Sonic Universe

Transcending the world of jazz with eclectic, avant-garde takes on tradition.

Sonic Universe: Transcending the world of jazz with eclectic, avant-garde takes on tradition.

Music Director / DJ: Nitya
Played AtArtistSongAlbum
23:55:22  (Now) Ehinger-Lindemann-PitteloudYellow, Le JauneELP
23:51:01 Michel BenitaFree At LastEthics
23:44:24 Dee C'rellLoso's TuneModal Times
23:34:50 SplashgirlNature As In Bits, Parts And PiecesArbor
23:28:04 SiennaJuju & Jordash Rainy Summer RemixA Pure Land (aeuai1/4
23:23:13 Dee C'rell (Featuring Franz Hautzinger)EastNomadicology
23:20:40 Maria KannegaardHey YaJazzland Sampler 2005
23:20:21 Break / Station ID
23:10:11 Tony Williams LifetimeThe Old Bum's RushThe Old Bum's Rush
23:03:06 Nils Petter MolvaerDead IndeedRecoloured Remix Album
22:57:00 Jan Gunnar HoffRevampIn Town
22:42:48 Esbjorn Svensson TrioThree Falling Free Part II301
22:31:01 Marilyn MazurStory TimeAll The Birds
22:24:37 Baby MammothOne Foot Up My ArseMotion Without Pain
22:19:43 Alex CortizMagic TouchAmsterdam Nights
22:15:45 Palle MikkelborgBeautiful BoySong Tread Lightly
22:08:24 Bugge WesseltoftSomewhere In Between (Remixed)New Conception of Jazz
22:05:59 Dylan Ryan / SandMayan SunSky Bleached
22:01:58 Trilok GurtuTillanaCrazy Saints
21:55:48 Arve HenriksenPunkt '07 SongChiaroscuro

SomaFM time is: 23:56 (06:56 gmt)

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This Week's Top Artists

  1. Nils Petter Molvaer
  2. Jon Hassell
  3. Marilyn Mazur
  4. Alex Machacek
  5. Eivind Aarset
  6. Eberhard Weber
  7. Weather Report
  8. Alice Coltrane
  9. Miles Davis
  10. Gerald Clayton
  11. Dee C'rell
  12. Terje Rypdal
  13. Lars Danielsson
  14. Bugge Wesseltoft
  15. Trilok Gurtu
  16. Twilight Archive
  17. Mehliana
  18. Nik Baertsch's Ronin
  19. Michael Shrieve
  20. Dhafer Youssef
  21. Ganfunkel
  22. Arild Andersen
  23. Allan Holdsworth
  24. Robert Glasper
  25. Arve Henriksen
  26. Jaga Jazzist
  27. Haslinger
  28. Beanfield
  29. Jan Garbarek
  30. Jan Gunnar Hoff

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