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Experimental HLS streams are back up and running. 31-Jan-23

The AppleTV issue has been resolved. 29-Jan-2023

We are debugging an intermittent issue on the channel feed for our AppleTV and other apps. There may be times when no channels are displayed, if that happens, try again in a few minutes. 28-Jan-2023

Experimental HLS stream update: Stereo streams are down, The 5.1 stream is still available; Stereo streams should be back by 30 Jan. 27-Jan-2023

We are doing some audio gear work on SF-1033 right now, so there may be some glitches and other strange things. We will be done soon. 4:30pm Pacific 30-Dec-2022

Happy New Year. Let's cross our fingers that this one will be better than 2022. 1-Jan-2023

Some site slowness Monday afternoon due to a failed web proxy node, but it is now fixed. 27-Dec-2022

We're taking a slight vacation until after the New Year: we'll still be playing the music you like of course, but we won't be shipping premiums, and we'll be much slower responding to email. 22-Dec-2022

Our Mac App has been updated for compatibility with MacOS Ventura, update in the App Store now. 22-Dec-2022

The Android bug that caused some channels and bandwidth options to disappear has been fixed and the update is available in the Play store. 14-Dec-2022

A bug in the latest Android app update is causing several channels not to appear, the problem has been identified and a fix should be done in a day or two after we test. (It's not loading our whole channel list). 11-Dec-2022

It's the end of the month fundraising drive. If you haven't donated to SomaFM in the last year, please donate and support us today! 28-Nov-2022

Department Store Christmas is back on our Specials channel. Holiday music in the "elevator" or "beautiful music" style. 15-Nov-2022

Drone Zone will be playing Steve Roach's 5-hour Bloodmoon Rising performance tonight at Midnight pacific for the Total Lunar Eclipse (which technically starts just after midnight on Tuesday morning). 7-Nov-2022

Hope you had a great Halloween. Doomed will continue until November 15th, when Department Store Christmas will return. 1-Nov-2022

Thank you to all our supporters for hitting our October budget goal, and helping catch us back up financially! We love you and are grateful for you! 30-Oct-2022

Premium store update: Apple Pay and Paypal express checkout on iOS/iPad and Safari has been resolved. 10-Oct-2022

Apple Pay and Paypal temporarily not available as express checkout on iOS/iPad and Safari, our shopping provider Shopify is aware of the issue and working on a resolution. 28-Sep-2022

All the sets from our DEF CON 30 live broadcasts from Las Vegas are now being replayed on SomaFM Live 25-Aug-2022

Once again, we will be broadcasting live from DEF CON 30 in Las Vegas, August 11-14. Say Hello if you're at the conference (we'll be in the main chill room at the Caesars Forum), or tune in here from 10am-6pm daily (Pacific time). 11-Aug-2022

Our end-of-the month fundraising drive is on. Please make a donation to help us meet July's fundraising budget goal! (Click that donate button!) 25-Jul-2022

IF you're missing out on fireworks, here's a replay of our live video from July 4, 2020. 4-Jul-2022

SF-1033 Live scanner feed back up. While SFPD has encrypted much of their traffic, initial dispatch as well as EMS and Fire are in the clear. 28-Jun-2022

Tiki Time, Bossa Beyond, The In Sound, Surf Report, and Dub X are all programs on our year-round Specials channel. This is where we test drive potential new channels, so let us know what you think. 9-Jun-2022

Thank you to all our supporters for helping us meet our goal for May! 1-Jun-2022

End of may Fund Drive on now. Please make a donation as we count on our listeners for making SomaFM possible. 23-May-2022

Hope you enjoyed our special Cinco de Mayo programming on our Specials channel, and now it returns to our regular mix of Tiki Time, Bossa Beyond, The In Sound, Surf Report, and Dub X. 7-May-2022

SomaFM would like to give a huge round of thanks to Lewis Frazee from Texas, who saw we were way short on our fundraising this month and donated $5000 to cover it! Thanks Lewis, you're awesome! 31-Mar-2022

Happy Vernal Equinox! Time to celebrate spring and the end of a long winter. (Well, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.) 20-Mar-2022

Check out Thistle Radio this week! Happy St Pats! 14-Mar-2022

There may be some short downtime this week for security upgrades. 13-Mar-2022

Holiday Channels will return next year. 1-Mar-2022

Tiki Time, Bossa Beyond, and the Surf Report are all back on our Specials channel. Department Store Christmas will return next November 15th. 3-Feb-2022

Thanks to everyone who stepped up and helped us meet our January fundraising goal, and even exceeding it by $650! Thank you for making SomaFM possible! We love you! 2-Feb-2022

A new Windows/Xbox version of the SomaFM app is now available in the Microsoft store. Bug fixes including an issue with the love/wtf buttons and navigation is working properly on the Xbox now. 21-Dec-2021

An outage with our anti-spam provider (which apparently runs on Amazon cloud) has caused incoming email delivery issues for us since Sunday night into mid-day today (Monday). We've routed around the problem now; please resend if you didn't receive a reply to your questions. 20-Dec-2021

Happy Hanukkah! Plenty of fun Hanukkah-themed songs being mixed in this week on Xmas in Frisko. 29-Nov-2021

BAGeL Radio has moved to a new home at You can launch the BAGeL Radio player here. 16-Nov-2021

This concludes our Halloween special, Doomed. It will return next October. Thanks for listening! 15-Nov-2021

Department Store Christmas returns this Monday on our Specials Channel. 11-Nov-2021

Next week, Friday, November 5th, at 2pm PT (5pm ET / 2100 GMT) we will be broadcasting the premiere of Steve Roach & Michael Stearns' new release "Beyond Earth & Sky" on Deep Space One. 28-Oct-2021

Halloween is this weekend, and we've got the stuff to keep you in the mood. "Doomed" has returned on our Specials channel and has all sorts of dark goth-influenced industrial and other scary music just perfect for Halloween festivities. And on Halloween night, we'll be mixing in some Halloween-specific sound-effects and haunted ambience to make Doomed an even more non-stop soundtrack for your Halloween escapades. 27-Oct-2021

We updated our stream servers to SSL TLSv1.3 and it seems to have fixed playback issues with Winamp and our Mac/iOS apps. 17-Oct-2021

iOS 15's iCloud Private Relay beta and Tmobile have issues working with the SomaFM app (you can't connect). We believe this is an Tmobile issue and recommend disabling Tmobile users disable iCloud Private Relay until it is out of beta. 15-Oct-2021

We've enabled broader support for SSL/HTTPS and hopefully haven't broken any legacy stream players. Non-SSL streams are still supported. 13-Oct-2021

Thank you to all our September supporters! You and all of our supporters make SomaFM possible! 27-Sep-2021

The SomaFM merch store will be on vacation until September 29th. Items shipped from SomaFM (not Print-on-Demand items) will not be shipped until September 30th. We will also be slow to respond to emails. We appreciate your understanding. 15-Sep-2021

A big thank you to all our all our supporters who stepped up in August and helped us make our monthly budget! 30-Aug-2021

(More old news in the news archives.)

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