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23:09:07  (Now) Brett DennenDarlin' Do Not FearSo Much More
23:09:05 Break / Station ID
23:06:23 James HusbandTake The TrainA Parallax I
23:02:17 Mr. GnomePlastic ShadowHeave Yer Skeleton
22:59:08 Big DealHold Your FireSay Yes
22:55:09 Tame ImpalaCause I'm A Man (Clean Edit)Currents
22:51:45 Sam Beam And Jesca HoopThe Lamb You LostLove Letter For Fire
22:48:59 MishaThis Is How It Must BeginAll We Will Become
22:48:57 Break / Station ID
22:46:13 Dave GodowskyMy Domestic ScenePregret
22:42:11 Hounds Below, TheO. HarrisYou Light Me Up In The Dark
22:38:22 WoodpigeonFor PaoloFor Paolo EP
22:35:06 M. WardAfterword/RagPost-War
22:31:47 DodosThe TideIndivid
22:28:50 Pity SexBonhomieWhite Hot Moon
22:28:42 Break / Station ID
22:24:23 Hold SteadyThe Sweet Part Of The CityHeaven Is Whenever
22:19:53 SuperchunkWatery HandsIndoor Living
22:14:45 BraidsAmends (Elise's Radio Edit)Flourish // Perish
22:11:36 YawnDay TripDay Trip

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