SomaFM on other Mobile Devices

If your have a streaming-capable phone that's not listed yet, we have automatic mini-sites for most other cell phones, including Sony, Nokia N series, Samsung, Sanyo and some Motorola phones; as well as most phones running Windows Mobile.

The best quality mobile streams use aacPlus, and that's supported on phones such as the Samsung MM A800, A900, A920, A940; LG Fusic; and Sanyo MM 9000.

3GPP Phones that receive SomaFM

There are other phones that will work with our stream, however do not fully support aacPlus and won't sound as good. Most Sony Ericsson phones fall into this category.

Maemo / Nokia N900

There is an app called "mSoma" available, but not supported by us. More info at

Still not working?

Is your streaming-capable phone not working with our site? We are working hard to bring you SomaFM on as many different mobile devices as possible. (Some phones, notably those from Verizon, block third-party broadcasters like SomaFM from their networks; and there isn't anything we can do about that.)

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