Folk Forward

Elise Nordling, Music Director, Folk Forward

Elise Nordling first came to SomaFM as the Music Director and DJ for Indie Pop Rocks! in 2001. Drawing on her many varied years of experience in the music industry, which include having worked as a record shop girl, music editor and reviewer, music festival employee, and for a digital music distributor, her passion for indie music of all types finds a perfect home at SomaFM.

Well-known within the San Francisco live music and indie scenes in general, she prides herself in finding the best new bands and artists to air long before they can be heard anywhere else.

In addition to her work at SomaFM, Elise is a consultant/music curator for a large online music retailer.

Sean E. Sullivan, Music Director Emeritus, 2012-2014

Sean E. Sullivan was the founding music director of Folk Forward. While still getting involved from time to time, he now focuses on managing and producing several new-Folk bands, which takes up all of his time. So he handed over the reins to Elise Nordling at the end of 2014.

Sean is a musician and music lover of all types. He has been playing since the late 90's dabbling in piano, percussion, guitar, and electronic composition before recently settling with bass. As a founding member of San Francisco alt folk trio Rin Tin Tiger he understands the ins and outs of the underground bay area indie folk scene. Having toured up and down the west coast for years as well as managing the band he has met and performed with many great up-and-coming folk groups who are pushing the genre forward.