SomaFM Iceland Airwaves 2007 Coverage

Iceland Airwaves 2007 starts tonight!

Outside Airwaves HQ

Inside Airwaves HQ

Iceland Airwaves kicks off tonight, with a pre-opening party at Hressingarsk‡linn (aka Hress—) in downtown Reykjavik.

Reykjavik Downtown

We've gotten our badges and wristbands, now it's time to get lunch, take in a few sights and get a feel for Reykjavik, do a bit of planning and get ready to see Soundspell and Shadow Parade at NASA tonight. (NASA the club, not the US space agency!)

Reykjavik from Hallgrimur

It's a chilling 33 fahrenheit right now around 1300 local time, good thing we'll be inside for most of the night!

But here's the funny thing: while it is cold, it's a different kind of cold than we're used to in San Francisco. Perhaps because all the buildings are so well heated; the streets and sidewalks have geothermal-powered radient heat to melt any snow or ice; perhaps because the people in Iceland are just so warm... but it doesn't feel nearly as cold as it can sometimes in San Francisco.

Reykjavik Downtown at Night

We have the press pass, we have the goodie bag. We have invites to lots of parties. We've gotten a bunch of CDs which we'll be airing soon. Now we just have to cover it all, edit the audio/video, write the blog entries, upload the audio/video, etc.

Yes, I'm going to be busy. I'm glad we didn't try and do a live broadcast from here however, it would have been crazy trying to get the logistics together for it. Maybe next year...

Next: Airwaves Pre-Parties and Off-Venue Events

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