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16:42:40  (Now) Waveform Transmission1.8V 1.0 - 1.9
16:42:36 Break / Station ID
16:32:07 Ohmega TribePanacea (Psychobiorhythm)Anodyne Wisdom
16:23:05 Miguel IsazaKarunaFrom Here to Tranquility- Volume 7
16:14:57 VuemorphMindtimeIn Expectancy of the Monumantal Awe
16:09:52 PragmaNottFrom Here to Tranquility- Volume 7
16:01:03 PatternclearLiquid SolidUnidentified Floating Ambience
16:00:54 Break / Station ID
16:00:51 Break / Station ID
15:56:30 ClosedownMouthNearfield
15:48:09 PGRHeadful of Blue SunThe Chemical Bride
15:44:39 Zoviet FranceFeel the WarmthShadow, Thief of the Sun
15:40:33 Trancendental AnarchistsPercipientCluster Zone
15:35:53 Love Spirils DownwardsKykean50 Years of Sunshine Disc 1- 100 Micrograms
15:35:46 Break / Station ID
15:26:09 Lingua LustraLost in the Ergosphere
15:18:57 LotusAnother Springs Blue TwilightFrom Here To Tranquility Volume 2
15:08:16 Andrea SzigetvariTransitus Siderum
15:01:17 Cirrus MinorSolar SpermTox Uthat
14:56:46 Deeper than SpaceFurnitureCurrent

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