Here Here at Noise Pop 2009

Interviewed by Meghan Logue

Here Here

Ryan: My name's Ryan and I play guitar.

Jason: My name's Jason and I play guitar.

Mike: My name's Mike. I play trumpet and things.

Carlos: I'm Carlos and I play drums.

Pat: I'm Pat and I play bass.

Brendon: I'm Brendon and I play trumpet and accordion.

Christian: I'm Christian and I sing and play piano and acoustic guitar.

Brendan: And ukulele.

Meghan: That's only mildly overwhelming. So you guys have a full on horn section that travels with you all the time. And have you all been in the band from the very beginning?

Ryan: Not really.

Meghan: Can I have one of you describe your sound in six words or less?

Ryan: Good Indie Pop Music.

Brendan: You got two more words! Damn good!

Mike: Talking heads.

Meghan: So why so many members? How did that come to be?

Ryan: Christian likes putting craigslist ads up!

Carlos: We really wanted to be a softball team, but we sucked.

Ryan: We decide to stick to our guns and play music.

Brendan: We hocked all our softball gear and bought intstruments.

Christian: We wanted to be something different than a five piece guitar bass whatever kind of band.

Ryan: It all kind of started with Christian and the first record. It was really epic sounding so he needed this many people to make his music come to life.

Carlos: Christian had to call in backup.

Brendon: We need a lot of sounds.

Ryan: We need backup!

Meghan: So you guys have just released Boy With An Orange or that's coming out?

Christian: No, that was a while ago. That was something I did on my own and then put the band together. It took a while for us to all learn the songs. Then we played some shows and realized that we all wanted to write songs together. He came on a little while ago because Pat had a baby and ditched us for shows and found out he played trumpet, brought him on for trumpet. So now we're alright. It's completely different than what it was before because it's all of us writing songs.

Meghan: So you're writing new stuff now.

Ryan: Yeah, tonight is all new stuff.

Meghan: Are you trying to throw that all together on an album for people to love?

Christian: Yeah, we've started recording. We're probably going to do a 7" in another two or three months before the rest of it's done.

Meghan: Where are you guys recording?

Christian: At this guys school, for free, in the middle of the night.

Meghan: Where do you go to school, Carlos?

Carlos: I went to school at Ex'pression.

Meghan: Oh, really! In Emeryville. That's nice and local.

Carlos: When I was a young buck.

Christian: We go in from midnight to eight and do whatever we want.

Meghan: So Carlos, this is a question for you. Are you acting manager in addition to being the drummer?

Carlos: Yes.

Christian: He's way more affordable.

Meghan: How is that working out for you?

Carlos: Now that we're on that topic fellas.... No, it's cool. I'm kind of anal.

Christian: He keeps it all down and he's really got it together.

Carlos: It's just better to have one person control everything than to have seven people try to figure the logistics out. It's cool.

Meghan: What are some of the extra duties you perform?

Carlos: Oh man! Wash his car, babysit Pat's baby, booking, setting up interviews, studio time. We're going on tour so I did a lot of the booking there and the bands, logistics.

Ryan: Collecting the money.

Carlos: Collecting the money, yeah!

Christian: That one time we never picked it up.... remember, Bottom of the Hill?

Carlos: That's true! I got embarassed....

Jason: That was Noise Pop last year!

Carlos: That was Noise Pop last year! I was too embarassed to go pick it up because I wrote them emails three times and I kept forgetting to show up.

Meghan: They probably still have it sitting in an envelope in an office somewhere. You should at least think about it.

Ryan: We're going to give it to charity because that's what Here Here does.

Carlos: Transferring it to a bar tab doesn't count as charity, Ryan.

Meghan: Charitable action towards you guys.

Meghan: What do you guys do for day jobs?

Christian: I'm a waiter at the Cliff House.

Brendan: I work with little kids. Somebody was stupid enough to put me in charge of children.

Pat: I solve problems.

Meghan: What kind of problems?

Pat: I do building code consulting.

Everybody: Ooo! Ah!

Meghan: Carlos?

Carlos: I'm an A.V. tech.

Mike: I work in a pharmacy.

Carlos: Drugs!

Jason: I'm a telephone man.

Ryan: I'm a home stager, so I'm unemployed right now. But when they're selling homes I'm a home stager.

Meghan: That sounds like fun. You hang out at houses and keep them clean?

Ryan: No, I do props, kind of like interior design.

Meghan: Fake furniture?

Ryan: No, real furniture. We work with realtors. It's just a marketing thing so people sell stuff faster. High end houses.

Meghan: So you guys are currently unsigned, correct?

Everybody: Yes.

Meghan: Are you working to become signed?

Pat: Hopefully.

Meghan: Where are you in that process? Tell me a little about that.

Brendan: If it happens, it happens.

Christian: We're just trying to play music and if that happens, we'd like it.

Meghan: Can you tell me some difficulties of working as an unsigned band?

Jason: Not having tour support.

Carlos: Day jobs!

Christian: Next week we're going to L.A. and Monterey, two shows, and for us to even make that happen is kind of hard. Renting a van, getting everyone to get time off of work and everybody has real jobs except for this guy.

Ryan: I'm unemployed.

Meghan: Well, you have this to do!

Ryan: Exactly. That's what I tell my parents.


Meghan: I'm sure they feel the same way. Last question! What's next for Here Here?

Brendan: Going to the bar!

Christian: Finishing the album.

Carlos: Playing the show tonight.

Christian: We're going to L.A. next week. That's the first time we're doing that.

Meghan: That's exciting.

Christian: We're going to put a new record out and we're trying to get that going and really start coming out after that, trying to get our name out.

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