n5MD Radio

Mike Cadoo, Music Director and Label Head

Mike Cadoo is the owner-operator of n5MD out of Oakland. For two decades, Cadoo has curated the n5MD label as an outpost for electronic musicians adept at displaying their emotions in the music they create. The label often ventures out into the adjacent genres, such as experimental, ambient, neo-classical, electro-acoustic, post-rock, and even shoegaze.

Cadoo also releases music as Bitcrush and Dryft and was also a member of San Francisco post-industrial/IDM duo Gridlock.

Rusty Hodge, Program Director/Producer

Rusty is the founder of SomaFM, as well as Program Director and General Manager. He produces the n5MD Radio channel working closely with music director Mike Cadoo.

Mike Cadoo

Rusty Hodge