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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
14:28:31  (Now) Juta TakahashiPleochroism 2Pleochroism
14:14:11 JulesParis 1870. My first trip in a hot air balloon.Adventures & Explorations (Volume 1)
14:14:02 Break / Station ID
13:55:51 Igneous FlameOgongIndigo
13:46:01 The Circular RuinsLooking BackwardsCurious Geometries
13:40:31 Sphare SechsMultiverseParticle Void
13:34:16 Frore & Shane MorrisA Lonely PathEclipse
13:28:57 Tom Moore & Mike ClayThe Last CommunicationBeyond Our Orbit
13:03:10 JargunaThe Morning StarThe Morning Star
12:58:44 Rudy AdrianTreetopsWoodlands
12:54:38 AlphaxoneRoad to NowhereEdge of Solitude
12:46:59 Mount HibikiA Slow Plane, Pt. 1Sun Praising Through
12:39:01 Fictions and PoeticsAutumn WindowsThe Primacy of Perception
12:38:52 Break / Station ID
12:31:51 Steve RoachCircular Ceremony (Live 2019)The Sky Opens
12:27:19 John LyellAdrift in TimePlanetary Artifacts
12:21:47 Forrest FangKepler's ReturnThe Book of Wanderers (name-your-price)
12:14:51 Station I.O.SkylarkSoundtrack for the Lost Astronaut
12:11:00 LeveteBallerinaAether
12:04:10 Martin SturtzerJupiter CycloneFar Beyond the Stars

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