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The outage on our Lush channel has been resolved and it's back on the air. 23-May-15

This Tuesday at 7pm PT, 10pm ET we will broadcast a live, in-studio performance of "Near the Parentheses" on Deep Space One. 20-May-16

Drone Zone is proud to premiere Steve Brand's new album, "The Path of the Heart", Wednesday, May 18th, at 6pm Pacific time (9pm Eastern, 8pm Central, 01:00 GMT). We'll play the entire composition as it was meant to be heard. 12-May-16

Thanks to all our supporters who helped us meet our budget goal in April! Your support is what keeps SomaFM alive. We love you! 2-May-16

Thank you, Prince, for everything. 21-Apr-16

We're excited to have 2 album premieres next week. On Tuesday, April 26th, Noon PT, we premiere Steve Roach & Robert Logan's "Second Nature" on Drone Zone, and the next day, Wednesday we premiere the duo's Biosonic release on Deep Space One. 20-Apr-16

Last day of the month and we're behind on fundraising. Please donate something right now or buy something in our store to help keep SomaFM on the air. 31-Mar-16

Drone Zone is proud to premiere the new Relaxed Machinery album release by Kloob, "Solid Foundations" this Friday at noon Pacific. Described as a "sonic journey featuring metaphysics, attraction, emotions management, extraterrestrial life, astral projection and personal development." Please join us!. 1-Mar-16

A bug in our back-end system was causing mobile apps to play low-bitrate MP3 streams rather than High-Quality AAC+ streams for some channels. This is fixed now, but may take a few hours to propagate to all phones. 10-Feb-16

We have updated and changed our streaming servers. If you're having trouble accessing our channels, please update your links, see "Other Ways to Listen" on each channel's homepage. Official SomaFM apps and web player not affected by this change. 5-Feb-16

Thank you David Bowie for all your inspiration and gifts of music. You will be missed. 11-Jan-16

We are honored that The Telegraph calls SomaFM one of "The best internet radio stations", "...broadcasting a range of beautifully curated channels ... and an enduringly hip presence on the web." 5-Dec-15

T-Mobile announced today that SomaFM is now included in Music Freedom(tm), so you can stream without ever using up your high-speed data for T-Mobile Simple Choice customers. 1-Dec-15

The pictures from the Photobooth at our 15th Anniversary party are up, we also published the best ones on Facebook. 18-Nov-15

Happy Holidays from SomaFM. We're thankful to have such amazing and incredible listeners. 24-Nov-15

SomaFM is celebrating its 15th Anniversary and we want to thank you for your unwavering support! Get tickets here to join us Saturday, November 7th at the Verdi Club in San Francisco to celebrate! Live performances by SomaFM favorites Halou and Artemis, plus SomaFM DJs and more. 26-Oct-15

We've quietly launched our holiday channels for 2015. 20-Oct-15

Lots of great goodies in our new SomaFM Store 5-Oct-15

We are accepting credit cards, Bitcoin, Amazon Payments, Dwolla and Square Cash now as well as Paypal 17-Sep-15

This Friday: Drone Zone presents the album premiere of Steve Brand's "Songs From Unknown Territory". We hope you'll join us for the premiere and a the live online chat with Steve Brand this Friday, October 2nd at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern. 1-Oct-15

This Sunday night, at 7pm Pacific (10pm Eastern, 0200 GMT Monday) Drone Zone will present Steve Roach's Bloodmoon Rising 4 during the total lunar eclipse that coincides with a "Supermoon." It's been 32 years since there has been a total lunar eclipse during a "Supermoon", and won't happen again for another 18 years. 22-Sep-15

This Friday: Drone Zone presents the album premiere of Massergy's "A Novel Sense of Calm". We hope you'll join us for the premiere and a the live online chat with Massergy this Friday, September 18th at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern. 14-Sep-15

This Friday, August 14th at Noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern, Drone Zone is proud to premiere Markus Reuter & Zero Ohms: "From Worlds Unseen A Light Yet Streams A Sound Replete" 11-Aug-15

Tune in to DEF CON Radio: Now Broadcasting live from DEF CON 23 Chill Room at Bally's in Las Vegas, Thursday thru Sunday. And come by and say hi if you're at DEF CON! - 6-Aug-15

This Friday, July 17th at Noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern, Drone Zone is proud to premiere Steve Roach's new ambient album, "Etheric Imprints". We hope you'll join us for the premiere and a the live online chat with Steve Roach! 15-Jul-15

SomaFM's SF-1033 has been physically moved to a more reliable location. Now in our datacenter, with emergency backup power, in a seismically-restant building, ready to keep providing audio in case of a local emergency. 11-Jul-15

SomaFM's Drone Zone will be premiering Steve Brand's new long form ambient album, "Sanctuary", this sunday at noon Pacific Time (3pm Eastern). 25-Jun-15

Fundraising for June is running behind schedule. If you haven't supported SomaFM in the last 12 months, please donate and support us today! 21-Jun-15

Every Sunday from 8am-8pm PT on Drone Zone, it's Long Form Sunday: where we feature long-form ambient pieces. We hope you'll tune it! 18-Jun-15

This Tuesday, June 9th at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, Drone Zone is proud to premiere the new album "A Place to Belong" by Time Being, the collaborative project of Jourdan Laik and Phillip Wilkerson on Spotted Peccary Music. 5-Jun-15

We're excited to bring you a new channel, Thistle Radio, featuring music from "Celtic roots and branches." Crafted by Fiona Ritchie, award-winning host and curator of NPR's syndicated Thistle and Shamrock radio show. 30-May-15

Thanks for all the support in May, we not only hit our target but exceeded it by a small amount! 1-Jun-15

Drone Zone Album Premiere & listening party this evening, starting at 5pm pacific: Roy Mattson's new album, Mesmer. 29-May-15

We are accepting credit cards now as well as Paypal. 11-May-15

The issues with one of our network providers is resolved. We had loss of connectivity to parts of the net from 10am-11:50am PDT. 12-May-15

Steve Roach's new all-analog synth album "Skeleton Keys" premiere: Tuesday, May 5th, 1pm pacific time on Space Station Soma. Please tune in! 3-May-15

Drone Zone will be playing three new releases: SiJ: Plaentagose; Steve Brand: Second Spring, and an EP from Steve Brand and Ran Kirlian: The Uncarved Block. Tune in to Drone Zone starting at 5pm PDT Friday. 30-Apr-15

Ascendant, who played How Weird yesterday, do a live in-studio performance on Space Station Soma at 1pm PDT today. 27-Apr-15

SomaFM will be at the How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco this Sunday, Noon-8pm. Come say hi, and if you can't make it, tune into our live broadcast! 22-Apr-15

Details later today: The premiere of Steve Roach's "Bloodmoon Rising 3" piece will be broadcast on Drone Zone early Saturday morning during the "Bloodmoon" eclipse. 3-Apr-15

Thanks for your support in March! SomaFM stays on the air through the donations from our supporters! 1-Apr-15

Please, help us meet this month's budget and make a small donation to SomaFM! We're running behind and could use your help. 28-Mar-15

Our "Mission Control" channel is back on the air after a hardware failure. 24-Mar-15

Steve Brand's new album, "Into the Current" album premiere on Drone Zone, this Friday at 4pm Pacific. Posted 3-Mar-15

The Trip is now back online. Sorry about the downtime! 2-Mar-15

All streams are back up and functioning fully, except for The Trip, which should return within 24 hours. 28-Feb-15 11:40pm

We are currently experience network outages that is affecting our streams. We are working with our multiple network proviers to resolve the issue. Sorry! 28-Feb-15 11:00am

Once again, SomaFM will have a "stage" at the How Weird Street Fair in San Francisco on Sunday, April 26th. Hope to see you there! 18-Feb-15

(More old news in the news archives.)

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