it crashed the 56k feed. Oops. It will be back shortly. SecretAgent 56k stream changed to 32kb by popular demand. - 12/14/2000

Update your bookmarks! Our San Jose and San Francisco repeaters are no longer in operation. Hint: there will always be a stream at, so if you can bookmark the name and not the IP address, you won't have to worry if we move servers. - December 4, 2000 at 9:30 PM

Lots of things are fixed now. We're serving our main streams out of Exodus NY now and the skipping problems have gone way way down. Secondary server at is still in place, but you will get better performance from the NYC server. Also, the corrupt file that kept crashing Groove Salad 128k has been removed. 10/16/2000

San Jose Server farm reconfigured. Skipping should be drastically lessened. In fact, the server farm is now just a single server (the load on the server wasn't an issue, the network traffic was).

Lots of new songs added to Secret Agent and DroneZone. Some new stuff added to groove salad, and lots more being added in the next few days. - 10/28/3000

New York repeater back online, San Jose capacity reduced until we can get a new 100baseT switch installed. Hopefully this will improve transmission quality. - 10/25/2000

SomaFM transmissions have returned to normal. 10/6/2000 is having routing probems, and our streams are intermittant now. They are working on it. 10/5/2000 5pm. was down as we were forced to switch colocation providers. There are now 2 servers at in San Jose, CA serving up to 1000 streams. Sorry for the downtime, and thanks to everyone who sent us messages saying they missed us. - 10/3/2000

Groove Salad 128kb stream encoder machine crashed and was down for a few hours Wednesday 9/27. The 56k stream is on a separate encoder and stayed up. If we actaully made money doing this, we'd have a backup machine ready to take over the instant one crashed, but we don't.

9/26/2000 - Zach has added the Squid Downtempo 24kb stream. So finally you can listen via modem.

9/18/2000 - After a few bad experiences with Amazon, we're no longer promoting them. For the time being, the playlists will still link there. At the moment, we like, who have supplied us with hard to find new CDs since 1992 when we had to telnet to their server! They're not always the cheapest, but they're honest.

9/15/2000- Suicide Club off the air until more hardware is freed up, and we have time to more fully flesh out its playlist. The records are here, they just need to be encoded and organized.

8/25/2000 - We're running on our new main server, hopefully much more reliable. (It's an IBM Netfinity 4000. Thanks to for letting us use this)

We were at Burning Man 2000 from 8/30/2000 to 9/4/2000. Broadcasting on 102.3 FM

There was an outage last night for about 12 hours. All SomaFM streams were down, sorry! A redundant server is on the way. August 25, 2000 at 5:59 PM

The problem with Drone Zone's 64k stream has been hopefully solved. While the solution does not make sense technically, it appears to work for now. I hope I am not speaking too soon. Thanks for bearing with us. August 13, 2000 at 6:29 PM

We now have ads on the web site. This is good, a source of revenue to offset our massive bandwidth costs. If you buy music from Amazon, start from our site!

Cleaned up the web site. Added a guest book. -- Rusty July 27, 2000 at 8:08 PM

Some strange problems with our master server. It just stops for no reason. Linux doesn't appear to panic, it's like it just was power-offed. Might be a power problem at Level 3, or who know what. This has caused our extended downtime a few times in the last month. We hope to replace it soon. -- Rusty, July 21, 2000 at 5:12 PM

You probably shouldn't shop on Amazon, but if you must, use our link:

SomaFM is an Amazon Affiliate

These links are affiliate links for shopping on Amazon. By buying through these links we may receive a commission for the sale. This has no effect on the price for you. This link is to,,, or

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You probably shouldn't shop on Amazon, but if you must, use our link:

SomaFM is an Amazon Affiliate

These links are affiliate links for shopping on Amazon. By buying through these links we may receive a commission for the sale. This has no effect on the price for you. This link is to,,, or

(Amazon makes us say all that stupid stuff)