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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
01:30:26  (Now) Maighread Ni DhomhnaillMartha, The Flower Of Sweet StrabaneHeart Of The Celts: Songs Of Love
01:27:49 Brian McNeilThe Drovers Road / Breton WeddNo Gods
01:27:38 Break / Station ID
01:23:16 John RedmondLooking Toward Vinegar HillBox Sets
01:18:00 Niamh ParsonsFear A BhataNua Teorainn
01:12:55 Chris Stout QuintetAirth Rant, The DynamoBraeroy Rd, Lorient Est GrandDevil's Advocate
01:09:00 Hamish NapierSpey Cast, Pt. AThe River
01:03:38 Dermot Byrne And Floriane BlanckeLa ClairiereDermot Byrne And Floriane Blancke
01:00:18 Joe Trudeau & Sharon KnowlesSally In The GardenHighland Echoes
01:00:03 Break / Station ID
00:57:04 Maggie SansoneEvening ChaiA Hammered Dulcimer Collection
00:53:51 Sandy Brechin and Ewan WilkinsonTait's/The Chow ManHard Times Come And Go
00:49:13 Andrew Finn MagillDecemberBranches
00:46:06 Steve BaughmanLeitrim QueenFarewell To Orkney
00:42:24 Party of ThreeBanjo Therapy / Conlagh's Big DayFirst Course
00:42:16 Break / Station ID
00:38:54 Kate RusbyThe Fairest Of All YarrowTen
00:35:59 Shaun DaveyThe Irish SeaMay We Never Have To Say Goodbye
00:31:00 Gillian BoucherAusturian Jig SetAttuned
00:27:13 Brian Miller & Randy GosaThe Templehouse / The Gravel WThe Falling Of The Pine

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