Illinois Street Lounge

Rusty Hodge, Music Director, Illinois Street Lounge

In addition to being the music director for Illinois Street Lounge, I am the founder of SomaFM. I program music for several SomaFM channels, including Groove Salad, Secret Agent, Drone Zone, Space Station Soma and Digitalis.

As a very young child in the mid-1960s, my dad would pull out his records and play this exotic music of the future, and it stuck in my head for years and years. Unfortunately, my dad was too nice and let me, his five-year-old son play with his records and reel-to-reel tapes... ultimately destroying most of them. It wasn't until ten years later when I started to build my own music library that I was able to re-find some of these pivotal songs of my youth.

Over time, this collection of Bachelor Pad and Exotica music grew and grew to the point where I finally had a large enough collection to start a channel just for it. Over the years with the help of my listeners, I've found and continue to find even more awesome music from that period. My passion has gotten a bit crazier in the last year: I'm now buying and digitizing old reel-to-reel tapes off Ebay of albums that never came out on CD. I hope my obsession for this genre will help you find music you will come to love as much as I do.

The Inspiration for Illinois Street Lounge

Ill Street Lounge Illinois Street Lounge is named after an artists' community here in San Francisco, at the end of Illinois Street in the San Francisco shipyards. It's my way of paying homage to the people of that community who invited me to many cocktail parties in their warehouses and would often put on LPs of the old bachelor pad classics. To my friends at The Lodge and Cyclone Warehouse, I salute you! Thanks for keeping this music alive and exposing a new generation to it.