SomaFM Live

SomaFM LIVE is brought to you by this team:

Rusty Hodge

Rusty Hodge, Program & Music Director

I program music for several SomaFM channels, and I've been following DEF CON from afar since the very first one. So I'll be spinning a mix of downtempo/ambient/triphop/idm and late at night I'll get more into space music and deep ambient.

Elise Nordling, Music Director, Indie Pop Rocks!

Elise Nordling came to SomaFM as the Music Director and DJ for Indie Pop Rocks! in 2001. Drawing on her many varied years of experience in the music industry, which include having worked as a record shop girl, music editor and reviewer, music festival employee, and for a digital music distributor, her passion for indie rock finds a perfect home at SomaFM.   Elise has a secret passion for chillout music, which she'll be spinning at the Faire.

Jon Logan

DJ Jon Logan, Resident DJ

Jon has been active in the chillout scene in San Francisco for over 15 years. As one of the co-founders of the legendary "Woom" deep chill parties, he also spend several years in China performing in clubs there.

DJ Merin

DJ Merin MC, Resident DJ

Merin has been involved in SomaFM from its inception, doing everything from picking music, designing the station logos, photography, and writing. Who knew that hours spent in bars and clubs, listening to music and dancing, would actually turn out to be work experience?