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Domestic orders for shirts, mugs and CDs should arrive before Christmas if ordered by Wednesday, December 17th. International orders are not likely to arrive in time for Christmas if ordered after December 12th. 12-Dec-14

iTunes Users: To work around the iTunes 12.0.1 bug with 128k AAC streams, we're serving 128k MP3 streams to iTunes 12.0.1 clients until Apple fixes things 1-Nov-14

Our friends at Tech Shop are having a holiday "Maker Market" this Saturday, December 13th from 2-6pm at the TechShop Gallery, 910 Howard Steet, San Francisco. Rusty will be providing Christmas Lounge music and Merin's original art holiday items will be on sale. We'll also have SomaFM stickers to hand out. If you're in San Francisco on Saturday, we hope you'll pop by! 10-Dec-14

We're excited to premiere Chris Russell and Eyes Cast Down's new groove-driven, age-spanning musical journey, Memory Palace. Tune in to Deep Space One on Monday, Dec. 8th, at 2PM Pacific time (4PM Central, 5PM Eastern) to hear the album in its entirety. 2-Dec-14

New items for our supporters: A warm fleece zip sweatshirt we call the Stealth UnHoodie, and a California-fleece lightweight pullover hoodie. 14-Oct-14

Drone Zone is proud to premiere Andrew Lahiff's newest release, Slow Paths Beyond, this Friday, November 14th, at Noon Pacific. 10-Nov-14

Mac Users: A bug in iTunes 12.0.1 is causing our 128k AAC streams to playback with loud distortion sometimes, and lower-level digital distortion the rest of the time. User the MP3 streams until Apple fixes this bug. 24-Oct-14

We accept donations via Bitcoin at the following address: 16JPekFQEHyLD4Ji2i2YTWeJjn3iULL2iP 13-Oct-14

Drone Zone is proud to premiere Steve Brand's newest release, The Space Between, on October 3rd, at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific. 17-Sep-14

Indie Pop Rock fans: SomaFM Presents Sondre Lerche at the Independent on October 9th in San Francisco. DJ Elise spinning before and after, hope to see you there. 15-Sep-14

The technical issues with DEF CON radio have been resolved, and it's and it's back on the air. 12-Sep-14

Our Android app has been updated. Please update to the latest release. iOS app update is waiting for Apple approval but expected to be out soon. 6-Sep-14

Other than giving us a scare, the earthquake that struck the SF Bay area early Sunday morning did no damage to SomaFM's studios or datacenter facilities. 24-Aug-14

Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi at the 20th Street Block Party! So great to meet so many of you. We'll have podcasts from our band interviews posted later in the week. 23-Aug-14

SomaFM will be broadcasting live from the 20th Street Block Party this Saturday, from Noon-6pm in San Francisco, inside Sightglass Coffee. Come say hello! 18-Aug-14

Starting now through Sunday, SomaFM's DEF CON Radio will be broadcasting Live from DEF CON 22's chill room in the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Tune in Now! 7-Aug-14

SomaFM and Projekt Records present the album premiere of Steve Roach's "The Delicate Forever" on Drone Zone, July 22nd at Noon Pacific Time, 3pm Eastern, 8pm (20:00) GMT. 19-Jul-14

SomaFM, Relaxed Machinery and DataObscura present: A night of ambient album premieres on Drone Zone. Friday, July 18th at 5pm Pacific; 8pm Eastern, 1:00 GMT (early Saturday Morning). 12-Jul-14

SomaFM will be at the Extreme Chill Festival in Berlin July 4-6. We're looking forward to spending some time with many of the artists we play on SomaFM and would love to see you there as well! 1-Jul-14

SomaFM will be at The Ambient Music Conference in Helsinki (June 27-28th) and the Extreme Chill Festival in Berlin July 4-6. We're looking forward to spending some time with many of the artists we play on SomaFM and would love to see you there as well! 17-Jun-14

Thank you for your generous support in May. We didn't hit our goal, but we got close enough we can make up the difference in June. 31-May-14

Friday at 5pm pacific (8pm Eastern), SomaFM is proud to present the premiere of Steve Brand and Roy Mattson's new release: Meltstream, on Drone Zone. Please tune in. 30-May-14

We'll be presenting "Space Station Soma" live from the How Weird Street Fair in San Francisco this Sunday from 12-8p. Please come by, our stage will be set up on Tehama near 2nd street in SoMa. 1-May-14

Our Stealth Hoodies are now all sold out. A new design will be coming soon. 2-May-14

Check out our newest channel, Seven Inch Soul: Vintage soul tracks from the original 45 RPM vinyl. 14-Apr-14

Ww have deployed some new streaming servers to improve SomaFM's performance in some parts of the world. 7-Apr-14

Special Album Preview this Tuesday at Noon (Pacific, 3pm Eastern) for the premier of Loren Nerell & Mark Seelig's new album "Tree of Life" on SomaFM's Deep Space One. 25-Apr-14

Thank you for helping us meet-- and EXCEED-- our fundraising requirements this month! 2-Apr-14

We'll be at the SXSW festival in Austin from March 7th thru March 15th. Are you going to be there? 1-Mar-14

Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for all the love you've showed us this year. We love you! 14-Feb-14

We have deployed a new streaming server on the East Coast to work around the issues we've had with Verizon and ATT. You may need to update your media player's bookmarks if you're still having issues. 12-Feb-14

We have been having some issues with streaming to listeners on Verizon and ATT, mostly on the East coast and the South. This is due to a dispute between Verizon/ATT and our bandwidth provider Cogent, who also provides streaming for Netflix which is at the root of this dispute. 10-Feb-14

Due to the flu going around the team this week, we're running a week behind on getting shirt, mugs, CDs and other premiums. Thanks for your patience. 14-Jan-14

HAPPY 2014! We hope your 2014 is great, and thank you for all your support and love you gave us in 2013. 1-Jan-14

Hope you got what you wanted from Santa. Thanks for all your support in 2013 and hope you have a wonderful 2014. 27-Dec-13

Happy Solstice! The days start getting longer from here on, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. 21-Dec-2013

Happy Holidays from all of us at SomaFM, we hope you enjoy our three holiday music channels. And for those of you who don't like the holidays, we will keep Groove Salad, Space Station, Poptron, Drone Zone and a few others free of holiday music just for you. 20-Dec-13

Thank you to all our supporters in 2013. We wouldn't be here without you. And if you haven't supported SomaFM in the last year, please renew your support now. We rely entirely on your support! 19-Dec-13

We have free holiday apps for iOS and Android. It's a great way to introduce your friends to SomaFM. Just search for "SomaFM Holiday" in the Play and App stores. 15-Dec-13

Happy Hanukkah! We're mixing in a lot of fun Hanukkah music on Xmas in Frisko for the next 8 days. 27-Nov-13

New Groove Salad Volume 2 CD is available! Get one now! 24-Nov-13

New premium: SomaFM Studio Sessions 7" Vinyl release of Mister Loveless and Birdmonster in-studio performances. More details! 23-Nov-13

Safari 6.1 users on Mavericks OSX should use the Popup Player to work around a bug with launching iTunes from Safari. 22-Oct-13

If you're having any issues connecting to our streams from the web or internet radio bookmarks, please make sure you use the links from our site and update any bookmarked streams. 24-Oct-13.

New channels: Earwaves and the Iceland Airwaves Preview. Check them out. 14-Oct-13

Regretfully, we have been forced to change the Underground 80s logo; TfL who owns the trademark that we were parodying has sent us a cease and desist. We're working on a replacement logo so please bear with the temporary one. 23-Sep-2013

Thank you SO MUCH for your generous support in August! We were afraid we were going to be way below budget but you all came through in the last week. We love you and thank you so much for supporting SomaFM and letting this grand experiment continue and flourish. 1-Sep-2013

Having issues streaming us on your Roku? Make sure you're updated to v5.1 build 1195 of the firmware (should happen automatically). 30-Aug-2013

New goodies in our support section: a glossy red mug and a Steve Roach CD collection. 8-Aug-2013

SomaFM is at the 20th Street Block Party in San Francisco today. Come visit if you're in the area. On 20th between Bryant and Harrison. We're right at Bryant. 24-Aug-13

(More old news in the news archives.)

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