Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Speaking on Panel at AES show in San Francisco 10/5/08

I'll be speaking at The Audio Engineering Society show in San Francisco, Sunday October 5, 2008; 9am - 10:45am. Yes, they cruelly scheduled me for a Sunday morning time slot!

The panel is titled, "Internet Streaming - Audio Quality, Measurement, & Monitoring". I'll mostly be talking about audio quality issues and a bit about monitoring (SomaFM developed a bunch of in-house tools to monitor our streams which work pretty well).

The official description: Streaming has become a provider of audio and video content to the public. Now that the public has recognized the medium, the provider needs to deliver the content with a quality comparable to other mediums.

The Moderator is David Bialik. Panelists include Geir Skaaden, Neural Audio; Skip Pizzi, Radio World; Ray Archie, CBS Radio; Rusty Hodge, SomaFM; and Benjamin Larson, Streambox Inc.

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