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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
04:47:01  (Now) Boarders Of The Middle EarthSword Dancing
04:39:12 Mystical SunCanopy26000
04:32:44 Christopher Alvarado and Ari PorkiCape IsthmusMenagerie of Clouds
04:25:13 Atomic SkunkLotusmudAlchemy
04:21:17 Grains Of SoundFloating Through ThoughtRays Of Life Vol. 1 Down
04:11:51 Nux Vomica & Voice Of EyeWater Wheel TreadersFire of the Unitive Path: Three Rivers
04:10:49 Boards Of CanadaHeard From Telegraph LinesTrans Canada Highway
04:01:25 cinchelmoonlit treesquiet nights, lonesome woods
04:01:21 Break / Station ID
03:57:34 SecedeShrineTryshasla
03:53:16 Erik WolloOceanTimelines
03:48:30 Michel BanabilaTake Me ThereJump Cuts (EP)
03:41:42 Distant Fires BurningGeomagnetic DisturbanceMagnetic Fields & Zero Dimens
03:38:51 Harold BuddAtl AtlPerhaps
03:35:10 ClusterXanesraQua
03:25:06 Bass CommunionGrammatic OilBass Communion
03:08:45 Solar FieldsAir Song (8am Version)Extended
03:08:42 Break / Station ID
03:04:46 Steve RoachGoing InlandSoMa
02:52:22 Erik SeifertLHC (Large Hadron Collider)Core

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