Mission Control

Celebrating NASA and Space Explorers everywhere.

Mission Control: Celebrating NASA and Space Explorers everywhere.

Music Director / DJ: Rusty Hodge

Now: Apollo Historic Mission Audio.

Played AtArtistSongAlbum
19:57:39  (Now) PatchAisWestern Slope
19:57:36 Break / Station ID
19:50:52 Eastern SunGround Of BeingIn Emptiness
19:46:19 Esoteric SobWhere Is The SunEgomania EP
19:42:01 Erik WolloTimescapeTimelines
19:36:49 Tapeloveperpetual dubbing
19:29:34 Vir Unis, James JohnsonMeasuring SeasonsPerimeter II
19:21:40 Natural Frequencies Aka Andreas LeifeldZero (Pt. 1)
19:17:10 Rocket EmpireMontezuma's RevengeOm 15: Celebrating 15 Years of Om Records
19:13:17 OrcasCertain AbstractionsOrcas
19:03:30 Solar FieldsPhase 06 Dialogue With A River[ Until We Meet The Sky ]
19:02:20 Huun Huur Tu With Carmen RizzoSaryglarlar RepriseEternal
18:55:24 Field RotationLichtbrechungLicht Und Schatten
18:55:20 Break / Station ID
18:51:42 The Jingle KingsAnimation BossThe New Megalopolis
18:45:56 LemongrassNibiruSirius
18:42:09 Sharif RashadLes VisiteursGalaxie - EP
18:36:32 Nathan SiterNo DawnExosphere
18:34:08 Win BentSchnibbleWet Weather Creek
18:24:05 TalTal '90Pop Ambient 2002

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This Week's Top Artists

  1. Steve Roach
  2. Loscil
  3. Patch
  4. Dan Pound
  5. Vir Unis, James Johnson
  6. Aether Generator
  7. Marconi Union
  8. Vir Unis
  9. Build Buildings
  10. Alpha Wave Movement
  11. Lemongrass
  12. Solar Fields
  13. Michael Bross
  14. David Arkenstone
  15. Cliff Martinez
  16. Thom Brennan
  17. Nils Frahm
  18. Ishq
  19. Grains Of Sound
  20. David Gerard
  21. Win Bent
  22. Lucette Bourdin
  23. Erik Wollo
  24. Banabila
  25. Ulfur
  26. Al Gromer Khan
  27. Cti
  28. Hollan Holmes
  29. Reef Project
  30. Dean De Benedictis

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