SF 10-33

Artists we've played in the last two weeks:

50on A Produce A Produce & Loren Nerell Aerosol Aether Generator Aidan Baker Al Gromer Khan Album Leaf Alexander Daf Alio Die Alio Die and Parallel Worlds All Alpha Wave Movement Alva Noto And Ryuichi Sakamoto Ambient Ohm And M. Mehdi Amongst Myselves Anesthesia Anomalous Disturbances Anthony Rother Antonymes Aphex Twin Apollonius & 33 Tetragammon Applescal Aqob Ashra Aspen Astrowind Atomic Skunk Banabila Banabila & Erker & Machinefabriek & Zenial Band Ane Bass Communion Beatsystem Ben Cox Benjamin Wild Between Interval Bing Satellites Biomass Bluetech Blutiger Fluss Brian Eno & Harold Budd Brian Parnham Bruno San Filippo Build Buildings Burning Sea Byron Metcalf Featuring Steve Roach Byron Metcalf, Steve Roach Candlegravity Carbon Based Lifeforms Carl Lieb Carmen Rizzo Centrozoon Chris & Cosey Chris Russell Chris Zippel Aka Genuine Christopher Willits Chromatics Chronotope Project Cinchel Cliff Martinez Clint Mansell Cloud Archive Cluster Collapsar Comfort Level 7 Connect.Ohm Control X Copal River Coppe Craig Padilla And Zero Ohms Cti Cygna D.Z. Dagda Dalot Dan Pound Daniel Dorobantu Daphne Oram Darshan Ambient Dave Pelman David Arkenstone David Barnes David Gerard David S Theroff Dean De Benedictis Deep Forest Dino Pacifici Discrete Logic Distant Fires Burning Disturbed Earth Dntel Drome Dubtribe Edgar 9000 Elisa Luu Elve Ephemeral Mists Epilektrician Erik Wollo Erik Wollo & Bernhard Wostheinrich Errors Eskadet Esoteric Sob Evadez Exist Strategy Fanger & Schonwalder Fellirium Field Rotation Floex For A Minor Reflection Fourcolour Frank Rothkamm Freelance Whales Fu Ganja Beats Gas Gel-Sol Gentoo Ghost Of An Alien Gil Talmi Global Communication Grains Of Sound Gus Gus Hamilton Sterling And Jimmy Haslip Hammock Harold Budd Harold Budd And Brian Eno Harold Budd, Hector Zazou Hauschka & Hildur GuAdegnadAttir He Can Jog Heathered Pearls Herion High Skies Hjaltalin Hollan Holmes Horizontal Excursions Human Mesh Dance I:cube ISAN Ian Boddy And Parallel Worlds Ibizarre If Thousands Indigolab International Peoples Gang Ishq Ishvara Jakob Thiesen James Johnson Jan Nemecek Janne Hanhisuanto Jeff Oster Jens Buchert Joel David Palmer John Koch-Northrup Jon Hopkins Jonathan Badger Jonathan Hughes Jonathan Slatter Jondi & Spesh Jondi & Spesh With Brian Stillwater Jonn Serrie Julien Bayle Julio Di Benedetto Kawatin Kelly David Kevin Braheny & Tim Clark Kilowatts Klyxn Kristian Day Lackluster Leftfield Feat. Rino Licht-Ung Liquid Stranger Loren Nerell / Mark Seelig Loscil Louigi Verona Lovesliescrushing Lucette Bourdin Lusine Lusine ICL Lustmord M. Geddes Gengras MMOTHS Maitreya Marconi Union Margaret Noble Mark Rushton Mark Snyder Markus Guentner Markus Reuter Markus Reuter And Robert Rich Massimo Discepoli Mathias Grassow Mathias Grassow & Alio Die Mathon Matteo Urro Mauxuam And Greg Hunter Max Corbacho Michael Brant De Maria Michael Bross Michael Stearns & Ron Sunsinger Michel Banabila Michel Banabila & Oene Van Geel Mika Vainio Miktek Mimi Page Mind Soup Mitchell Akiyama Mitoma Moi Caprice Monoceros Monolake Mooorph Murcof Muridae Mystical Sun Mystified Mystified & The Ghost Between The Strings Nacho Sotomayor Nathan Siter Nature's Balance Nemesis Neuron Nexion-Project (Aka Torok Zoltan) Nheap Nick Cramer Nils Frahm North hive Northcape Noveller Nux Vomica & Voice Of Eye O Yuki Conjugate OTT Observation Point Olafur Arnalds Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm Orb Osiris Indriya Osoroshisa Ostraka Ovdk & Bunk Data Paradigm Parallel Worlds Pascal Savy Patrick Millard Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek Peter Busboom Peter Davison Peter DiPhillips Phillip Wilkerson Phole Pornophonik Pk Potpie Proem Protofuse Radio Slave Rafael Anton Irisarri Reef Project Rekevin Renard Ventura Resonant Drift Richard Bone Richard Chartier Rlw Rob Byrd Robert Carty Robert Miles Robert Rich Robert Rich & Alio Die Robert Rich & B. Lustmord Robert Rich & Ian Boddy Robert Scott Thompson Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd Rocket Empire Runningonair Sabi Sarana Sawako Scanner Schiller Secede Sense Project Sharif Rashad Sherafedin Kurt Siddhartha Barnhoorn Sight Below Sinepearl Slicnaton Solar Fields Solus Solyaris Sonogram Soul In Limbo Soundhacker Sounds From The Ground Spacetime Continuum Spice Barons Stargarden State Azure Stephane Roy Stephen Philips And Peter Bolander Steve Brand Steve Roach Steve Roach & Robert Rich Steve Roach, Erik Wollo Steve Roach, Kevin Braheny, Michael Stearns Steven Halpern Stolearm Stuart Sweeney Sunbear Surge Sutekh Symbiotic Sync 24 System 7 Tal Tange Tapage & Meander Tape Teen Daze Terre Thaemlitz Tesla Coil The Jingle Kings The Sight Below Thought Guild Tim Gerwing Toaster Todd Snow Tom Middleton Towering Inferno Trentemoller Twigs & Yarn Tylervision Vektordrum VidasM Vidna Obmana and Dreams In Exile VidnaObmana Vir Unis Vir Unis, James Johnson Voafose Voice Of Eye Warheads Warm Ghost Weja White Star William Ryan Fritch Willits and Sakamoto Wodwo Yasushi Miura Yda Your Personal Tranquillizer Zardos Zenmetalshirt Zero 7 Zheleznyak A.k.a. Sonic Faith aether generator cinchel eu subtractiveLAD

Songs in the mix during the last hour:

Elve - Mosaic Rain

Byron Metcalf Featuring Steve Roach - The Shaman's Heart Ii (Part 2)

Liquid Stranger - Minimum

Paradigm - Lament Of A Generator

Heathered Pearls - Left Climber

Anthony Rother - Elixir Of Life Part Ii

Patrick Millard - Slipping Away

Control X - Tango Uniform

Loscil - First Narrows

Dino Pacifici - Warp

Alexander Daf - Detection

50on - Japonica

Steve Roach - Seven

Observation Point - Terrace

Vidna Obmana and Dreams In Exile - The Solitary Circle

Lusine ICL - In Flight

System 7 - Sirenes

Siddhartha Barnhoorn - Artifacts

International Peoples Gang - Nine Churchill Drive

Erik Wollo - Inception

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