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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
21:15:59  (Now) Somnus AeternusVIExulanis
21:10:16 ForgjordTIE, TOTUUS JA KUOLEMAUhripuu
21:04:50 Possession (Belgium)Infestation- Manifestation- PossessionExorkizein
21:04:44 Break / Station ID
21:03:36 MagrudergrindThe OpportunistII
20:58:42 Vio-LenceKill On CommandEternal Nightmare
20:55:40 Ululatum TolluntQuantum Noose of UsurpationQuantum Noose of Usurpation
20:47:35 TORCHERestarterRestarter (NA Promo)
20:42:03 In FlamesIn Flames (Promo Version)Lunar Strain
20:41:57 Break / Station ID
20:39:02 SurgikillThe BleederSanguinary Revelations
20:36:04 Soulrot (Chile)Majestic RotNameless Hideous Manifesations
20:32:52 Violent ScumBurial in the SkyFestering in Endless Decay
20:25:07 Phantom WinterFinsterwaldCVLT
20:25:03 Break / Station ID
20:19:11 Io ApreoPalladaDestroy Judas/Io Apreo
20:15:13 Colombian Necktie33-16All Paths Lead To Nowhere
20:11:05 TetragrammacideIntricate Acosmic EngineeringTyphonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulae 12" MLP
20:08:48 SATANIC WARMASTER / ARCHGOAT08 AngelcuntLux Satanae (Thirteen Hymns Of Finnish Devil Worship)
20:05:10 Ramming SpeedDon't Let This Stay HereNo Epitaphs

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