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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
02:12:48  (Now) SpectreInfra-Red [Danse of the Dead], Pt. 2Electric Ladyland: Clickhop Version 1.0
02:09:32 TapeA Day Like Thisperpetual dubbing
02:07:24 Prefuse 73Another One Long GoneSecurity Screenings
02:03:19 RusudenGitd Trea ClymFormulae
02:03:15 Break / Station ID
01:57:26 Aphex TwinCirclont6a (Syrobonkus Mix)Syro
01:42:09 Fake Plastic HeadsThe Path Leading To A Different Futuredigit
01:37:44 PedagogyLady Of The LakeAbstracts and Contradictions
01:33:45 TouanePendulum (Let Your Nerves Speak)Awake
01:27:51 PiloteFairplay3 To The Floor
01:23:58 Multi ColorThe First Stage
01:19:46 GranufunkBig City LightsGranufunk
01:15:13 CalikaLatticel WorkIntricate Maximals
01:09:39 KilnLux (Rpf Rebuild)Hohokum Soundtrack
01:09:37 Break / Station ID
01:06:50 AspenBathroom Toy BoyAlbum
01:02:25 LusineBaffleA Certain Distance
00:59:01 Chachi JonesAvery 113Claustrophilia
00:54:22 EfxMy Stereo Bot(Single)
00:49:05 Lusine IclChaoCondensed

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