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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
22:11:45  (Now) ProngSteady DeclineBeg To Differ
22:05:12 EmperorAn Elegy of IcarosIX Equilibrium
22:01:39 Occult BurialBlack AdorationHideous Obscure
21:58:34 SacrocurseTotal DevastationDestroying Chapels
21:58:21 Break / Station ID
21:39:10 ChrchDawningUnanswered Hymns
21:35:10 Black BreathThe FlameSentenced to Life
21:32:16 DestructionThrash AttackSentence Of Death [EP] & Infernal Overkill
21:29:40 SpeedwolfHell & BackRide With Death
21:29:37 Break / Station ID
21:26:45 Metal ChurchMERCILESS ONSLAUGHTMetal Church
21:22:31 Barbaric HordeAborticide PlagueGasmask Perpetrators
21:17:02 KerasphorusThe Abyssal SanhedrinKerasphorus
21:12:36 MastiphalLegionFor A Glory of All Spirits, Rise for Victory
21:08:49 Voivodpsychic vacuumdimension hatross
21:08:44 Break / Station ID
21:06:38 HighlandWallachian Night TerrorLoyal to the Nightsky
21:03:29 SchammaschI. CrepusculumTriangle
20:57:25 Blood FeastWho Prays For The DevilThe Future State Of Wicked
20:51:53 NeurosisCleanse III (Live In London)Souls At Zero

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