Drone Zone

Rusty Hodge, Drone Zone Music Director

In addition to being the music director for Drone Zone, I am the founder of SomaFM. I program music for several SomaFM channels, including Groove Salad, Secret Agent, Drone Zone, Space Station Soma and Digitalis.

I've been been collecting records since the mid '70s, And I remember buying my first ambient record - Eno's Music for Airports - right around 1979. I latched onto electronic ambient music right away when the movement started taking off in the early '90s. Many of the records in my collection are now out of print and extremely hard to find, so I hope you don't get too annoyed that you can't easily find them online.

I try to keep the music on Drone Zone beat-less, but sometimes I'll play some pieces that have light rhythmic elements in parts. But the spirit of the channel is flowing ambient soundscapes without a beat. I hope you enjoy!