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06:35:06  (Now) EndalokEldhafŚr Draumheimi Višurstyggšar
06:29:28 NeurosisLocust StarThrough Silver In Blood
06:24:31 Killing JokeSolitudeExtremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions
06:18:36 Sadistik ExekutionAgonizing the DeadThe Magus
06:18:32 Break / Station ID
06:17:05 CrumbsuckersFace of DeathLife Of Dreams Beast On My Back
06:14:05 Sektemtum218Panacea
06:09:48 Apokalyptic RaidsMankind DefeatedThe Third Storm
06:06:47 Death AngelSilent Killer [bonus track]Frolic Through The Park
06:06:41 Break / Station ID
05:59:40 EaloIn The Fire, Thou Shalt RiseIn The Fire, Thou Shalt Rise
05:55:10 Voivodtechnocratic manipulatorsdimension hatross
05:53:00 DischargeProtest and SurviveHear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
05:45:07 LIBER NULLUnholy CosmogonyI- The Serpent
05:41:40 Count Your DeadGhostGhost EP
05:39:49 LudichristLast Train To ClarksvilleImmaculate Deception
05:32:03 PanzerfaustThe Jerusalem SyndromeThe Lucifer Principle
05:32:00 Break / Station ID
05:26:41 SleepAquarianSleep's Holy Mountain
05:13:13 BongripperHailSatan Worshipping Doom

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