Monday, July 2, 2007

San Francsico Save Net Radio benefit very successful

There was a benefit event for SaveNetRadio tonight in San Francisco, presented by SomaFM, BAGeL Radio, Sonic Living, The Owl Magazine, Pandora, Reap and Sow and Bottom of the Hill.

Almost 300 people showed up and we raised $2000 though donations at the door, a bake sale, chili cookoff, a silent auction and raffle.

Special thanks to the artists who performed: Ted of The Heavenly States, Matt of The Herms, HIJK, Miyako Ueki of Peloton, and thanks to Elise Nordling for being our MC for the evening and Corey Denis for "herding cats" and making the event happen.

Raffle prizes care of SonicLiving, Griffin Technology, Logitech/Slimdevices, Peter Ellenby (Exclusive photos/art of the Shins & Death Cab for Cutie, singed originals), Show Posters by Jason Munn, The Owl Magazine, Willotoons, IODA, SomaFM and Pandora.

I hope I'm not forgetting anyone. I'll try to get some pictures up soon.

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Blogger corey said...

yo rusty, we actually made closer to 3k - which means each person donated about 10 bucks - not too shabby! woo hooo!!!! thanks everyone - back to calling nancy pelosi now...

July 3, 2007 1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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July 7, 2007 6:21 PM  

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