Tuesday, July 24, 2007

IREA Update

Here's links to the updated co-sponsor list: S.1353 in the Senateand HR.2060 in the House. We currently stand at 5 Senate co-sponsors and 139 house co-sponsors. We need 51 and 218 co-sponsors respectively.

Thanks to Sally for reporting in on her calls to the Judiciary Committee this morning:

Durbin (no position) Feinstein (no position)
Biden (no position prior to vote)
Kennedy (staff still discussing this)
Feinfold (no position)
Leahy (no position)
Brownback (co-sponsor, they said he had just had a briefing on this)

You should continue to call your representatives! If they are already sponsoring the IREA, thank them for it and ask them to do what they can do to get the bill out of committee and ready for a vote. If they're not supporting it, reiterate your desire to have them support it.

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