Get a Media Player

If you don't want to use our web player, there are several options available:

Listen to SomaFM on your mobile device

SomaFM is available on most mobile devices, including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Find out how to listen to SomaFM on your mobile device and take SomaFM with you everywhere.

SomaFM on your iPad

Your iPad gives you everything you need to listen to SomaFM. Just click the channel you want to listen to and tune-in. You can even stream SomaFM in the background while you're checking mail or running other Apps!

We also have a native iOS app that works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. You can get SomaFM Radio in the Apple App Store. It has a lot more features and it's our preferred way of listening on the iPad.

Alexa and Alexa-powered speakers

Just say "Alexa, Open SomaFM" and "Alexa tell SomaFM Play Groove Salad (or whatever channel you want to listen to).


Go to the Radio menu and select "Search". Then search for "SomaFM" (no space, no quotes). From there you can add SomaFM channels to your Sonos Favorites. If the SomaFM streams are not showing up in your Sonos radio directory (e.g. in the UK), You can add a custom radio URL to get our streams.

Apple Homepod

The Apple Homepod now plays internet radio. You can say "Play SomaFM Groove Salad radio" and it will play. Make sure you say SomaFM first, then the channel name, then radio. (Example: "Play SomaFM Indie Pop Rocks radio", "Play SomaFM Drone Zone radio". If you don't say radio, it may try to find a song or artists name that is the closest match, not our streams.

Google Home

Unfortnately, you'll need to use TuneIn, which means we're not available in the UK until Google allows third-party apps. But "OK Google, play SomaFM Groove Salad on TuneIn" seems to work most of the time. (Play SomaFM Channel Name on TuneIn) is the most reliable way to listen.

Marantz, Denon, Pioneer, Naim, Bose and other home entertainment systems

Go to the Radio menu and select "Search". Then search for "Soma FM" (they liste us with a space, so searching for SOMAFM won't get any results). From there you can add any SomaFM channels to your Favorites.

AppleTV, Fire TV, Roku, Xbox

Get the free SomaFM Radio (TV Edition), just search for SomaFM in the App or Channel stores. One of the easiest ways to get SomaFM to playback on your main home entertainment system is to hook up a AppleTV, Fire TV, Roku, or Xbox. This is a great way to get high quality access to SomaFM streams in your living room.

Mac OSX App

Get the Official SomaFM Radio OSX App from the Mac App Store. SomaFM's official internet radio player (for OSX 10.6 and above) is always updated with the latest SomaFM channels.

Features include: Sort channels by Popularity, Genre or just see your favorite; See the name and artist of currently playing song and a history of songs played; Bookmark songs you like and purchase them later; Listen to SomaFM without interrupting what you're doing in iTunes. For example, you can play an audiobook in iTunes while listening to music from the SomaFM player.

Windows 10

Official SomaFM player for Windows 10 Runs on Desktop, tablet, Windows Phone and Xbox One. Get it Here or search for "SomaFM" in the App Store.

Windows (older versions)

We recommend the web player for most Windows users, but we're still fans of one of the oldest MP3 players, Winamp. You can still get the old versions of it here, here and here.

iTunes for Windows

Apple's iTunes App for Windows will play our streams. After you install it, clicking on our MP3 or AAC links will launch iTunes playing our station.

Be aware that certain versions of iTunes do not work properly with our highest fidelity 128k AAC streams, specifically iTunes 12.0.1.

Windows Media Player

The recent versions of Windows Media Player should play our streams, just select the Windows Media links on the channel pages under "Other ways to listen".


Apple's iTunes App for OSX will play our streams. If you have a Mac, you probably have it already installed. So clicking on our MP3 or AAC links will launch iTunes playing our station.

Be aware that certain versions of iTunes do not work properly with our highest fidelity 128k AAC streams, specifically iTunes 12.0.1.


Radium is a beautiful, minimal, easy to use internet radio player developed by our friends at CatPig Studios. It sits in your menu ba r, and it just works without getting in your way. It includes presets for all the SomaFM stations as well as 10,000 other internet radio stations.

Linux and Other Platforms

There are several streaming media players for Linux. One good one is Amarok. But it's not just for Linux: Amarok is a powerful music player for Linux and Unix, MacOS X and Windows.

VLC Player

VLC is an open source player that supports MP3 and aacPlus streams for Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS, Linux and WinCE / PocketPC. Amarok is great player for Linux and comes bundled with several SomaFM stations.

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