SomaFM Android 6 app is no longer sold or supported

Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of devices, and variations with Android and firmware versions, we are unable to support our own app anymore. If you are using Android 8 or later, please use our new Android app.

If you want to use the old, unsupported version and you previously downloaded it, you can still download it free again:

Play Store

Look in the Play Store under purchased apps and you should see it there and can redownload.

  • Open the "Play Store" app
  • Select the "Menu" icon (usually three horizontal lines) located at the upper-left corner, then choose "My apps"
  • Swipe to the left to get to the "All" area. All the apps you ever downloaded will be listed here including paid apps
  • Select the app you wish to install from the list, then tap “Install“. You will not be charged again for an app you have already paid for

Side-load from our website

There are several older versions of the app available that you can download directly from here:

Final Beta Release (Android 7 and earlier)) for Samsung Devices

This release has a new streaming engine, and should not crash Samsung devices. If you have a Samsung phone or tablet that was crashing with our previous version, please try this instead:

US Version: somafm2.2.11-US-BETA.apk updated 31-Jul-2016

International Version: somafm2.2.11-BETA.apk updated 31-Jul-2016

Last beta with old streaming engine. This may cause crashes on Samsung devices.

US Version: somafm2.2.10-US-BETA.apk updated 10-Jul-2016

International Version: somafm2.2.10-BETA.apk updated 10-Jul-2016

The international version may not work inside the USA. The US version will not work outside the US.

Previous (Older) Versions

Thanks for your understanding!

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