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17:39:05  (Now) Bob HolroydApproaching SilenceLe Cafe Abstrait Vol. 7
17:35:56 MMOTHSToo RealDiaries
17:31:39 Forrest FangChaos GamelanGongland
17:28:17 Olafur Arnalds.Og LengraDyad 1909
17:19:34 Adam MichalakDense FogReturning to Essence [SSD10]
17:15:09 William Ryan FritchA Matter of LifeThe Waiting Room
17:13:57 Break / Station ID
16:53:50 TangeThe Difference Between (Remix)Drone Download Project Year 4 CD
16:47:51 The Circular RuinsDisplaced part 1The Birth Of Tragedy
16:39:47 Igneous FlameAaluSylvi
16:34:04 Dan PoundWings Of TimeDrift
16:26:31 SaffronkeiraEpifonema (with Witxes)Synecdoche
16:23:09 Erik Wollo & Bernhard WostheinrichA Vagueness DisguisedWeltenuhr (DiN46)
16:15:22 CandlegravityScrapbooks Left BehindPast
16:08:34 Ian Boddy And Parallel WorldsSoliloquyExit Strategy
16:08:30 Break / Station ID
16:05:51 ColfaxTerminusTape
15:58:20 BiosphereBallerinaMan with a Movie Camera
15:55:07 Solar FieldsPhase 07 Forgotten[ Until We Meet The Sky ]

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