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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
13:16:05  (Now) Gate ZeroWhite Sand Part 2 (Self Oscillate Remix)Black Dust
13:08:43 VidasMCold IncBeds and Dreams
13:00:42 Vir Unis, James JohnsonIndivisible CirclesPerimeter II
13:00:36 Break / Station ID
12:50:08 StratosphereWhen you think everything is alrightAftermath
12:45:57 Nils FrahmSnippetFelt
12:40:42 Gaudi TestaSpace-Mind ContinuumContinvvm
12:37:14 Sintetic-collageEsporasAssisted Residence
12:33:40 Elisa LuuPrima di.Un Giorno Sospreso
12:25:03 Dan PoundOf The EssenceSpherical
12:20:42 The Jingle KingsWatch Out AfricaThe New Megalopolis
12:13:32 Kevin Braheny & Tim ClarkThe Sail Of Argo NavisThe Spell
12:05:18 Euphonic TravellerPacificaChillin CA2
12:03:32 OstrakaCuba IllinoisPrecambrian Resonance
11:59:11 Jens BuchertBlue HorizonElectronic Space Odyssey (Disc 2)
11:59:08 Break / Station ID
11:53:18 Dino PacificiWarpHallowed Ground
11:51:01 ClarkThe Pining Pt 3
11:46:53 Harold BuddThe Room AlightThe Room
11:42:56 SpacecraftVenusian BathysphereInside The Inside

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