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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
00:58:06  (Now) Kristin HershDiving Bell
00:54:26 Case . Lang . VeirsSupermooncase . lang . veirs
00:51:43 Leftover CutiesThere's A PlaceBeatles Reimagined
00:51:41 Break / Station ID
00:49:02 Still Life StillDancing SpinesMourning Trance
00:45:46 Ariel PinkLipstickpom pom
00:42:40 Yumi ZoumaKeep It Close To MeYoncalla
00:39:24 Frightened RabbitDie Like A Rich BoyPainting of a Panic Attack
00:36:06 Twin PeaksYou Don'tDown In Heaven
00:31:55 New PornographersMy Rights Versus YoursLive At The World Cafe, Vol. 26: Marathon
00:31:49 Break / Station ID
00:28:10 Rocket 3Never AgainBurn
00:25:36 ME & LPTruth Be ToldChez Raymond
00:22:16 Aidan KnightAll ClearEach Other
00:18:22 DigBleeding Heart (You Are The One)
00:15:00 Dead GazeConstantly Happy
00:12:38 Margaret GlaspyYou And I (Radio Edit)"You and I" [Single]
00:12:35 Break / Station ID
00:08:00 Beach HouseWishesBloom
00:05:23 Sugarplum FairiesSt. Andrew's PlaceGodspeed & Silver Linings

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