Metal Detector

Artists we've played in the last two weeks:

-(16)- 1914 ABIGAIL / SHITFUCKER ARCHGOAT Abatuar Abigail Williams Abigorum / Cryostasium Abominor (Iceland) Acid Age Agatus Agnostic Front Agoraphobic Nosebleed Alaric Amebix Amphisbaena Anal Blasphemy Ancient Altar Angela Martyr Anomalie Aosoth Apokalyptic Raids Astralroot Atomic Aggressor BAT BLACK ANVIL BLACK TUSK Badr Vogu Barbarian (Italy) Barbaric Horde Barbatos Barishi Bathory Bathsheba Behemoth Behold! The Monolith Bell Witch Beowulf Bestial Raids Bethmoora Big Business Black Breath Black Cilice Black Cobra Black Crown Initiate Black Flag Black Fucking Cancer Black Funeral Blackened Blackosh Blood Feast Blood Tyrant Bode Preto Bolt Thrower Bolzer Bonehunter Botanist / Oskoreien Brothers of the Sonic Cloth Brujeria Burzum CRYFEMAL CRYPTIC BROOD Caina Cannibal Corpse Carcass Cardinals Folly Carnivore Caspian Celtic Frost Cemetery Lust Chaos Echoes Chaos Frame Chhinnamasta Chrch Chthonic Cult Coffin Lust Colombian Necktie Conan Corrections House Cough Count Your Dead Crimson Moon Crisix Cro Mags Crumbsuckers Crurifragium Cult of Eibon Cultes Des Ghoules DARGAR DBC (Dead Brain Cells) DEATH Dark Noerd Darkthrone Death Death Angel Death Courier Death Worship Deathcult (Switzerland) Deathkings Deathrite Defiatory Deicide Demona Demonos Denial (Mexico) Destroy Judas Destruction Destruktor Diablerie Discharge Disharmony (Greece) Division Vansinne Dolentia Draugsol ERUPTION EVIL ARMY EXCALIBUR (Spain) Ealo Eggs of Gomorrh Ekpyrosis Elderblood Embalmer Emperor Endalok English Dogs Enisum Ensnared (Sweden) Epidemic Eruption Excalibur (Spain) Excuse Exodus Eyehategod Family Fides Inversa Fogg Forgjord Forn Forteresse Front (Finland) Front Beast Frowning Funeral Storm / Celestial Rite Funeral Throne Funerary G.B.H. GHOULGOTHA Galena Gargoyle (Italy) Gatecreeper Gloson Gnosis of the Witch Goat Semen Goatmoon God Root Godflesh Gra Gravehill Graves At Sea Gravewurm Grusome HOODED MENACE HaXXan Harassor Hazzard's Cure Head of David Heaven's Cry Heavydeath Hellfire High On Fire High Priest of Saturn High on Fire Highland Hobbs' Angel of Death Holocausto Hope Drone Hymn INVDRS Ignis Gehenna Immortal Bird In Flames Insane Vesper Insulters Inter Arma Io Apreo Irae (Portugal) Isis Kerasphorus Khaos-dei Khors Khthoniik Cerviiks Khtoniik Cerviiks Killing Joke Kommandant Kowloon Walled City Kreator Kvltist LIBER NULL LYCUS Laster Lethal Creed Lethal Shock Life of Agony Light of the Morning Star Locrian Lord Dying Ludichrist Lunar Mantra Lux Ferre Magrudergrind Manowar Master of Cruelty Mastiphal Mental Enema Mercyful Fate Meshuggah Metal Church Mgla Midnight Mindless Hope Minenwerfer / 1914 Ministry Minsk Mischa Maisky Moon (Australia) Mordskog Mortician Mosh-Pit Justice Mutoid Man Mystifier Naddred Napalm Death Nasty Savage Naudiz Necroblood Necromantic Worship Necrosic Neige et Noirceur Nekro Drunkz Neurosis Nevoa Norska Nox (Colombia) Nuclear Assault Nuke Nunslaughter O.S.I.R.IS. OBITUARY Occult Burial Ockultist Ooze Opium Lord Order of Orias Ossuary Insane POWER FROM HELL Pailhead Panzerfaust Paria Pendulous Perverted Ceremony Phantom Winter Phrenelith Pitchshifter Poison Idea Polyptych Possessed Praecognitvm Primogenorum Profanal Prong Psychotron Putrified Pyriphlegethon (Netherlands) Qrixkuor RUIN Ramming Speed Reptilian (Norway) Reverie Ringworm Riotous Indignation Ripping Death Rotten Casket Rozamov Rudimentary Peni Russian Circles SACRILEGE SATANIC WARMASTER / ARCHGOAT SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP Sacrocurse Sadistik Exekution Saritap Sarke Satanic Warmaster Schammasch Sea Witch Sea of Bones Sea of Bones / Ramlord Sektemtum Septic Death Sepultura Serpents Athrist Shataan Shed The Skin Slaegt Slaughtbbath / Grave Desecrator Sleep Socionic Somnus Aeternus Sorguinazia Soulrot (Chile) Spectral Voice Speedtrap Speedwhore Speedwolf Spellcaster Spilth*!% Spire (Australia) Spirit Adrift Steelballs Surgikill TEETH TORCHE Take Over And Destroy Tau Cross Temple Nightside Temple of Dagon Tetragrammacide The Accused The Sarcophagus The Young Gods Thornesbreed Throaat Thron Tomb Mold Tombs Tortorum Totten Korps Toxica Trap Them Trapped Within Burning Machinery Triptykon Triumvir Foul Type O Negative ULCERATE Ufomammut Ululatum Tollunt Unbegotten Underoot Unsane Vahrzaw Vainaja Veiled Vektor Venefixion Venom Verberis Versifist Villainy Vinnum Dei Satanas Vio-Lence Violent Scum Voidnaga Voivod Vomit Angel Vornth Warpvomit Weedeater Wehrmacht Whiskey Ritual White Death Wild Hunt Windhand Wings Denied Winter Without Waves Wovoka Wrong YOB You Big Ox Zatokrev order of the owl

Songs in the mix during the last hour:

Kommandant - Oedipism


High on Fire - The Lethal Charmer

Weedeater - Turkey Warlock

Totten Korps - I Dwell in the Mind of the Gullib

Spirit Adrift - Chained To Oblivion

Prong - Intermenstrual, D.S.B.

Oskord - Intro

Chthonic Cult - Asunder!

Gravehill - Redeemed in Blood

Tomb Mold - Bereavement of Flesh

Abigorum / Cryostasium - Spruce And Cedarwood

White Death - White Death's Power

In Flames - Starforsaken

Killing Joke - North Of The Border

Black Cilice - Channeling Forgotten Energies

Ministry - Test

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