Datarock at Download Festival 2008

by Meghan Logue
July 22, 2008

Datarock on SomaFM

Datarock (Rock steady Freddy and Ket-ill 2) at Download Festival 2008

by Meghan Logue
July 22, 2008M

Meghan: Hi this is Meghan with SomaFM we're doing a live interview with Datarock. Hi guys, how ya doing, how are you?

Both: Hello! We're great, we're good.

Meghan: Could you introduce yourselves and tell me what you play?

Freddy: I'm Rock steady Freddy, I play the flute.

Ket-ill: and I'm Ket-ill 2 and I play the saxophone.

Meghan: Wow, I didn't ... I've I've never seen you guys play jazz before, I didn't know you played Jazz instruments.

Ket-ill: Yeah we play instrumental Jazz.

Freddy: Inspired by the first releases of Kraftwerk where they use the flute.

Meghan: Great! Did you guys come all the way out from Norway just for the show today?

Ket-ill: Yes.

Freddy: Yeah we flew in from Bergen, Norway yesterday. So we're kind of, you know, It's a 9 hour time difference now so its...

Ket-ill: It's an 18 hour flight.

Meghan: Wow! You guys look pretty good for being jet lagged. So you're okay

Freddy: Thank you, well we went to the spa.

Meghan: That's good. Ha ha. So first question, how did you guys come up with the sweat suits that you wear?

Freddy: Well, we didn't come up any ideas. Datarock is a product created by Devo. So they made us play these songs, they wrote these songs, they made us use the track suits and you gotta ask Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale.

Meghan: So you guys are just the puppets and they're the puppet masters?

Freddy: They're the puppeteers.

Meghan: That's cool. How's that working out for you? Do you like it?

Freddy: They don't pay us anything because they know we're such huge fans of Devo so they can make us do anything. It's working out well.

Meghan: That's good. You guys just recently released an album, Datarock Datarock, right? How is that working out for you? Did you enjoy recording it?

Freddy: Yeah it was a lot of fun recording it. It didn't take a lot time to be honest to record it. It's insane you make an album, spend some time in a studio back home in your own little town, and that album takes you to 31 countries all around the world.

Meghan: Yeah.

Freddy: It's pretty insane. We've done so many concerts because of that album. I'd say more than 400 shows.

Meghan: And you guys have been all around the US too, I saw you at Coachella this year.

Freddy: Yeah we just came back from a tour of 35 cities in the US. We came back two weeks ago and now we're back here.

Meghan: Ha ha, I bet you're exhausted.

Freddy: It's very exciting.

Meghan: Are there any plans in the works for another album any time soon?

Ket-ill: Yeah it's going to be released February 2009. We're working on it now. We have a demo of some 14 new songs.

Freddy: The first thing is probably going to be released in November and the name of the song is probably a song called True Stories.

Meghan: True stories?

Freddy: Yeah.

Meghan: We'll have to look for it!

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