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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
10:14:06  (Now) Sleep WalkerSim Ou Nao (Sleep Walker Re-Work) JazzinhoWorks
10:05:18 Arild Andersen QuartetAnimaGreen in Blue: Early Quartets
09:58:58 David TornThe Mercury GridCloud About Mercury
09:58:39 Break / Station ID
09:48:39 Bugge WesseltoftLive In Cologne (April 2000)New Conception Of Jazz "Live"
09:43:20 Carlo MombelliSoiI Stared into My Head
09:35:40 Salvatore Bonafede, Enrico RavaReputation And CharacterJourney To Donnafugata
09:22:58 Jon HassellAbu GilLast night the moon came dropping it's clothes in the street
09:12:43 Audun KleiveObeliskGenerator X
09:09:21 Roger HarmarNaiadAsusu
09:00:12 Eivind AarsetSign Of SevenLive Extracts
08:54:16 Trilok GurtuBallad For 2 MusiciansCrazy Saints
08:47:25 BeanfieldWelcome Featuring MazenkaSeek
08:43:07 Nils Petter MolvaerBathroomSwitch
08:39:13 Fredy StuderSans TitreSeven Songs
08:31:43 Joe ZawinulWaiting For The RainDialects
08:24:44 SplashgirlAlpha State Of MindPressure
08:16:02 Bill LaswellBeyond The ZeroDub Chamber 3
08:10:25 FunkstoyyrungCaptured In Tones Feat. Sarah JayDisconnected
08:03:41 AzymuthMimosaCrossbreed

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