Suburbs of Goa

Desi-influenced Asian world beats and beyond.

Suburbs of Goa: Desi-influenced Asian world beats and beyond.

Music Director / DJ: Rusty Hodge
Played AtArtistSongAlbum
20:48:18  (Now) OhnCowboys And IndiansLet's Get It
20:42:34 Nitin SawhneyHopeIntroducing Nitin Sawhney
20:37:23 Dub GabrielRumi Go Through MeBass Jihad
20:32:21 Natacha AtlasFakrenhaThe Best Of
20:27:17 Bombay Dub OrchestraJourney (Rise Ashen Nataraj Dub)3 Cities In Dub
20:20:56 Simon Lewis/stephen JoyceNomadPanorama
20:12:33 Relac' SoundfactoryT'amarEME
20:12:30 Break / Station ID
20:01:32 Shaman's Dream4 Kerala DreamKerala Dream
19:56:14 Dohuki BalletDohuki BalletKaruan
19:45:14 Dj Cheb I SabbahShri DurgaShri Durga
19:41:47 Second SkyDragonflyThe Art Of Influence
19:37:20 Tabla Beat SciencePalmistryTala Matrix
19:29:24 A ProduceLand Of A Thousand TrancesLand Of A Thousand Trances
19:29:20 Break / Station ID
19:23:19 Mercan DedeAb-i TarabSu
19:19:01 Mega OmBombayChill Out Bombay
19:13:23 Dzihan & KamienDeep DiscoDK Exclusives, B-Sides and Remixes
19:08:29 Dum Dum ProjectIn-FlightDesi Vibes
19:01:47 Banco De GaiaOreiaApollo

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This Week's Top Artists

  1. Bombay Dub Orchestra
  2. Karsh Kale
  3. Dj Cheb I Sabbah
  4. Banco De Gaia
  5. David Starfire
  6. Pedra Branca
  7. Nitin Sawhney
  8. Kaya Project
  9. Natacha Atlas
  10. Tj Rehmi
  11. Second Sky
  12. Talvin Singh
  13. Cheb I Sabbah
  14. Anoushka Shankar And Karsh Kale
  15. Niyaz
  16. Dum Dum Project
  17. Open Canvas
  18. Mercan Dede
  19. Suns Of Arqa
  20. Kiril Dzajkovski
  21. Angel Tears
  22. Govinda
  23. Tabla Beat Science
  24. T.J. Rehmi & Ravi Bal
  25. Hamsa Lila
  26. Black Star Liner
  27. Shaman's Dream
  28. Adham Shaikh
  29. Eccodek
  30. Merge Of Equals

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