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12:45:52  (Now) Empire Of The SunAliveIce On The Dune
12:45:50 Break / Station ID
12:42:11 CSSEcho Of LoveLa Liberacion
12:37:59 LusineTwo DotsA Certain Distance
12:33:06 ExtraperloLas Palmeras Del AmorDesayuno continental
12:29:19 Mansions On The MoonRadioMansions On The Moon
12:25:16 LehtmojoeThrough To YouAisle 7
12:25:14 Break / Station ID
12:21:39 ClassixxSupernatureHanging Gardens
12:18:20 Wallpaper.IndecentDoodoo Face
12:15:10 DeastroThe Shaded Forests (Gift Giver's Version) [Bonus Track]Moondagger
12:11:39 Dirty VegasChanges (Instrumental)Electric Love (Instrumentals)
12:11:34 Break / Station ID
12:05:01 Ry, Frank WiedemannHowlingHowling EP
12:01:14 WoodhandsI Wasn't Made For FightingI Wasn't Made for Fighting
11:58:02 SebastianArabestTotal
11:53:21 Buddy AkaiCut Me Up (Villains Remix)Cut Me Up
11:53:19 Break / Station ID
11:48:59 Neon IndianFuture SickEra Extrana
11:44:00 RoyksoppVision OneJunior

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