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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
19:07:51  (Now) The WinterhouseUnlit PassagesUnlit Passages
19:01:35 Stratosphere With Dirk SerriesUnfold The ObscurityProjekt N0.40|Winter2014
18:56:27 Drifting In SilenceShiftingAway
18:41:57 Steve BrandThere's A Time Machine Between Your EarsMagical Thinking (24bit)
18:36:31 HaloAngelLate Winter Tales
18:09:38 Max CorbachoQuantum CathedralsHorizon Matrix
18:09:29 Break / Station ID
18:02:31 SolarisConstellation EffectChimera
17:51:27 In The Branches + BluetechWhere We BeginBehind The Sky
17:41:26 InnestiSubmergedApperception
17:34:36 IsostaticPlanetary ApproachGlacial Epoch
17:32:09 Bill FerngrenWeightlessEchoes of Time
17:27:47 ASCMy Mind Is Not The Same As YoursThe Light That Burns Twice As Bright [SS1]
17:21:04 Chris RussellThe Pass Less TravelledDestiny
17:08:54 Madhavi DeviJade BreezeThe Truth Of Being
17:01:12 WarmthTime As A Reward (Wil Bolton Remix)Essay Revisited
16:41:43 Louigi VeronaHalley's CometHalley's Comet
16:41:34 Break / Station ID
16:34:50 Alphaxone & Xerxes the DarkIridescence ShimmerAftermath
16:29:52 Robert RichGlassmaker's SandTactile Ground

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