Drone Zone

Direct Streaming Server Links

Some media players may need PLS, M3U or "direct stream links" (a link to the actual streaming server rather than a file listing all our servers). If you're using a hardware streaming player, or a player or device that doesn't work when you click our normal listen links, these links may help.

Using the PLS or M3U links is the best, as these links are "permanent" and do not change. Direct server links can vary based on individual server availability and should only be used if PLS or M3U links won't work with your player. If a direct server link stops working, you'll need to get the updated links here.

AAC 128kb

Main PLS: http://somafm.com/dronezone130.pls

Main M3U: http://somafm.com/m3u/dronezone130.m3u

Direct Stream (Primary): http://ice3.somafm.com/dronezone-128-aac

Direct Stream (Secondary): http://ice2.somafm.com/dronezone-128-aac

MP3 128kb

Main PLS: http://somafm.com/dronezone.pls

Main M3U: http://somafm.com/m3u/dronezone.m3u

Direct Stream (Primary): http://ice3.somafm.com/dronezone-128-mp3

Direct Stream (Secondary): http://ice2.somafm.com/dronezone-128-mp3

MP3 256kb

Main PLS: http://somafm.com/dronezone256.pls

Main M3U: http://somafm.com/m3u/dronezone256.m3u

Direct Stream (Primary): http://ice3.somafm.com/dronezone-256-mp3

Direct Stream (Secondary): http://ice2.somafm.com/dronezone-256-mp3

AAC-HE 32kb

Main PLS: http://somafm.com/dronezone32.pls

Main M3U: http://somafm.com/m3u/dronezone32.m3u

Direct Stream (Primary): http://ice3.somafm.com/dronezone-32-aac-he

Direct Stream (Secondary): http://ice2.somafm.com/dronezone-32-aac-he

AAC-HE 64kb

Main PLS: http://somafm.com/dronezone64.pls

Main M3U: http://somafm.com/m3u/dronezone64.m3u

Direct Stream (Primary): http://ice3.somafm.com/dronezone-64-aac-he

Direct Stream (Secondary): http://ice2.somafm.com/dronezone-64-aac-he

This list last updated Friday February 22 2019

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