SomaFM Apps for Mobile Devices

We have apps for iPhone & iPad (updated Feb 2021), Android (updated Jan 2021), and Windows Phone available.

Mobile Web

SomaFM can be accessed by the mobile web on many platforms. If you're not automatically re-directed to our mobile site, you can open our mobile-friendly player directly at

About Data Usage

Our high bandwidth mobile streams are 64k AAC-HE, and the low bandwidth streams are 32k AAC-HE. At 64k that's about 30mb an hour; so about 66 hours of streaming would use about 2gb of data. If you use our AAC-HE format streams at 32k, you can stream about 130 hours a month before hitting a 2gb cap. That's over 4 hours a day of streaming every day; 65 hours a month if you have a 1gb cap.

SomaFM is commercial-free radio supported entirely by you! With a $50 donation, you get a SomaFM tshirt!

somafm tshirt

If you can't afford $50, your support of any amount helps keep us on the air, or use our simple automatic monthly program:

More monthly options are available as well.