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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
15:38:35  (Now) EyehategodAnxiety HangoverDopesick
15:35:44 VillainyThe Soul Is UntouchedVillainy II: Dim
15:34:02 Type O NegativeLiverWorld Coming Down
15:33:57 Break / Station ID
15:29:56 EXCALIBUR (Spain)Fuera de LugarHumo Negro
15:25:43 Principality Of HellSulfur & BaneSulfur & Bane
15:20:22 1914VerdunEschatology Of War
15:18:10 BrujeriaIsla De La FantasiaPocho Aztlan
15:14:58 Sin of GodThe Great Lion Devours The SunAenigmata
15:11:35 High On FireRazorhoofSurrounded By Thieves
15:07:56 EkpyrosisDepths Of TribulationAsphyxiating Devotion
15:07:53 Break / Station ID
15:05:10 WinterPower And MightInto Darkness- Eternal Frost
15:02:07 GodfleshWound [*]Streetcleaner
14:58:36 Tomb MoldBereavement of FleshThe Bottomless Perdition
14:51:38 VoivodphobosPhobos
14:51:35 Break / Station ID
14:48:43 ProngAggravated ConditionForce Fed
14:26:06 Cultes Des GhoulesThe Prophecy / Devell, the Devell he is, I swer God... (Scene ICoven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love
14:20:44 Gargoyle (Italy)The HighlanderReborn in Blasphemy

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