Secret Agent

The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and PIs too!

Secret Agent: The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and PIs too!

Music Director / DJ: Rusty Hodge
Played AtArtistSongAlbum
08:46:02  (Now) Barry AdamsonThe Man With The Golden ArmThe Murky World Of
08:45:54 (sound bite)
08:43:55 Piero PiccioniLovers (With Big Orchestra)Camille 2000
08:38:31 GovindaCity Of Pleasureserotic rhythms from earth
08:36:33 Verrill KeeneAn Afternoon AffairAn Afternoon Affair
08:36:25 (sound bite)
08:33:18 Black FireAlcoholicUp! A Brief Excursion Into The 70's Sound
08:31:11 B.T. ExpressThis House Is SmokingSuper Breaks Vol. 3
08:27:40 Fantastic Plastic MachineBossa For JackieLUXURY
08:23:01 Violent Public DisorderazMemory (Feat. Mr. Moods)Sadness In Square
08:22:57 (sound bite)
08:17:42 Yoko KannoIan Pooley Rem
08:11:48 Ensemble NovoPr'um SambaBlue Night
08:08:05 HeadfridgeBlapaneseRogue Fugu
08:08:05 (sound bite)
08:08:02 Break / Station ID
08:02:53 La Yellow 357Theme 357
08:00:08 Billy & FriendsI Found My Love In PortofinoPhase Six Superstereo
08:00:00 (sound bite)
07:59:57 (sound bite)

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This Week's Top Artists

  1. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
  2. Thievery Corporation
  3. Lalo Schifrin
  4. Chris Joss
  5. Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
  6. Ursula 1000
  7. Plastic Records
  8. Seks Bomba
  9. Budos Band
  10. Barry Adamson
  11. Alan Hawkshaw
  12. Piero Piccioni
  13. Henry Mancini
  14. Gert Wilden And Orchestra
  15. Thunderball
  16. Arling & Cameron
  17. Dining Rooms
  18. Barry Gray
  19. Tommy Guerrero
  20. Dzihan & Kamien
  21. Calibro 35
  22. Beastie Boys
  23. Amon Tobin
  24. Dj Food
  25. Fantastic Plastic Machine
  26. Robert Miles
  27. Piero Umiliani
  28. Nicola Conte
  29. David Shire
  30. Complete Cycle

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