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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
11:05:40  (Now) Erik Wollo & Bernhard WostheinrichPolarisArcadia Borealis
10:57:34 Temporary TempleStrandlooperFrom Here To Tranquility - Vol. 3
10:49:20 Alio Die and Parallel WorldsNuvole Di PalissandroCirco Divino
10:44:38 Ian BoddyEclipticIndex02
10:36:14 The Sight BelowThrough The Gaps In The LandIt All Falls Apart
10:27:37 Discepoli-BarbieroMultiple HorizonsAn Eclipse of Images
10:22:34 William OrbitColours From NowhereHello Waveforms
10:22:28 Break / Station ID
10:17:52 Thomas LemmerA XIAmbitronic
10:14:53 Robert RichNever HungerWhat We Left Behind
10:09:01 WarmthOdessaEssay
09:51:53 Rob ByrdSong Of The Ocean WraithMy Ghosts And Yours
09:45:43 PalancarMare TranquillitatisSerenitatis
09:39:02 PleqWe Try To Abjure Material ThingsOur Words Are Frozen
09:26:06 DeepWarmthFieldsNature
09:22:28 If ThousandsluckyFor
09:22:22 Break / Station ID
09:16:11 IshqArcSonic Incense Vol 1: Orchid
08:59:33 Autistici & Justin Varisamber (sleep test for erik)Nine
08:56:03 Alio DieThe Secret Of Shady GorgesUnder An Holy Ritual

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