2021 Android App 2.0 Beta Released

If you like living on the leading edge, you can sideload a beta release of our 2.0 version:

  • NEW Support for Android Auto
  • NEW Support for Android TV
  • NEW Visualizations
  • Improved support for Samsung lock screen controls
  • Significant streaming backend improvements

You can download the current beta here: (app-somafm-release-2.2.0-a2.apk)

You can also opt in to be a beta tester directly from the Play store.

2021 Android App

You can sideload/download the latest release here: (app-somafm-release-2.2.0-a2.apk)

This is stable and designed for new Android OS releases. As always, if it has issues, let us know you phone model and Android version, and we'll investigate.

Updates to this release include:

  • Significant music service backend rewrite
  • NEW Support for Android Auto
  • NEW Support for Android TV
  • Improved support for Samsung lock screen controls
  • NEW Visualizations
  • Major bugfixes (crashes and ANRs)

Thanks to Doug Melton for all his work on this.

Android Screen Shot


We no longer distribute or able to support our original Android app and it is no longer compatible with Android 8 and later. We recommend the TuneIN app as a replacement as it is the most compatible on the most devices.

Android Alternatives

You should be able to load the M3U file of all our channels in most apps from this link:

Links for all the individual channels in various formats are listed under the "Direct Strem Links" tab (left side) of the pages for each channel.

Sideload the Final Beta Release (Android 7 and earlier)) for Samsung Devices

This release has a new streaming engine, and should not crash Samsung devices. If you have a Samsung phone or tablet that was crashing with our previous version, please try this instead:

US Version: somafm2.2.11-US-BETA.apk updated 31-Jul-2016

International Version: somafm2.2.11-BETA.apk updated 31-Jul-2016

Last beta with old streaming engine. This may cause crashes on Samsung devices.

US Version: somafm2.2.10-US-BETA.apk updated 10-Jul-2016

International Version: somafm2.2.10-BETA.apk updated 10-Jul-2016

The international version may not work inside the USA. The US version will not work outside the US.

Previous (Older) Versions

somafm2.2.8.9-BETA.apk fixes: unresponsive URL calls to launch app, e.g. somafm:///stations/groovesalad; misc bugs and performance enhancements.

somafm2.2.8.6-BETA.apk updated 29-Dec-2015, Should fix 64-bit issues. Also fixes network activity when player is stopped. Implemented a new streaming system which fixed some phones and broke others :(

somafm2.2.8.2-BUGFIX.apk fixes play/pause issues for folks reporting that play/pause working incorrectly and flipping between modes.

somafm2.2.8.2-BUGFIX.apk Fixes the a few misc crashes, including a crash on startup if in Airplane mode or no network is available.

somafm2.2.8.1-BUFFER.apk Fixes the too small buffer issue.

RC5 fixes and enhances the following: enhanced pause/play/quit in notification pull down; Fixed "permission denied" error with sending debug log on some devices; changes to bluetooth (needs to be tested on more car stereos).

RC4 fixes and enhances the following: Includes favorites/genre/popularity selection stickiness across sessions Compact notification buttons and Station image in background on lockscreen, few other issues.

RC3 fixes and enhances the following:

  1. Enhanced Bluetooth controls and information (we're still testing on various car stereos, so please report quirks you find!)
  2. Media control buttons now stop and start, as well as let you skip from one favorite stream to the next
  3. Play/Pause control in the pulldown notification
  4. Better handling of stream interruptions when phone calls come in.

RC2 Fixes the following issues:

  1. Chromecast improvements
  2. Audio blocking/interfering with map navigation or other notification audio
  3. Problems with menu displays on some Android versions
  4. Share panel improvements
  5. Updated to latest AllPlay compatibilities
  6. Fixed issue with some channels not playing the first time they were selected
  7. Fix issue where AAC stream starts but still shows error dialog
  8. Add ability to long press on channel in channels view to show add to favorites dialog
  9. When station is not available (e.g. server down), properly handles it and notifies the listener
  10. Splash screen only displayed while app is initializing to minimize delay.
  11. Fixed issue with wifi streaming not turning off stream when wifi is disabled while playing
  12. Improved graphics on higher-resolution devices.

Bonus points for people testing with Chromecast and AllPlay enabled speakers.

Please report any issues/bugs or feature requests by email at dj@somafm.com.

Older Versions








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