Listen to SomaFM on your mobile device

SomaFM is available on many mobile devices, including iPhone, Android, Palm, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. Find out how to listen to SomaFM on your mobile device and take SomaFM with you everywhere.

Roku Streaming Player

We have a free app for Roku streaming players. If you have a Roku, just go to the Channel Store and search for SomaFM. It's a free app and is a great way to get high quality access to SomaFM streams in your living room.

Listen to SomaFM on your computer

Choose the "Popup Player" link and we'll playback right in your browser. No additional software needed.

If you already have iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player or another compatible stream player installed, just pick a station to listen to below.

Our highest quality streams are 128k AAC streams, followed by 64kb aacPlus streams, 128k MP3 streams; 32k aacPlus streams, and then the Windows Media streams. We are phasing out 32k MP3 streams because of lack of interest and poor sound quality.

If you are listening at work and find that you can't access our MP3 streams (some corporations block streaming MP3 radio), please try our Windows Media streams as most corporate firewalls don't restrict them.

Mac OSX App

Get the SomaFM app from the Mac App Store. SomaFM's official internet radio player (for OSX 10.6 and above) is always updated with the latest SomaFM channels.

Features include: Sort channels by Popularity, Genre or just see your favorite; See the name and artist of currently playing song and a history of songs played; Bookmark songs you like and purchase them later; Listen to SomaFM without interrupting what you're doing in iTunes. For example, you can play an audiobook in iTunes while listening to music from the SomaFM player.

Other Streaming Players

If you don't want to use the in-browser player, we support many different media player applications.

iTunes is available for both Mac and Windows and supports AAC and MP3. VLC is an open source player that supports MP3 and aacPlus streams for Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS, Linux and WinCE / PocketPC. Amarok is great player for Linux and comes bundled with several SomaFM stations.

Our Stations

There are 6230 people listening to SomaFM right now.

Download a free media player for Mac or PC:


For Linux:

There are at least 6230 people listening to SomaFM right now.

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SomaFM Mobile

SomaFM: iPhone App

We're now available on your iPhone, Palm Pre, Blackberry and many other mobile devices. Find out how to tune in