BAGeL Radio

Ted Leibowitz, Host, BAGeL Radio

Why A BAGeL?

Ted began DJing in his teens at nightclubs and college radio which led into promoting, booking, and managing bands, releasing records on his own label, and managing night clubs.

After relocating to San Francisco, internet radio brought Ted back to his entertainment industry roots: DJing and bringing new music the to music-buying public. In early 2003 Ted launched BAGeL Radio to share his enviable music collection with the world (and to convey simple views like, "Media consolidation: bad. BAGeL Radio: good.").

Ted was twice honored with the College Music Journal (CMJ) Specialty Music Director of the Year Award, making BAGeL Radio the first internet radio station to win a CMJ award at the annual CMJ Music Marathon Awards in New York City. BAGeL Radio has been nominated as Best Online Station at the 2008 PLUG Awards. Ted was featured on the "Invasion of the New Media" panel at the CMJ NMM alongside representatives from ClearChannel, XM, and Sirius, and moderated a similar panel at the NEMO Music Festival in Boston. BAGeL Radio was honored with the Best Live Show award at the Best Of Live365 Awards.

Ted hosts 480 Minutes, now on SomaFM, this and every Friday from 9am-5pm Eastern Time. Requests, comments, and criticisms are taken via e-mail or IM: AOL/iChat: bagelradiolive or yahoo!/GoogleTalk: bagelradio

Here's the story of the origin of the name BAGeL Radio:

Years ago we sent around e-mails containing information about which cool bands were playing in the Bay Area, and when tickets would go on sale for these shows. It started off as an informal, irregular e-mail to our gig-going friends.

Those friends forwarded them onto their gig-going friends, some of those folks asked to be added to the distribution list, and about a year later it was reaching a whole lot of people we did not know and was being published regularly.

At that point a friend suggested that this 'newsletter' needed a name. I asked myself, "OK, what is this thing?" thought about it for about 30 seconds, and decided it was the Bay Area Gig eList. The subject line would read "BAGeL 3/2/01" (for example).

When starting the station in 2003 we tried to come up with a name for the station along the same lines, but nothing we came up with quite rolled off the tongue like BAGeL Radio, thus BAGeL Radio became the name of the station.

And there you have it.