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It's a challenge to run a commercial-free, listener supported radio station in today's economic environment. It seems like we're always begging you for money, and that's because we have to: we rely entirely on you to keep us on the air. So please, make the effort to support SomaFM. We'll be there for you, but we need your financial help.

SomaFM is entirely listener-supported and independent radio. We don't run ads because that would mean giving up our independence. With no corporate sponsors or advertisers, we're free to play the best music we find. But that means we rely entirely on your support for our operational budget.

We hope that our music provides you with enjoyment, and we hope you'll offer a little something back our way to finance our continued operation. You can simply make a one-time donation, or sign up for an automatic monthly payment. Or if you want one of our premiums, choose from the links below.

SomaFM accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express (Store Only) and Paypal online; or you can also send a check or money order drawn on US Dollars.

For the full list of premiums available, head to The SomaFM Store

Here's a sampling of what we have available there:

T-shirts, Mugs, CDs and other Premiums

We have lots of cool premiums available to our supporters. And you can pay with Credit Cards, Google Wallet, Paypal, Amazon Payments and Apple Pay.

Buy multiple items (Hat, Mug, Bottle, CDs, etc) for a special discount at the SomaFM Store! Use the discount code "BUNDLE" at checkout for 20% off orders equal or above $120.00!

  • somafm stealth insulated bottleNew stealth SomaFM vacuum bottle. A stealth matte-black vacuum-insulated Klean Kanteen "Wide 20oz" bottle with the SomaFM logo in bright red. Yours with a one-time $75 support subscription.
  • Groove Salad Vol. 3 NEW! Groove Salad Volume 3 CD: Our third compilation of some the most popular and classic tracks played on Groove Salad. Get one for your car stereo. They make great gifts too.
  • Groove Salad Tshirt NEW! You've been asking for a long time and we finally made a Groove Salad Tshirt! Both Mens/Unisex American Apparel 2001 "Fine Jersey" style in black, and women's heathered-black Bella 8413 triblend short sleeve women's shirt. $50.
  • Suburbs of Goa Tshirt We made a limited edition run of Suburbs of Goa Tshirts. 3-color on black. Designed by the amazing illustrator Josh Ellingson (who also designed our Cliqhop, Christmas Lounge, Christmas Rocks logos). $50.00
  • SomaFM Sticker Pack Support us with $10 and get some SomaFM stickers. We'll send you a few different ones. Generally we include a red one, a silver one and a white one. Sometimes we have metallic red and sometimes glitter-stickers, so there are a few different styles.
  • SomaFM Deluxe Sticker Pack For $25, get our deluxe sticker pack. Includes an assortment of 5 of the large five-inch SomaFM stickers and 10 assorted 2-inch vinyl channel stickers.
  • SomaFM Sticker Pack This Boot Liquor supporter pack contains a really nice boot liquor refrigerator magnet, some 3-inch Boot Liquor stickers, and some SomaFM stickers. $40.
  • SomaFM UnHoodie Zip SweatshirtNEW! SomaFM UnHoodie: Get ready for winter with a heavyweight, black fleece zip sweatshirt with the SomaFM logo in stealth black-on-black. Very subtle, yet attention grabbing. You need one, and you can get one with your one-time $85 support to SomaFM.
  • SomaFM California HoodieBACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! SomaFM California Hoodies, high-quality pullover-style lightweight-fleece Hoodies are black with the SomaFM logo silk-screened in red. This is the classic drawstring sport hoody, with a matching finished Polyester drawcord, Raglan sleeves and a Kangaroo pocket.
  • somafm purple glow tshirt Glow in the Dark Shirt: Support SomaFM at the $50 level and get our latest purple shirt with the a glow-in-the-dark SomaFM Logo. The logo is also extremely reactive to blacklights, so you'll really stand out at the show.
  • somafm tshirtSomaFM T-shirts: high-quality men's and women's styles, in Nightclub Black with red lettering, or bright red with black lettering — included with your one-time support of $50.
  • somafm shirtBecause sometimes it's too cold for short sleeves, we now have long sleeve T-shirts, men's and women's styles, black with red lettering — yours at the one-time $60 support level.
  • somafm stealth gray hatStealth Gray "Houndstooth" Military Hat: We like the way our logo looks on this in black. Subtle, stealthy, but not impossible to read. Yours with $60 support for SomaFM.
  • SomaFM Black Corps HatBlack and Red Organic Cotton Twill Corps Hat: Black Hat with our logo in red. Yours with with $60 support to SomaFM.
  • SomaFM Iron On Patch SomaFM Iron-On Patch embroidered in red and black. 4.5" x 1.5" plus an assortment of SomaFM stickers and a post card. Donate $25.00 and get yours.
  • SomaFM Pin/Button Pack An assortment of 3 small SomaFM pins (or buttons as some people call them). $20.
  • Groove Salad compilationGroove Salad Volume 2: our second in a series compilation mix of some of the most popular and classic tracks played on Groove Salad. The mostly instrumental tracks are a cross-section of the music you'll hear on Groove Salad: downtempo, ambient groove, trip-hop, chillout, and worldbeat. $40 alone, $75 with a T-shirt.
  • Steve Roach Live Transmission NEW! Steve Roach: Live Transmission: Created in a single two-hour session broadcast live on SomaFM, LIVE TRANSMISSION is Steve Roach doing what he does best: creating transcendent electronic music emerging from an elemental, instinctual mode. It's an in-the-studio immersion experience. Yours with a one-time $40 support subscription.

  • SomaFM Studio Sessions 7in VinylSomaFM Studio Sessions Vinyl, recorded live in the SomaFM studios, and issued as a limited-edition, 7-inch chear vinyl release. One side is Mister Loveless doing an emotionally-charged acoustic performance of "Curfew". The other side features Birdmonster-frontman Peter Arcuni on solo acoustic guitar doing "I Say What I Want". Yours with a one-time $15 (plus shipping) support subscription.

Don't Need a Premium? One-time Donation

Don't want a premium and want all of your donation to go to running SomaFM? Use these links to make a quick donation to SomaFM directly from your credit card:


Donate with Paypal

We accept donations from Paypal. You can also send donations via Paypal to or our Paypal Me address:

Sorry, but we cannot take donations over the phone, through the mail, or in cash.

Automatic Monthly Subscription

A simple, effective way to support SomaFM is through an automatic monthly subscription. You can cancel it at any time, and you can support us with as little as $2.99 a month. Considering that satellite and other internet music services charge between $13-20 a month, don't you think SomaFM is worth it?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express for monthly subscriptions.

Want to donate some other amount? Donate via Paypal and make it a recurring payment.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time (details), and there is no minimum subscription duration.

Monthly Fundraising Update

To meet our budget, we need to raise $2,350 a day for the next 15 days. So far today we've raised $472, and for the month $24,764. We still are trying to raise $35,235 more by the end of the month.

We rely on you for support!

If you value SomaFM and the music we play, please support us. We operate on a voluntary subscription model to ensure that no one is left out: we don't want to exclude someone who wants to listen but can't afford to support us financially. But if you can afford to support us, we're counting on you to do just that.

Other internet radio stations make lots of money playing 5-10 minutes of annoying commercials each hour, but that really detracts from the music we play, and if we played all those commercials, we wouldn't want to listen to our own stations!

If you think about all the great music you get to hear on SomaFM, doesn't $4.20 a month or $50 a year seem like a great deal?

We have always and will continue to operate on a sustainable financial model with no outside investors or venture capitalists to answer to, allowing us to be truly independent internet radio. Making a great radio station that you can count on is more important to us than making money, not the other way around (like most other radio stations).

(Financial support of SomaFM is not tax-deductible.)

Thanks for your support,

Rusty Hodge
Program Director and General Manager

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SomaFM loves you! Thank you for your continued support!

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