Michael Koperwas, Music Director, Covers

The concept of doing a cover song was conceived in a basement in Queens by Jack White's 2nd grade teacher Anthony Greico and his friend Steven Pompelmous. Steve was fiddling on the piano when something that sounded a lot like 'Seven Nation Army' was found, and Anthony started to sing. They recorded it, and the first cover was recorded.

It was such a momentous occasion that it had a rippling effect throughout the timeline, muddying even the validity of who actually recorded the first cover.

The Covers station is an effort to collect and present these unique gems. This ever-growing archive is presented to you linearly, if one can imagine a temporally independent line.

But really...

Michael's interest in covers started at a young age, and like all great things in life, should be attributed to the Simpsons. Sometimes it's a song that you always thought was the original, only to learn that it too is a cover; other times it's an entirely new take on a beloved standard or a respun pop tune.

Gathering these little snippets for years, it was time to share. Although it's an anything goes 'genre,' the goal is to find covers that portray the original in some new light.

The opportunities are endless.

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