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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
18:23:03  (Now) TanlinesPalaceHighlights
18:19:17 Patrick WatsonThe Quiet CrowdAdventures in Your Own Backyard
18:15:03 TalliesBeat The Heart
18:13:27 OpheliasFog
18:09:46 VokAutopilot
18:09:43 Break / Station ID
18:05:16 Kazyak10, 000 Flowers
18:01:28 Amber ArcadesSomething's Gonna Take Your Love Away
17:58:00 Pains Of Being Pure At HeartAnymore
17:54:33 Andrew BirdAre You SeriousAre You Serious
17:50:53 Yumi ZoumaUs, TogetherWillowbank (CSN100)
17:48:02 PapercutsLaughing Man
17:47:44 Break / Station ID
17:44:08 Boy BjornAlone At The Severance
17:39:13 HorrorsPoint Of No Reply
17:35:38 Albertans, TheJasonDangerous Anything
17:32:56 Yo La TengoMy Heart's Not In ItStuff Like That There
17:30:18 Business Of DreamsI Feel Dread
17:27:10 Delicate SteveSelfie Of A Man
17:27:06 Break / Station ID

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