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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
18:32:17  (Now) StargardenStargarden V (Vi)V
18:27:50 PsicodreamicsAmbiethernum 2: A Heaven In Your EyesAMBIETHERNUM (revisited)
18:14:52 Patrick MillardAlternating FrequenciesGenerative Behaviors
18:05:00 Thomas FehlmannEmbraceAir Texture Volume III
18:04:10 OstrakaHandlebar Blow PipesPrecambrian Resonance
18:04:03 Break / Station ID
17:57:25 loscilFern and RobinEndless Falls
17:54:54 BlackdaylightDaylight 255Blackdaylight Live
17:48:12 Darkroommemorianovagravity's dirty work
17:44:39 Steve RoachTrain Of Thought 1Core
17:44:32 Break / Station ID
17:39:54 Chris RussellOceansBlur
17:27:27 Jeffrey KoepperparallaxMantraSequent
17:20:24 MurcofCaminoRemembranza
17:06:23 Loren Nerell, Mark SeeligKayonTree of Life
16:59:44 Erik WolloMosaic of Time I: Route DivergeThreshold Point
16:58:22 ToasterThe Delightful Laughter Of A ChildFuck You, Hippie
16:51:24 MassergyTetrahelixOrchid [eM Compilation 2015]
16:45:26 GERMINDWandering IntellectStarseed
16:45:23 Break / Station ID

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