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Please help keep SomaFM on the air by making a donation right now. We rely totally on you to stay on the air. 10-Nov-2018

Special Halloween programming this Wednesday on Doomed: Halloween Edition. 30-Oct-2018

Lots of new goodies in the SomaFM Premium Store like new Tshirt designs, Stealth Black water bottle, a new black and red mug and more. 25-Oct-2018

Doomed is back a little early, for Halloween. 15-Sep-2018

SomaFM will be attending Knobcon Synthesizer Convention in Chicago September 7-9th. Maybe see you there? 2-Sep-2018

Fundraising was behind in August (I guess everyone was on vacation!) so we could really use your donations and financial support to catch up. 1-Sep-2018

SomaFM is broadcasting live again from DEF CON 26, August 9-12, 2018 at Caesars Palace & Flamingo in Las Vegas. 10-Aug-2018

SomaFM will be live broadcasting Steve Roach's sold-out concert series in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the weekend of August 4th and 5th on Space Station Soma as well as extended before and after coverage on SomaFM Live. 1-Aug-2018

This Saturday, June 23rd, SomaFM 7" Soul's Dion "The Watts" Garcia be DJing out at Tunnel Records on Taraval in San Francisco from 3-7pm. 20-Jun-2018

A big thanks to everyone who donated in our end of the month fundraising drive. Your support keeps SomaFM on the air! We love you!!! 31-May-2018

We are rebroadcasting the performances from the How Weird Street Faire for the next few weeks on the SomaFM Live channel. 8-May-2018

End of the month Fund Raising Drive: we are running behind! Please help keep SomaFM on the air and show us you believe in what we're doing by either making a donation right now or buying some gear in the SomaFM Premium Store. 28-May-2018

We updated our webplayer last night to improve smartphone compatibility; but we introduced some bugs for Firefox and Chrome users... so we reverted back this morning. If you were having issues with our web player, it should be back to normal now. 23-Apr-2018

Once again, SomaFM will have a "stage" at the How Weird Street Fair in San Francisco on Sunday, May 6th. Save the date and hope to see you there! 30-Mar-2018

Heading to SXSW in Austin? Keep an eye out for some of the SomaFM crew: Merin, kampf, and Rusty will all be there. 7-Mar-2018

We are re-broadcasting the Robert Rich Sleep Concert this week on SomaFM Live. If you missed the concert or live broadcast, now is your last chance to hear it! 26-Feb-2018

This Friday night (Feb 23), we're broadcasting Robert Rich's Sleep Concert, Presented by Flow Kana, live from San Francisco 11:30pm-8am Pacific Friday night / Saturday morning (2:30-11am ET). Tune in on SomaFM Live and simulcast on Drone Zone 20-Feb-2018

It was so great to meet so many SomaFM fans from all over THE WORLD at the Steve Roach concert series in Tucson, AZ this month. Hope you enjoyed the broadcast and the replays. Steve Roach and Projekt Records will be releasing CD and digital albums of the concert in the near future. 13-Feb-2018

Coming up in just over a week: Steve Roach LIVE concert series from Solar Culture's Galactic Center in Tucson: February 9 on Drone Zone, Feb 10th & 11th on Space Station Soma starting at 8pm MST (7pm PST, 10PM EST, 3:00 AM GMT the following day). Extended live coverage will start at least an hour beforehand on SomaFM Live special events channel. 30-Jan-2018

From all of us at SomaFM, we hope you have a great 2018, and thank you for all your support in 2017. WE LOVE YOU!!! 31-Dec-2017

Our shipping department will closed for the holiday, orders are still being accepted and we will resume shipments on January 8th, 2017. Thank you for all your support! 18-Dec-2017

We hope you have enjoyed our broadcasts of Earwaves and The Silent Channel, both of which will conclude their broadcasts on December 30th, 2017. Thanks for listening. 17-Dec-2017

We hope you have been enjoying our broadcasts of Doomed. This years broadcast will continue through December 15th. Doomed will return next October, so Stay Tuned! 1-Dec-2017

The holiday season has begun. Thank you for all your support! 27-Nov-2017

We've re-organized the front page a bit to spotlight channels which were previously "below the fold". There are over 40 channels available right now! 12-Nov-2017

Holiday channels are back (quietly on the bottom of our home page)... 1-Nov-17

Coming up this Tuesday at Noon Pacific (17:00 GMT): Drone Zone Album Premiere of Eyes Cast Down's new release, "The White Island" 1-Oct-2017

Congratulations to Indie Pop Rocks Elise and Brendan! May you have a long and wonderful life together! 16-Sep-2017

A mis-configured server was causing issues with apps connecting this morning for some people but it is now fixed. (We missed updating a SSL certificate on one of our servers and it's now updated.) 7-Sep-2017

RIP Walter Becker. Thank you for a lifetime of amazing music and touching all the lives you did. 3-Sep-2017

Our thoughts go out to our friends and listeners in the Houston area who are impacted by Harvey. 28-Aug-2017

Drone Zone will have special Eclipse programming during Monday's solar eclipse. 20-Aug-2017

This Friday: Album Premiere of Steve Roach's new release, "Long Thoughts," on Drone Zone, Aug 18th, 5pm pacific, 8pm eastern. 14-Aug-2017

This Sunday, August 13th, 2pm pacific: Drone Zone presents an Album Premiere of Steve Roach's new release, Nostalgia for the Future. 10-Aug-2017

Broadcasting Live from DEF CON 25 in Las Vegas this weekend! 28-Jul-17

New SomaFM Keychains as well as Drone Zone Tshirts are now in our store. 15-Jul-17

We now have "refrigerator" magnets available for some of our more popular channels. 6-Jun-2017

All our systems have been updated and all channels are back on the air, including Mission Control. 15-May-17

Mission Control is now back on the air. Thanks for your patience. 15-may-17

We will be broadcasting live from the How Weird Street Fair in San Francisco on May 7th. We'll be at the corner of 2nd and Tehama from Noon to 8-m. SomaFM DJs and special live performances! Please join us. 21-Apr-17

We had some issues with the streaming system that Boot Liquor runs on. It's been replaced, so no more skips and breakups in the songs. Really sorry for that! 21-Apr-17

SomaFM app for the Xbox One and Windows 10 coming soon! 15-Apr-17

SomaFM is now available for the Amazon Echo, just install the Alexa skill by saying "Install SomaFM". 22-Mar-17

We have a new app for the Amazon Fire TV. SomaFM Radio (TV Edition) is now in the Amazon App store, or search for "SomaFM" on your Fire TV. 20-Mar-17

The issue with one of our 2 streaming bandwidth providers has been resolved and all our stream servers are working properly. Thank you for your patience. 17-Mar-17 8:05am

Due to an equipment failure with one of our internet backbone providers, we have reduced streaming capacity and slow connections at the moment. This will hopefully be fixed by mid-day Friday. We'll keep you posted. 16-Mar-17

Our shipping department is now closed for the holiday, orders are still being accepted and we will resume shipments on January 9th, 2017. Thank you for all your support! 20-Dec-16

RIP John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, at age 95. As a memorial, Mission Control will be running audio from Glenn's Mercury spacecraft Friendship 7 for the next few days. 8-Dec-2016

(More old news in the news archives.)

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