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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
11:13:47  (Now) Lingua LustraNautilusNautilus
11:03:41 CholosusArtheriaMomentum EP
10:58:00 Tonepoet & Wings Of An AngelThe Final GoodbyeResonate/Reason Nitrate
10:54:06 the.synthetic.awakeningVision 3Visions Created With Sound
10:49:54 Kent SparlingLaharMount Larsen
10:44:05 Igneous FlameWeolIndigo
10:25:14 Robert RichDervish DreamtimeSunyata
10:14:38 Juta TakahashiFaint LightPleochroism
10:08:27 LeveteEllionElysium
10:08:18 Break / Station ID
10:01:34 SVLBRDSpheresStratus
09:53:14 Mount HibikiFortress Mist, Pt. 1La Brume Azur
09:49:30 Marconi UnionWeightless (253 Edit)
09:23:43 JargunaThe Morning StarThe Morning Star
09:17:04 IsostaticGlacial Epoch Part 1Glacial Epoch
09:06:16 Remote VisionHypnosHypnos
08:55:53 PurlSurrenderA Quiet Awakening
08:47:12 TransponderThe Eye of TheiaBeholder
08:27:26 InnestiRemoving the CenterApperception
08:05:06 Steve RoachUnderground Clouds Over A Secret GrottoAtmospheric Conditions

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This Week's Top Artists

  1. Steve Roach
  2. Innesti
  3. Lingua Lustra
  4. Robert Rich
  5. Louigi Verona
  6. Isostatic
  7. Thorny
  8. Max Corbacho
  9. Erik Wollo
  10. ASC
  11. Mount Shrine
  12. Remote Vision
  13. Mount Hibiki
  14. Ross Christopher
  15. theAdelaidean
  16. Jeff Greinke
  17. jarguna
  18. Levete
  19. Igneous Flame
  20. Ethereal Planes
  21. Loneward
  22. Eguana
  23. Arvik Torrenssen
  24. Prospector Sound
  25. A Produce
  26. Tonepoet
  27. 58918012
  28. Martin Sturtzer
  29. Rudy Adrian
  30. Sydalesis

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