Metal Detector

Mark Lüntzel, Music Director

Mark Lüntzel is an old-school metalhead, with a voracious appetite for new material as well. With deep roots in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles metal communities, Mark brings the metal to the pedal. He is consistently amazed at the propensity for underground metal to stay alive and thrive.

Other than curating the Metal Detector channel, Mark likes to build server stacks and plays guitar in a band. Also into hockey and reptiles.

Elise Nordling, Producer

Elise Nordling came to SomaFM as the Music Director and DJ for Indie Pop Rocks! in 2001. Drawing on her many varied years of experience in the music industry, which include having worked as a record shop girl, music editor and reviewer, music festival employee, and for a digital music distributor, her passion for music finds a perfect home at SomaFM.

In addition to her work as music director for several SomaFM channels, Elise works with soma of the other music directors to produce their programs and handle some of the more tedius but essential parts of putting together a 24x7 music channel.