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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
10:14:33  (Now) Alpha Wave MovementArchitexture of Silence Movement IArchitexture of Silence
10:06:14 36Esper (Reinterpreted)Fade To Grey (Reinterpreted)
09:53:34 DesensitizedEcumenicus Orato (The Umbilical Center)Hemispherica Portalis (Portal Of 1000 Years)
09:41:38 Juta TakahashiNight BloomsGems
09:41:34 Break / Station ID
09:36:16 SymbioticBass MeditationAmberdelic Space
09:28:41 David HelplingIsle in Half LightRUNE
09:26:20 Steve RoachCore Meditation 2Core
09:20:59 WejaPassageDCL1.1 (original face)
09:16:00 Phase47CoastEarth Room
09:08:04 Robin SavilleContent Of MindBuild A Diorama
08:59:55 Matt Borghi & LonewardSilent HarmonyThe Still Guardian
08:58:48 Boards Of CanadaUnder The Coke SignTrans Canada Highway
08:48:11 Donnacha CostelloCocoa BComplete Colorseries
08:44:47 Tapage & MeanderOsedaxEtched In Salt
08:24:14 NimantyThis Is InfintyThis Is Infinty
08:24:10 Break / Station ID
07:49:41 MonolakeIndigo [Uncut](single)
07:41:55 Shuttle358ScrapbookChessa
07:34:42 Jalan JalanOcean BlueBali

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