Get a Media Player

If you don't want to use our web player, there are several options available:

Linux and Other Platforms

There are several streaming media players for Linux. One good one is Amarok. But it's not just for Linux: Amarok is a powerful music player for Linux and Unix, MacOS X and Windows.

VLC Player

VLC is an open source player that supports MP3 and aacPlus streams for Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS, Linux and WinCE / PocketPC. Amarok is great player for Linux and comes bundled with several SomaFM stations.

Roku Streaming Player

One of the easiest ways to get SomaFM to playback on your main home entertainment system is to hook up a Roku Streaming Media Player. If you have a Roku, just go to the Channel Store and search for SomaFM. It's a free app and is a great way to get high quality access to SomaFM streams in your living room.


Go to the Radio menu and select "Search". Then search for "SomaFM" (no space, no quotes). From there you can add SomaFM channels to your Sonos Favorites.

Marantz, Denon, Pioneer, Naim, Bose and other home entertainment systems

Go to the Radio menu and select "Search". Then search for "Soma FM" (they liste us with a space, so searching for SOMAFM won't get any results). From there you can add any SomaFM channels to your Favorites.

Listen to SomaFM on your mobile device

SomaFM is available on many mobile devices, including iPhone, Android, Palm and Windows Mobile devices. Find out how to listen to SomaFM on your mobile device and take SomaFM with you everywhere.

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SomaFM Supporters

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